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Transcript of Grace United Methodist Church GRACE VINE (USPS 735 · PDF file7/8/2014 · Grace...

  • Grace United Methodist Church

    1832 W 9th St

    Hastings NE 68901

    July 31, 2015 Vol. 25 No. 31

    GRACE VINE (USPS 735-510) is published weekly by

    Grace United Methodist Church

    1832 W. 9th St., Hastings, NE 68901

    Periodicals postage paid at Hastings, NE

    POSTMASTER: Send address changes to GRACE VINE, Grace United

    Methodist Church, 1832 W. 9th St.., Hastings, NE 68901

    Email: [email protected] Web Site: Facebook: Twitter: @GraceUMethodist e-giving is available at

    Pastors: Cindy Karges, & Oscar Perez Worship Leader: Megan Lee Director of Christian Education: Cassie Brader Youth Director: Parish Nurse: Judy Reimer RN (until Dec. 31st) Office: Denise Hauff Phone 402/463-5696

    Monday, August 3

    4:00 Spanish Parenting Class

    6:00 English Class

    7:00 Administrative Board

    FLC/6:00 a.m. aerobics

    Tuesday, August 4

    9:30 Tai Chi

    2:00 Staff meeting (answering machine)

    7:00 Bible Study (Cristo Poder de Dios

    Wednesday, August 5

    1:30-4:30 drop in to visit Cindy

    5:30-6:00 W.O.W.

    7:00 soccer meeting

    FLC/6:00 a.m. aerobics

    Thursday, August 6

    6:00 Cristo Poder de Dios

    Friday, August 7

    3:00 Office closes

    5:30 wedding rehearsal

    6:00 English class

    FLC/6 a.m. aerobics

    Saturday, August 8

    7:00 a.m. Mens breakfast

    1:30-3:00 Kool Aid stand

    4:30 Johnson/Soucie wedding

    Sunday, August 9

    9:00 Sunday School (Duos, Lamplighters)

    10:00 Worship

    11:00 Sunday School (Christian Builders,

    Path Finders)

    4:00 Worship (Cristo Poder de Dios)

    You can help!

    United Methodist Women are looking for persons interested in

    adding to our supplies for School Mission kits. School supplies

    are at a discount this time of the year so now is the time to

    buy. A list of the supplies for the kits is listed below. If you can

    contribute in any way it would be greatly appreciated. A box col-

    lecting donations will be available in the office or Fellowship

    Hall. Mission kits will be sent to the Midwest Distribution Center

    in Illinois. We will do this through the rest of July and Au-

    gust. Thank you in advance for your assistance. UMW

    Kit Contains:

    3 notebooksspiral, gum board, or a pack of loose leaf lined

    paper 150 sheets or less pads of paperspiral or top bound pads,

    150 sheets or less(no composition books)

    6 unsharpened pencils

    1 hand held pencil sharpener 1 or bigger

    1 pencil eraser2 or larger

    1 ruler 12 long with metrichard or flexible

    1 box of 24 crayonsplease only 24 count boxes

    1 pair round tip scissors(no plastic scissors)

    Grace at Kool-Aid Days

    Come enjoy the festivities

    and serve our Community.

    Saturday, August 8th,

    1:30 to 3:00

    Serving Kool-Aid at the

    Worlds Largest Kool-Aid Stand. All ages wel-

    come. Email the church office or sign up at


    Is your life

    running on

    empty? Free

    fill-ups here

    every Sunday

    & Wednesday!

  • The mission of the Christian Education

    Committee is to provide opportunities for

    our church family and members of our

    community to which individuals may learn and grow in spirit

    and faith. The committee meets monthly to plan Sunday

    School, present 3rd graders with Bibles, plan Trunk or Treat

    and other fun events. They oversee the Wednesday night les-

    son and dinner. Committee members are Kari Wrightsman,

    Chair; Cassie Brader, Director of Christian Education; Court-

    ney Bumgardner, Jamie Long, Dave Essink, Boyd Mignery,

    Susan Overmiller, Mike Trindle, Nichole Bryant, Tami Kersh-

    ner, Carlene Springer & Karen Hohman. They are getting

    ready now for a new school year and are in need of teachers!

    Please speak to a committee member if you are interested.

    The Missouri River

    District UM Men

    would welcome

    you and your men

    to the Camp Fonta-

    nelle Gathering

    scheduled for Saturday August 15th (with

    optional work afternoon on the 14th, with

    a stay over in the lodge). Camp Fonta-

    nelle is north of Fremont, NE. A flier is

    on the community bulletin board for reg-

    istration details.

    Church members who mail their

    offering envelopes when they can-

    not attend worship help us meet

    our weekly income goal. You can

    also sign-up for giving at

    I will be loyal to the United `Methodist Church and uphold it with my prayers, my presence, my gifts

    and my service.

    Prayer Concerns:

    Lisa Hendrick (hospital) requested by

    Lloyd & Mary Ann McCartney

    Helping homeless in our community

    (requested by Stephanie Schlotzhauer)

    Don Cole (health) requested by

    Wilma Collett

    Those serving in the military ~ Grey Pickerill, Adam Koertner, Ryan &

    Ashley Ardiana

    Grace UMC is looking for a Youth Director. This important ministry position is part-time. The po-sition is available immediately . Interested per-sons are invited to submit an application/resume to the main office or Rev. Cindy. For more infor-mation contact Rev. Cindy or Mark Johnson for the SPRC Committee.

    Sunday Worship 7/27/15 127

    W.O.W. 7/22/15 26

    Youth Sunday School Summer break

    Adult Sunday School 29

    Budget $3,536.55

    Balance as of June (29,489.79)

    The Grace community garden committee is happy to announce that Rick Poppe's garden was selected as the garden of the week! Rick is a member of FUMC and has a unique way of coming to the garden on his segway. Stop out at the garden and take a look!

    Mark your calendars for Open Table on August 30th. More information to come!

    Mens breakfast

    Sat., Aug. 8th at

    7:00 a.m. at the

    church. All men

    are invited!


    Ministers will

    not meet in


    Judy Reimer is retiring and

    leaving her position as Parish

    Nurse. If YOU are interested

    please speak with one of the

    Health Ministry team: Francie

    Lomax, Connie Hyde, Larry

    McKinnis, Janet Gerloff,

    Sharon Selley, Carlene

    Springer or Mark Johnson

    Christian Builders

    Sunday School

    class will not meet

    August 2nd.

    Youth Ministry Gathering

    Save the Date.

    Aug.16th 6:00 pm. Youth

    and their families

    (including upcoming 6th

    graders) will meet for food

    and games.

    Thank you so much to all the

    United Methodists who volunteered!

    You served as the hands and feet of

    Christ with your hearts of compassion!

    Sandy Sypherd