Getting Started with Firefly Parent Portal ... Getting Started with Firefly Parent Portal What is...

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Transcript of Getting Started with Firefly Parent Portal ... Getting Started with Firefly Parent Portal What is...

  • Getting Started with Firefly Parent Portal

    What is Firefly? Firefly is used by students, teachers and parents. Teachers use it to set homework tasks for students and to share learning resources with them. Students use it to check their timetables and to collect and return homework from their teachers. Parents can use it to view a range of information about their child’s learning and progress, including timetables, their homework, their feedback from teachers, attendance and reports. You can use Firefly on any device - a desktop computer or laptop, or on a tablet such as an iPad or even on a smart phone.

    How to get started

    Start by selecting Firefly from the Links menu on the school website

    Click the Firefly link

  • If you are using mobile device such as a smartphone or a small tablet, you will find Links under the “hamberger” menu

    When the Firefly login page has loaded, Click Login with Parent


    The first time you use Firefly, you will need to activate your account

  • Check your email! Within a few moments, you will receive an email from John Cleveland College containing a password.

    Enter your email address. This must match the email address that

    the school has got on record for you.

    Log in again using your email address and the password from

    your email

    When you have received the email with your password, go back to

    the Firefly site. Make sure it says Parent Portal here. If not then click

    Login with Parent Portal

    Choose a new password and click to activate your account. This is

    the password you will use in future to access Firefly. Please

    ensure that this password is kept secure and never disclose it to

    anyone else.

  • The Dashboard When you log into Firefly, this is the first screen you will see. The layout might be slightly different on a small-screen device such as a smart phone, but the same content will be available.

    Any important notices or announcements are

    shown here

    You can view the school calendar here

    You can access information about your child by clicking here. If

    you have more than one child at the school, they will all be shown


    Your contact details that we have on record

    are shown here and you can request them

    to be changed by clicking change contact


  • Viewing your child’s information

    This section shows basic details about

    your child, what class they are in now and next (if

    viewed during the school day)

    Reports that have been published for

    your child are available to view


    Homework that has been set but not yet completed is shown

    in this section

    Your child’s school timetable is shown


    Feedback and marks that your

    child has received for their work are

    shown here

    Your child’s attendance for this

    week is shown here.

  • How do I sign out? When you have finished using Firefly, it is important to sign out of the site.

    HELP! I can’t log in!

    What if I forget my password?

    Make sure it says Parent Portal here….

    ….If not, click Parent Portal here and try again

    If you forget your password, then click the Forgotten

    Password link on the logon page. Firefly will send you a new password to your email


    Click your name at the top of the screen and

    choose Log out

  • What if I change my email address? You will need to let the school know so that we can set up your new email address. See “How do I get help” below for contact details. You will then need to follow the instructions in this document again to activate a new account, using your new address.

    Top security tips

     Never give your Firefly password to anyone else

     Please ensure that the email address you use for Firefly is your own personal email address and that nobody else has access to it

     Always log out of the site when you have finished using it. To log out, click on your name in the top right-hand corner and choose Log Out

     When you view a report in Firefly, it is possible to download and save it, if you wish to. Please remember that if you do so, anybody else who uses your computer or device may be able to view it, depending on where you save it

    How to get help If Firefly will not recognise your email address, please ensure that you are using the email address that the school has on record for you. If you need to change this, please contact Julie Clark on 01455 632 183 ext. 128 or email [email protected] If you can’t log into Firefly, please check the instructions above in the section “What if I can’t log in?”. If you are still unable to, please follow the process above for resetting your password. If you are unable to access the Firefly site, or have any other technical problem with the system, please contact the IT Services helpdesk on 01455 632 183 ext. 233. Please note that the helpdesk will not be able to tell you your password or reset it for you. You must use the Forgotten Password link on the login screen to do this.