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1. The logo and the name of the band allows the fan to know that the site is official. The golden colour of this is to contrast the dark black to allow the fan to see it easier.A link to an appropriate documentaryinvolving the band, allows the audience toview the members and aspects about theband in a different light. 2. Social networking allows the audience to share the band and the bands information on to other members. This makes it easier for the band to reach the target audience effectively.The options at the bottom here enable fans to getthe latest music and news. By doing this it creates aconnection between fan and band members as theyfeel they know more about the band than theaverage person. This in turn means the fan supportsthe group more and raises awareness of the bandand gives them a certain reputation. It also gives andeasy link for the audience to buy the music as soonas its out. 3. The screen switches form slide to slide which allows theband to advertise certain aspects of the music, so this isused as a marketing scheme to raise awareness oneverything that the band are doing e.g. Band shoots orstaring in movies and documentaries.Allows the fans to sign up to a news letteror receive email when the band doactivities they could be involved in. Thishelps sustain the interest of the audienceas it create a link between them. 4. The close up distorted image ofthe guitar link to the conventionsof this genre. It establishes to the The colour pallet isaudience what type of band theyred and black, whichare straight away. contrast. They are also colours that are linked to the genre of alternative rock as they are symbolic for rebellion and danger 5. THE DIFFERENT SLIDES