Foo fighters – the pretender

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Transcript of Foo fighters – the pretender

Foo Fighters The Pretender

Foo Fighters The PretenderSecond Video Analysis

First scene

The instruments show that this video will be a performance base video.The colours on the floor and walls are very bold and eye catching. The music is slow and matches how the signer walks on slowly

Second scene

The music with its slow tempo matches the methodical wrapping of his hand and the lyrics match as he is singing about pretending and he is covering something up.

Third scene

As music picks up speed the camera pans and changes quick with itThe band in the middle of the shot emphasises the fact the this is a band performance The line can show the difference between the band and their noise and the darkness on the other side.

Fourth scene

First close up of the lead is conventional as it is like other popular music videosThe red bold colour could symbolize their fierceness

Fifth Scene

This is going against what has already been represented in the video by this police officer being all in uniform while the performers are all wearing casual clothingThey are numbered, this reinforces the fact that they are not as free as the bandThe lyrics could also be symbolic as they are talking about pretenders which could be the officers as they are hiding their true selves


Sixth Scene

This shot shows the difference more clearly between the band and the police officer as they are free and he is being controlled

Seventh Scene

Once again they are all numbered showing that they have no choice and are all listed. This also says that they are being controlled by a higher powerAll the faces look the same as in same shape and colour. This makes them have even less freedom and makes them more like a big massThe lyrics also say that they are pretending and that they know what they are isnt really what they are.

Ninth scene

This shot is there just to show that none of them are individual and that they are all the same and pretending to be something they arent

Tenth scene

The video has been slowed down and this is because the music has become quitter with a lower tempo and all around being more calm

Eleventh scene

The red can symbolize their freedom and individual personality and how that is beating their mass of the sameAs time goes by this meaning can be seen differently today. Now it can be seen as all of the innocent blood the USA police have spilt over the last few years and how the people are fighting back and over powering the police