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2. MISE-EN-SCENE! The props used in the scene represent the genre of music the band are, theyare a rock band. They have guitars, drums and microphones which show theaudience that they use these instruments to create the music playing. The lighting used at the start of the song is used to introduce each bandmember, there is a beam of high key lighting on the lead singer and he startssinging and playing a steady beat on his guitar, the rest of the band are inlow key lighting. Then when the other band members start playing the wholeband is in high key lighting to show they are all playing at this point. Thereare different lighting effects used during the video, at one point the wholeband are in low key lighting and theyre silhouettes are on a red background. The setting is a stage in an arena, they use different backgrounds includinga red background, their album cover and their band logo, these are all usedto promote the bands upcoming album. The setting is used because bandsusually perform in arenas and use these types of backgrounds in theirHere the drummer is hittingshows. drums with drumsticks The clothing the people are wearing shows the band are a rock band, thelead singer is wearing, a t-shirt, skinny jeans and converse shoes, he alsohas a long haircut which is a stereotypical rock star haircut. The other bandmembers also have rock type clothing and the drummer has a no t-shirt onand has long hair because he is head banging as he plays the drums. Here the light is on only the lead singer because he is the only band member playing his instrument. 3. SOUNDAll the sound in the video is coming from theinstruments and the lead singer singing, thereforeall the music in the video is diegetic, the people canhere the music. This is used to show the bandperforming the song as if they were live, this is agood look into how the band would be live. Thelyrics show the band is a rock band because thelyrics talk about the singer getting to a prizewhich is a usual topic that rock bands singabout, others include, pain, loss, achievement andgain. The singer is singing into a microphone and isbeing projected through amps which are alsoconnected to the instruments, this also shows theviewer that the band is a rock band. 4. CAMERAWORK Close-ups are used in the video often, a close up is used near the beginningto show that the lead singer is singing, they show a close up from differentangles such as, high angle, low angle, canted angle and from above to keepthe video interesting and not making the viewer bored of the same camerashots. A master/establishing shot is used at the beginning to show the bandmembers all together ready to do the song on the stage, this shows theviewer straight away the instruments and that the band is a rock band. Mid shots are used to show the lead singer singing and also playing hisguitar, this shows the lead singer doesnt just sing. It seems that the camera on the stage is handheld because it is movingaround a lot on the stage, this may show the viewers what the video wouldbe like if they recorded it live. A high angle shot is used at the beginning to show the lead singer standingalone with his guitar in a single beam of light, and showing the rest of theband in darkness, this shows the lead singer is the only band memberactive at this point in time. 5. EDITING Cutting is used a lot in this video, it is used often to keepthe video interesting, it changes to many different cameraangles such as, high angle, low angle, canted and fromabove, and also changes to many different shots suchas, close up, mid shot, long shot, two shot and extremeclose up. If the video did not have cutting then the videowould be very boring. Fast paced editing is used to also keep the audienceinterested, the camera movements are sped up to matchthe pace of the music and to keep the audienceinterested. Fade is used from when the band enter the stage to theclose up of the lead singer starting to sing, this is used toshow the darkness in which the rest of the band are inand the beam of light which is on the lead singer.