Foo Fighters Wasting Light Album Advert Analysis

Foo Fighters Wasting Light Album Advert Analysis
Foo Fighters Wasting Light Album Advert Analysis
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Transcript of Foo Fighters Wasting Light Album Advert Analysis

  • 1. Foo Fighters Wasting Light Album Advert This is the advert for Foo Fighters newest album at the time of this magazines release which is called The World, showcasing the album cover on the back of the magazine. As you can see from the picture above, the images they use are colourful pictures of the bands heads with a vibrant texture which blends the colours together and stands out in contrast to the dark, black background chosen. From the text placement we can see they go a great effort to make the bands name stand out the most as this is generally artists selling point as their name makes them recognizable along with the album name and the fact that the new album is out now. These are the main things people will want to see as it is straight to the point and telling people what is happening, what its called and who is releasing it. From the texts colour we can gather that the white is the most important as it also stands out in contrast to the massive, black background and is easy to spot, more so, than the blue text and they included the extra information about the album including the single ROPE which is clearly a hit if they are bringing it up and is a tactic to bring fans to buy this album if they are unsure whether they still like the band or not. Because both the image and text stand out, they have a strong relationship and draw the reader of this magazine to have a look through the pleasing style of the image and the text which is showcasing what is happening in an extreme and over the top way as seen by the text all being in capital letters. This advert has some great iconography to represent the band as the images are only showing the band members faces because they are so well known and dont need to be seen with instruments to establish they are a rock band as the name of their band accompanied by the looks their faces have

2. symbolize their rock personas. The images in general is definitely trying to get across that these band members are legends in the rock community and that they know it and are aware of the impact they can cause. Of course they are following a popular trend of the band members being the main center of attention to be more visually appealing to their audiences and attract more people through their bands image as well as the music which can expand who listens to their music. Overall the band provides publicity for their own gain, which leads them open to any new form of audience to explore their music and come to their own judgment, as they dont display the gritty rock typical look which would drive others away and are steering towards different people by showing a colourful background you might not see on most rock covers.