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“Before Fit3 I didn’t have the energy, strength or confidence to be the dad or husband that I wanted to be. I was missing out on life and making excuses instead of making memories with my family. Now I am stronger, happier, and more confident than ever. That’s a feeling you can’t measure or put a price on.”

Fitness For Real Peoplein the Real World

Daniel Lost• 100+ pounds• 30+ inches

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A results-driven fitness & weight loss program and a community developed by Reliv — the industry leader in advanced nutrition!1. Nutritional supplements to fuel your

fitness and promote a healthy weight.2. Nutritional coaching that helps you eat

smart while enjoying the foods you like.3. Exercise coaching and workout videos

for every fitness level that will help you reach and maintain your goals.

What is Fit3?

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Eat Smart - Making Better Choices Making Intentional Choices

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Move More - Fit3 Workouts are for every BODY

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Join the conversation at • Meet people like you and share pictures,

videos and stories through your journey.• Swap healthy recipes and meal prep tips.• Chat about workouts and cheer each

other on.• Start your own team and community —

YOU can even enjoy discounts on Fit3 products and build your own business!

A Community of Support

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Fit3 Products

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Keeps you full, fuels workouts, boosts energy, reduces cravings, tastes amazing…• Delicious tri-protein fitness blend

(2 shakes = 20 grams/day)• Fiber (6 grams/day) • Cutting-edge fitness and weight loss

ingredients for faster recovery, improved endurance and lean muscle development

• Low-sugar formula reduces cravings• 60 servings/canister; 2 shakes/day• Vanilla Kick flavor

Fit3™ Active

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Assists in burning fat when combined with good nutrition and exercise.• Multi-ingredient formula ignites

your metabolism and helps burn fat all day!

• Natural fruit and green tea extracts• No caffeine or stimulants• 60 capsules per bottle;

Take 2 every morning

Fit3™ Burn

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Helps keep your body in peak performance. • Probiotic and herbal extract formula– Cleanse the body– Detoxify the liver– Promote gut health– Support healthy metabolism

• 60 capsules per bottle; Take 2 at night the first 10 days each month of your Fit3 program.

Fit3™ Purify

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• Comprehensive program (nutritional coaching, exercising coaching & workout videos)

• Fit3 products (2 daily Active shakes, 2 daily Burn, 2 daily Purify)

• Access to the Fit3 community, expert advice and online support

• Begin your transformation with the 90-day Fit Kit!

Fit3 is affordable – less than $6 per day!

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Discount Level Fit Kit $/day

Retail $500.00 $5.55

Preferred Customer 10%: $450.00 $5.00

Distributor 25%: $375.75 $4.17

Master Affiliate 40%: $300.00 $3.33

* Plus packaging & handling.

Discounts! – Why pay full retail?

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Look what can happen in 90 days!

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