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  • 8/9/2019 Intro Mktg Slides


    C L A S S 3 2 ( 3 R D   A P R 2 0 1 3 ) :

    I N T R O T O M A R K E T I N G E T H I C S

    BUSI 211: Business Ethics

  • 8/9/2019 Intro Mktg Slides


     AGENDA 2

     A. Definition of marketing

    B. Marketing function

    C. Overvie of a!vertising "as# regu"ations an! co!es

    D. $houghts of the !a% E. Business for Better Com&etition

    '. (omeork 


  • 8/9/2019 Intro Mktg Slides


  • 8/9/2019 Intro Mktg Slides


     *hat is Marketing-

    /$he activit%# set of institutions# an! &rocesses for creating# communicating#!e"ivering# an! e0changing offerings that have va"ue for customers# c"ients#&artners# an! societ% at "arge.

    3Bri!ge 4eteen com&anies an! consumers 55 com&anies se"" their &ro!ucts an!consumers have o&&ortunities to &urchase &ro!ucts the% ant6nee!.

     Value: com&ares 4enefits ith cost 3function an! emotiona" satisfaction. !"l"!# ($u%&!"'%): Marketing &rocess a!!s use# function or satisfaction to

    &ro!uct. !ifferent t%&es of uti"it%:

    F' !"l"!#: 7rocessing of a &ro!uct into a usea4"e form 3 *(A$

    Pla&e !"l"!#: $rans&orting &ro!ucts to retai" out"ets 3 *(E8E

    O*%e+,"- !"l"!#: 9ega" onershi& of a &ro!uct 3 *(O ons it T"e !"l"!#: (aving &ro!ucts avai"a4"e hen customers ant to 4u%# e.g.

    &ro!ucts store! 4efore shi&&e! to retai" stores 3*(E;Source: htt&! an! a"so from 7earson te0t /BusinessEssentia"s#

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    Fu%&!"'%+ '$ Mae!"%/>

    u#"%/: 7rovi!ing consumers ith o&&ortunit% to 4u% &ro!ucts the% ant.

    Sell"%/: 7rovi!ing &ro!ucers a4i"it% to se"" &ro!ucts in free market.

    F"%a%&"%/: Banks "en!ing mone% for &ro!uction an! &urchase of goo!s.

    I%$'a!"'%: Market information a4out &rices an! ?ua"it% of &ro!ucts# eather# macro5economic factors "ike &o"itics or economic nes.

    S!'a/e: 7ro!ucts store! in arehouses unti" sent to retai" out"ets. S&ecia"storage consi!erations for &erisha4"e foo!.

    Ta%+-'!a!"'%: 8e"ocating &ro!ucts from manufacturing &"ants to retai"out"ets through shi&&ing# trucks# train etc.

    P'&e++"%/: $urning ra &ro!ucts# e.g. cotton# into something consumerscan use# e.g. t5shirts.

    Ga"%/: @ua"it% stan!ar!s# e.g. universities have accre!itation 4o!ies#ISO manufacturing stan!ar!s.

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     *hat !oes a Marketing De&artment !o-

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    Marketing De&artment 8es&onsi4i"ities

    1. Mae!"%/ S!a!e/# Pla%:  A"ign marketing strateg% ith 4usiness strategic &"an6goa"s.

    2. I%!e%al &'u%"&a!"'%+: es"etters# Intranet# e5mai"s.

    3. E!e%al &'u%"&a!"'%+: Info sent to customers# su&&"iers# shareho"!ers# su&&"iers 6&artners# tra!e associations# &ress6me!ia.

    . C'%!e%! Cea!"'%: Creating &ress re"eases# &am&h"ets# 4rochures# e4inars# artic"es#&ro!uct re"eases# nes# e4site content# 4"og.

    4. C'-'a!e "e%!"!# 5 6a%"%/: 9ook an! fee" of 4ran!# tra!emarks# s"ogans# e mai"signatures# 4usiness car!s# com&an% "ogos.

    7. P'u&! 5 +e8"&e -e+e%!a!"'%+: (o com&an% &resents its &ro!ucts6services toc"ients# vi!eos# &rice "ists# events# tra!e shos# c"ient &resentations.

    9. C'%!e%! "+!"6u!"'%: (o content is !istri4ute! through e4site# &ress ;on"ine an!off"ine=# e5mai" marketing# mai"ings# socia" me!ia.

    . Cu+!'e Rela!"'%+,"- Ma%a/ee%! (CRM) a!a6a+e: (o to !eve"o& !ata4ase ofc"ients an! maintain contact ith c"ients through e5mai"s an! other !istri4ution metho!s.

    ;Source: htt&:66.the4usinessmarketing.com6hat!oesthemarketing!e&artment!o.htm"=

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    Ethica" issues in Marketing<

    In grou&s of # !iscuss:

     *hat are the &otentia" ethica" issues that cou"! arise ithin each of these functions-

    16) of grou&s i"" !iscuss 15) 16) !iscuss to an! other 16) !iscuss 5

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    Pu-'+e '$ a8e!"+"%/ la*+< e/ula!"'%+< a% &'e+: &rotect consumers so that the% can make informe! !ecisions an! &rotect 4usinesses ;com&etitors of com&anies ho are a!vertising= to

    ensure that the% are not !isa!vantage! 4% unethica" a!vertising

    &ractices of their com&etitors.

    Man% countries have a!vertising "as an! regu"ations.

    Se"f5regu"ating 4o!ies# e.g. A!vertising Se"f58egu"ator%Counci" ;AS8C= is American a!vertising in!ustr%Gs se"f5regu"ator% 4o!%# A!vertising Stan!ar!s Cana!a.

     Ho"untar% co!e of ethics# e.g. American Marketing Association.

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    Ge%eal "++ue+ &'8ee "% a8e!"+"%/ la* 


    1. 'a"se# mis"ea!ing or !ece&tive a!vertising

    2. Disc"aimers

    ). 7uffer% 

    . En!orsements an! testimonia"s

    >. 7ackaging an! "a4e""ing

    . S&ecia" issues: Environmenta" c"aims A!vertising to chi"!ren

    e techno"og% issues 7rivac% "as In!ustr%5s&ecific re?uirements

    ;Source: Internationa" $ra!emark Association=

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    1. Fal+e< "+lea"%/ ' e&e-!"8e a8e!"+"%/


    Jenera""% untrue statements or &ictures in a!s# e.g.McDona"!s non5ha"a" meat.

    $%&es of fa"se or mis"ea!ing a!: hi!!en fees#

    inaccurate or mis"ea!ing c"aims# untrue com&arisonsto other &ro!ucts# statements ma!e that arecontra!icte! 4% fine &rint

    E0am&"es of mis"ea!ing a!s ;ne0t s"i!es=.

    ;Source: htt&:66 .4usinessinsi!er.com6fa"se5a!vertising5scan!a"s52115F-o&1=

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    e./.1: A&!"8"a #'/u!


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    e./. 2: Ne* ala%&e


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    e./. 3: O"l '$ Ola# 


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    2. D"+&la"e+ 1

    C"arif%ing statements ma!e are often &ut in tin% fine&rint.

    See vi!eo.

    BU$ cannot contra!ict other &arts of a!# e.g. /9ose1 &oun!s &er eek ithout !ieting. Disc"aimer:/Base! on !iet an! e0ercise.

    Disc"aimers must 4e "egi4"e an! un!erstan!a4"e# 4ut

    often in tin% &rint or in ra!io6tv s&oken so ?uick"%.

  • 8/9/2019 Intro Mktg Slides


    3. Pu$$e#1

    E0aggerate! c"aims that can,t 4e &roven. Somecountries &ermit &uffer%.

  • 8/9/2019 Intro Mktg Slides


    . E%'+ee%!+ a% !e+!"'%"al+1<

    Ce"e4rities or e0&erts ma% en!orse a &ro!uct.

  • 8/9/2019 Intro Mktg Slides


    $estimonia"s an! en!orsements cont,!1F

    Jenera""%# thir! &arties cannot make fa"sestatements a4out a &ro!uct or service even if it istheir actua" vie.

    In most countries# testimonia"s an! en!orsementsmust 4e true an! su4stantiate!# i.e. it must 4e froman actua" consumer or e0&ert# not an actor&reten!ing to 4e an e0&ert6consumer.

    See vi!eo:htt&:66.%outu4e.com6atch-vAc(M!AA Kfeatureen!screenK81

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    /A!vertising is "ega"iLe! "%ing. (.J. *e""s

    /A!vertising is the art of convincing &eo&"e to s&en!

    mone% the% !onGt have for something the% !onGt nee!. *i"" 8ogers

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    Inter5universit% contest for +e&'% #ea +!ue%!+C'%!e+! el"8ea6le: su4mit out5of5the54o0# sustaina4"e an! for5&rofit

     4usiness &ro&osa"s.

    $o &artici&ate# teams of 2 to ) stu!ents must su4mit a fu""% accom&"ishe!a&&"ication form an! conce&t &a&er on"ine at 

    from March 2> to Ma# 4< 201. An eva"uation team from *esternUnion an! A" Ansari E0change i"" choose the fina"ists. O$E: *e4sitesa%s !ea!"ine in ov BU$ e have checke! an! confirme! it is > Ma%.

    Short"iste! teams &resent !uring fina" roun! 4efore the &ane" of Nu!gesfrom A" Ansari E0change# *estern Union# an! others.

    P"?e+: F"+! P"?e: AED 4

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    C'e%!+: 7"ease rea! them carefu""% an! "earn from %our mistakes.

    M'el Re-'! a% C'e%!+: 7oste! in Content Area. 8ea! BO$( re&ort an! comments as it is O$ &erfect.

    Maeu- $' /ae "-'8ee%!: I have a"so high"ighte! areas here %ou cou"! !o a +make u&, to im&rove %our tota"COU8SE gra!e 4% u& to ).

    $he first com&onent ;2= is to 4e !one as a grou 4ut if on"% a fe grou& mem4ers ant to !o it# then %ou can !o so# e.g. ith 2 &eo&"e# 4ut on"% the 2 &eo&"e ho orke! on it i"" get the 2.

    $he 2n! &art ;1= here %ou revie the Mo!e" 8e&ort an! rite a4out ho %ou cou"! have im&rove! %our re&ort an! hat %ou have "earne! from the Mo!e" 8e&ort shou"! 4e !one in!ivi!ua""%.

     Pou can choose to !o 4oth or on"% one of the &arts.


    N' &'-la"%"%/ ule: 7"ease !o not hine an! com&"ain that %our team mates6other grou&s got a higher gra!e. I have&rovi!e! %ou ith !etai"e! instructions an! the 4reak!on 4% &oints so it shou"! 4e c"ear h% %ou got the gra!e %ou !i!.

    Even if one stu!ent in the c"ass com&"ains a4out their gra!e# I i"" revoke the right for AP other grou&6stu!ent to re5su4mitan! get a higher gra!e. I have s&ent a "ot of time gra!ing these &a&ers an! have trie! to 4e as e?uita4"e as I can.

    Deal"%e: E5mai"e! 4efore c"ass on $hurs 1 th A&ri" or &rinte! an! su4mitte! at the S$A8$ of c"ass. Ear"ier# the 4etter.

    ue+!"'%+B: 7"ease ask me in front of the ho"e c"ass so that I !on,t have to anser hun!re!s of ?uestions in!ivi!ua""%.

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    G. HOME;ORK 2)

    Rea"%/+: Cha& F of te0t ;Marketing an! Ethics=e0c"u!ing case stu!% at ED of cha&ter. 8ea! casestu!% at 4eginning of cha&ter.