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Transcript of DISTRICT 31-I · PDF file 18-19 N LI-Camp Dogwood 20 General Membership Meeting-Camp Dogwood...

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    District 31-I Newsletter May 2018 Issue 11


    18-19 NCLI - Camp Dogwood

    20 General Membership Meeting-Camp Dogwood

    30 District Convention Planning Meeting Sagebrush, Mocksville


    15 Camp Dogwood drawing

    30-JULY 4 International Convention Las Vegas

    “Gathering Times”

    Strengthen Membership Month


     DG George Page 1&3

     1VDG Carolyn Page 2&4

     Brighter Visions Page 2

     2VDG Jimmy Page 3

     Camp Dogwood Page 3,6,9

     The Power of “We” Page 4

     Dashboard Page 5

     Membership News Page 6

     News & Happenings Page 7-9

     State Convention Page 10-11

    Planting Seeds with DG Lion George Culp

    The drafting of 18 and 19-year-olds during the late sixties

    postponed my pursuit of a degree. Therefore, my formal edu-

    cation required that I attend classes as an adult. I was forty-

    nine when I walked with other MBA candidates. Of all of the

    class requirements I was required to take, one course stands

    out as the course from you-know-where. My Statistics profes-

    sor was so super intelligent and with a deep accent that I

    struggled to even pass his course. I suppose he had already

    mathematically charted where I might place with my class-

    mates, likely somewhere at the tail-end of the chart.

    In a recent edition of the AARP Bulletin, one finds an inter-

    esting statistic. According to the chart, the life spans of older

    women is rising. The article reveals that life spans of both

    males and females have climbed steadily for over a century;

    however they came to a halt in 2015 and declined again in

    2016. While some of the effect is due to the current increase

    on drug overdoses to the younger population, our older popu-

    lation life expectation remains somewhat static. Further re-

    ports of the article state that a 65-year-old could expect to live

    another 20.6 years and a male of the same age, 18 years.

    Statistically, that would put you 65-year-olds with a life expec-

    tancy of 85.6 for females and 81 for males. You may be ask-

    ing, ‘Where are you going with this, Gov.?”

    As your governor, I receive monthly club membership

    health assessments from Lions International. Consider this:

    for the Lions year 2017-2018, as of March 30, District I has

    recorded a membership drop of 121, 23 of which were

    deaths. NC Lions have recorded a membership drop of 624,

    89 of which were deaths. (Continued on page 3)

  • District 31-I Newsletter May 2018 Issue 11


    1VDG – Carolyn Sprinkle… I have had many opportunities of working with the clubs in District 31-I. I am so gratified to be a part of the hands on service projects and the innovative ideas of raising the funds needed to support the needs in our communities. April has been a busy month for the Lions in North Carolina. Club members from across the state were on hand for cleanup and maintenance week at Camp Dog- wood. I do not have the total of volunteer hours, but I do know many Lions were busy with lawn work, tree, shrubs and flower planting, painting buildings, building new support columns at the en- trance way of the Lodge, refinishing rocking chairs, sorting and packing thousands upon thousands of used eye glasses – the list is endless. As usual, the kitchen staff served us delicious meals and provided snacks during the day. To each and every one who participated, please know that the IRS current value of volunteer time is over $20 per hour. Think of that as funds available to serve the vis- ually challenged, diabetic issues, the environment, literacy programs fighting hunger in our commu- nities, North Carolina and around the world. I was privileged to be a part of the first annual 5K run sponsored by the West Ire- dell Club. The club members raised more than $1,200 to support vision challenges in their community. Bob and I assisted with the annual Night for Sight auction sponsored by First Flight and Wanchese clubs five days and four nights. Preliminary accounting is $47,000 plus raised ($28,000 - $30,000 net) for the annual VIP fishing tournament held in Octo- ber each year – over 600 VIP’s in North Carolina enjoy four days and nights fishing, fellowshipping, sightseeing, shopping and great food. Lions from many, many clubs volunteer during the VIP fishing tournament.

    (continued on page 4)

    “Sharing the Harvest”

    Our 2017-2018

    District 31-I Brighter Visions Goal is


    Follow our progress

    each month

    Brighter Visions Two More Months - $82,964 To Go

    We’re making our way to our goal, but we’ve only got two months left to raise $82,964 to make our district Brighter Visions goal. WE CAN DO IT! Our District 31-I Brighter Visions goal for this year is $187,500. As of April 27, we have raised $104,536.50, or 55.75 percent of our goal. We have more to do. WE CAN DO IT! Many clubs across the district have already given generously to Brighter Visions this year. We have clubs who have fund-raisers in the near future and will increase their giving before the end of June. We have other clubs who have given small amounts. IS THERE ANY WAY YOUR CLUB CAN GIVE MORE? As a reminder, Brighter Visions funds are used to support the services and programs Lions across North Carolina provide our Visually Impaired Individuals. These include programs at Camp Dogwood, the mobile screening van, matching funds for eye exams and eye glasses, support and mobility canes, the deaf blind re- treat, Lions education grants, low vision aides, recycling, Lions eye health program, the VIP fishing tourna- ment, and organ and tissue procurement. While we’ve already had to make some cuts to our budget, if we don’t meet our Brighter Vison goal, these services and programs, including programs offered at Camp Dog- wood, will have to be further reduced so we can remain within our budget. WE CAN DO MORE! Let’s all work together to reach our goal. WE CAN DO IT! Donald Cobb - Brighter Visions Chair

    July GOAL 100.00% Jun 91.67% May $104,536.50 55.75% 83.33%

    Apr $102,492 54.66% 75.00%

    Mar $92,660 49.42% 66.67%

    Feb $73,174 39.03% 58.33%

    Jan $66,744 35.60% 50.00%

    Dec $61,130 32.60% 41.67%

    Nov $49,139 26.25% 33.33%

    Oct $46,029 24.55% 25.00%

    Sep $42,264 22.50% 16.67%

    Aug *KICK-OFF* 8.33% July START

  • District 31-I Newsletter May 2018 Issue 11


    DG George (Continued from page 1)

    As a district we began the year in July 2017 with 1260 members. As of March, our net loss is 41 for a current membership of 1219. As a state organization, we began the year in July 2017 with 6320 members. As of March, our net loss is 306 for a current membership of 6014. As a district we have 373 female members (30.6%) which compares to the state’s num- bers of 1828 (30.2%). Two things are obvious: 1) our clubs are not replacing the members we lose to deaths and drops, and 2) we need more females who have a longer lifespan. Our district to date has added 78 members and lost 121 while NC has added 408 and lost 713. The trend of dimin- ishing Lion members continues and is a problem being seen throughout the nation. As we begin to wrap up another Lions year, each of us is challenged to be club excel- lence members. A Club Excellence Lions Club will offer your community exciting and worthy service projects. As your new officers plan for next year, please consider a goal of service that leads to increased membership as well as the retention of your current members. Ser- vice to others does not have to be costly. Seek Low Cost, High Visibility projects that provide High Impact to your citizens. This may be the only way your club will survive. The last statistic you want for your club is to be on the list of clubs and members that no longer exist. Lion George Culp DG NC Lions 31-I

    2nd VDG Jimmy Myers

    “It’s May, it’s May, the merry month of May.” Welcome truly to spring. This, though, is the month we remem- ber those who gave as Lincoln so aptly put it, “the last full measure of devotion” for our country. A friend said that Memorial Day more so than the 4th of July should be the most cherished holiday of our nation. Over a mil- lion Americans have given their lives to provide us the freedoms we have in this country. My family has bled for this nation. I had an aunt who was a “Gold Star” mother. She gave a son, my first cousin Frank M