Family Cornaceae : The Dogwood Family

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Family Cornaceae : The Dogwood Family. Alex Stalboerger. 7 Genera within 2 Subfamilies 110 Species Mostly trees and shrubs Can be deciduous or evergreen. Leaves are opposite, alternate, simple Four or five-parted flowers Clustered within pseudanthia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Family Cornaceae : The Dogwood Family

Family Cornaceae: The Dogwood Family

Family Cornaceae: The Dogwood FamilyAlex Stalboerger17 Genera within 2 Subfamilies110 SpeciesMostly trees and shrubsCan be deciduous or evergreen

2Leaves are opposite, alternate, simpleFour or five-parted flowersClustered within pseudanthiaPseudanthia = several flowers grouped together to form a flower-like structer (i.e. Sunflower) alternifolia: Pagoda DogwoodSmall (max height approx. 25)DeciduousLeaves 2-5 long &1-2.5 wideSimple, elliptic, acuminate tip racemosa: Gray DogwoodShrub 10 to 15 tall with an equal spreadDeciduousIrregular shapeLeaves 2-4 long & 1-2 wideOpposite, simple, elliptical, acuminate tip rugosa: Round-leaved DogwoodShrub 3 to 10 tallDeciduousLeaves 2-6longOpposite, broadly ovate, soft and hairy below sericea: Red-osier DogwoodShrub 6 to 10 tallDeciduousMultistemmedLeaves 2-5long & 1-2.5wideOvate, rounded base, acuminate tip have URL below8