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Transcript of CPUT Awards for 2014 academic year - EE Publishers · CPUT, Tel 021 460-3054,...

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    26 PositionIT – September 2015

    CPUT Awards for 2014 academic year

    Sibabalwe Bunyula and Spencer Dreyer.

    Khumbulani Biyela and Helgardt van Heerden. Mandlenkosi Shongwe and James


    Willem Barnardo and Chris Tanner.

    Khumbulani Biyela and Dave Beattie.

    Khumbulani Biyela almost made a clean sweep with the awards, receiving the prize for Best First Year Student from Gavin Lloyd, and the Best Student in Surveying 1 and 2 from Dave Beattie sponsored by Autobuild. He also received the trophy for Best First Year Student in South Africa from Helgardt van Heerden sponsored by Aciel Geomatics.

    The award for the Best B.Tech dissertation was shared by Elmi Pretorius and Samantha Goodchild-Brown. They were congratulated by Raubie Raubenheimer, Head of Surveying and Ashaadia Kamalie, Head of Department.

    Mandlenkosi Shongwe received the trophy for the Best Student in the Diploma in Surveying from James Christie-Smith sponsored by Tritan Survey. He also received a similar award from CONSAS.

    Willem Barnardo received the prize for the Best Student in Photogrammetry 3 from Chris Tanner sponsored by AAM.

    Sibabalwe Bunyula received the SAGI prize for the Best Progress in First Year from Spencer Dreyer. Dreyer, the Western Cape chairman of the South African Geomatics Institute (SAGI) was also the guest speaker at the occasion and gave a very interesting talk on his mountain climbing experiences in the Himalayas.

    Contact Raubie Raubenheimer, CPUT, Tel 021 460-3054, [email protected]

    Raubie Raubenheimer, Elmi Pretorius,

    Samantha Goodchild-Brown and

    Ashaadia Kamalie.

    The Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) Awards ceremony for the 2014 academic year was held recently. Below are details on the prize winners.

    Khumbulani Biyela and Gavin Lloyd.