CPUT Upcoming Short Courses 2017

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Transcript of CPUT Upcoming Short Courses 2017

  • HOW TO APPLY Consult our website:http://www.cput.ac.za/academic/shortcourses/fields

    You may consult the administrators on the telephone numbers provided to you under each category. Our administrators will gladly assist you. All candidates have to produce their ID when they apply.

    Our hours of operation are as follows:

    7h30-16h00 (Weekdays)

    creat ing futures

    +27 21 959 6767 [email protected] @CPUT

    @wearecput www.facebook.com/cput.ac.za www.cput.ac.za

    Short Courses2017 Upcoming Short Courses

    The Cape Peninsula University of Technology offers a wide variety of short courses, each which have been designed to help you enhance your skills.

    Ranging from half-day courses to six months or a year, our courses are offered on a part-time basis, making it accessible for individuals who are employed.

    Courses are offered at our Cape Town, Bellville and Granger Bay campus, and all registration takes place within the faculties.

    Candidates who successfully complete their short course with an average of 50% will receive a certificate from the institution.

    Our fields of study are: Administration, Clothing & Textiles, Computers, Engineering, Events, Finance, Hotel Management, Industry Specific, Information and Communication Technology, Journalism, Language & Communication, Management, Maritime & Survival, Media, Production, Public Relations and Quality Control.

  • 2017 UPCOMING SHORT COURSESManagement & Financial 021 460 3299 Business Management/Entrepreneurship R4 790.00

    Effective Supervisory R5 280.00

    Human Resource Management 1 R3 690.00

    Human Resource Management -

    Overview & Compliance R4 060.00

    Industrial Relations Practices R4 470.00

    Labour Relations R4 500.00

    Management 1 R3 810.00

    Marketing Management R4 140.00

    Project Management 1 R6 680.00

    Project Quality R6 290.00

    Stores Management R5 580.00

    Supply Chain Management R9 350.00

    Train the Trainer R4 060.00

    Business Communication R3 810.00

    Credit Management 1 R6 760.00

    Credit Management 2 R7 600.00

    Credit Management 3 R8 160.00

    Finance for Non-Financial Managers R5 080.00

    Finance Computing/Basic Bookkeeping Inc.

    Pastel Accounting R5 190.00

    Professional Development For

    PAs and Secretaries R5 190.00 Clothing and Textiles021 959 6826Textile & Fabrics R4 000.00 Computer Pattern making & Grading R7 100.00(Gerber) Computerised Grading (Gerber) R2 500.00

    Computerised Marker Making (Gerber) R3 200.00

    Product & Labour Costing R3 200.00

    Cutting Room Management R3 000.00

    Smart Skills for Supervisors R6 250.00

    Intermediate Work Study R5 500.00

    Quality Control in Clothing R4 500.00

    Fabric Quality Inspection & Faults Classification R2 250.00

    Information Workshops for Clothing and Textiles Size @ Fit R700.00

    Understanding Garment Construction R700.00

    Fit Assessment R700.00

    Garment Costing R700.00

    Manpower Planning & Line Balancing R700.00

    Quality Control021 959 6600 Quality Assurance Techniques R4 160.00

    ISO 9001 R3 450.00

    Engineering021 959 6600 Production Management for Industry R7 130.00

    Cyber Security R19 400.00

    Maritime and Survival 021 440 5716/62/63 Offshore Survival & Fire Fighting R7 800.00

    Offshore Survival & Fire Fighting (Refresher) R5 100.00

    1/2 Day HUET R1 800.00

    Competence in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats

    other than Fast Rescue (6 months sea time required) R5 800.00

    Competence in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats

    further than Fast Rescue (Refresher R2 300.00

    Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (PSSR R1 900.00

    Personal Survival Techniques (PST) R1 900.00

    Personal Safety and Social Responsibility

    (PSSR) (Refresher) R1 400.00

    Fast Rescue Boat (FRB)Coxswain R5 800.00

    Offshore Lifeboat Coxswain R6 700.00

    GMDSS (GOC) R10.800.00

    GMDSS (GOC) Refresher R7 200.00

    Crowd Management and

    Passenger Safety R2 200.00

    Morse codes and Signals( Exam only) R1 000.00

    Medial First Aid R1 500.00

    Electronic Navigation Systems:

    Operational Level (Prerequisites) R6 600.00

    Electronic Navigation Systems:

    Management Level R5 000.00

    High Voltage for Marine Engineers

    (Prerequisites) R6 000.00

    Media021 460 3198Introduction to Journalism R5 230.00Introduction toPublic Relations Management R3 170.00

    Information and Communication Technology021 464 7243 CCNA R & S Part time R25 000.00

    Time is running out.


    #WeAreCPUTcreating futures