Cloud Computing & its future - On the perspective of Bangladesh

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A thesis presentation on Cloud computing & its future: On the perspective of Bangladesh. This presentation was presented by Tahsin-Ul-Abrar (Tahsin Abrar) & Hasan Imam (Shahed) and supervised by Md. Javed Hossain.

Transcript of Cloud Computing & its future - On the perspective of Bangladesh

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  • Cloud Computing: On the perspective of Bangladesh Under the Supervision of Md. Javed Hossain Associate Professor Dept. of CSTE NSTU Presented By: Md. Hasan Imam Roll: ASH0901022M & Tahsin-Ul-Abrar Roll: ASH0901043M Dept. of CSTE NSTU 2
  • Contents Abstract Objectives Cloud Computing overview Cloud Computing in different Sectors Cloud Computing in Bangladesh Methodology Implementation Future Work Conclusion 3
  • Abstract Cloud Computing offers better computing through improved utilization and reduced administration and infrastructure costs. It is rapidly growing as an alternative to conventional computing. Our thesis presented a detailed overview of cloud computing and the challenges it faces. This could help in better understanding of the concepts of cloud computing. With this, implementation of cloud computing in the developing countries like Bangladesh will be highly beneficial. 4
  • Objectives The idea behind this thesis is to ensure the best use of cloud computing in different sectors of developing countries like Bangladesh. This thesis will try To clarify the concept of cloud computing To give a detail overview of the impact of using cloud computing To show the way of using cloud computing in different sectors of Bangladesh. To deploy an application on cloud using OpenShift (PaaS) 5
  • Cloud Computing 6
  • What is Cloud Computing? 7
  • Cloud Computing Cloud computing is a new computing paradigm. But the concept is not new. Cloud computing is a type of computing that relies on sharing computing resources rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle applications. 8
  • Cloud computing is like electricity: If you plug a device into the socket, it flows. Cloud Computing This electricity is not created by you, and more often than not, you dont even know where and how it is created. Electricity is simply there when you need it. Your only concern is that your device gets its power. In other words: From now on, your cloud provider will be responsible for your entire system administration, installation and maintenance. You just simply access the files and information you need when you need it. 9
  • Characteristics of Cloud Computing .. That is, use as much or as less you need 2. On-demand Service 3. Pay-as-you-go 1. Scalability -- use only when you want -- pay only what you use! 10
  • Cloud Service Models 11 Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform as a Service (PaaS) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Google App Engine SalesForce CRM Google Docs Adopted from: Effectively and Securely Using the Cloud Computing Paradigm by peter Mell, Tim Grance 11
  • Cloud Deployment Model Cloud computing comes in four forms: Public clouds Private clouds Hybrids clouds Community Cloud 12
  • Cloud Deployment model 13
  • Benefits of Cloud Computing Cost Efficiency Convenience and continuous availability Backup and Recovery Scalability and Performance 14
  • So, if cloud computing is so great, why arent everyone doing it? Clouds are still subject to traditional data confidentiality, integrity, availability, and privacy issues, plus some additional attacks 15
  • Cloud Computing in different Sectors Banking Sector Education Sector IT Sector Startups Financial Sector 16
  • Companies have a lot of good things to say about cloud computing. Take a look at some of these statistics taken from a survey of over 3,500 IT decision makers. 17
  • HALF of the US government has moved to the cloud. 18
  • Activity In the Cloud 100% 64% 58% 45% 29% 19% Bankin g Social Media Online Games Photos File Sharing Surprisingly, BANKING holds the most activity in the cloud. 19
  • 14% of the companies surveyed DOWNSIZED their IT after cloud adoption 82% of the companies surveyed SAVED MONEY moving to the cloud 20
  • 80% of respondents reported they saw improvements within 6 months of moving to the cloud. Month 6 IMPROVEMENT 21
  • Why should we use Cloud computing in different sectors? Time saving Cost saving Efficiency Paperless office Data protection Transparency 22
  • Cloud computing in Bangladesh Cloud Computing is fully a new concept in Bangladesh. Cloud computing is a must for - growing businesses, government services and Educational institutions, And even accommodating the budding freelancers under the umbrella of could computing. 23
  • Cloud computing in Bangladesh Bangladesh continues to solely focus on cheap labour. The current policy of Digital Bangladesh is an attempt to improve connectivity, access to information and literacy. This new technology minimizes costs and even digitally empowers small business houses. 24
  • A Predicted Improvement after implementingA Predicted Improvement after implementing Cloud Computing in different sectors ofCloud Computing in different sectors of BangladeshBangladesh 25
  • Methodology In this thesis,In this thesis, To understand Cloud computing in PaaS development, we will deploy an PHP application on cloud using Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) Model of Cloud Computing with OpenShiftOpenShift We can now make use of this platform-as-a-We can now make use of this platform-as-a- service cloud for hosting our PHP applications.service cloud for hosting our PHP applications. The OpenShift cloud works along with Git.The OpenShift cloud works along with Git. 26
  • Implementation 27
  • ConclusionConclusion In the end, we would like to say that, Moving towards cloud is the next rational thing for Bangladesh, not a luxury. The rest of the world is moving towards cloud technology. If we cannot adopt this technology, our country would only suffer. We already suffered a lot as we adopted Internet very late when our neighboring countries already got connected to the Information Super Highway and it should not be repeated for cloud computing. So, it is time that the decision makers, academicians, IT industry leaders and business leaders start to think about cloud computing in Bangladesh. 28
  • Future work Develop a cloud Infrastructure like Google App Engine or Amazon in Bangladesh with the help of open source cloud platform like OpenStack in near future. 29
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