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@MahmoudShattel Founder & CEO of Taqetna The Story of Taqetna ا ن ت ق طاTAQETNA An Entrepreneur Top 10 Rules
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Mahmoud Shattel Mahmoud hold an Electrical Engineering degree from The Hashemite University. Mahmoud is a renewable energy entrepreneur and consultant, he established Taqetna company; Renewable Energy Company specialized in commercializing his invention; Reyah (Arabic word for Wind). Accredit Professional by the International Accreditation Organization This certification proves as recognition for the individuals as a leader in the practice of their specialized field of engineering Mahmoud’s invention (Reyah) is an Efficient Vertical Wind Turbine and generates power from wind (4) four times more resourcefully than the common turbine (four Watts verses one), and has the ability to generate power from low speed winds; an important advantage in this part of the world where wind speeds are low in most countries. The size of the turbine, about one meter high, helps ensure that it can be easily and safely used in homes, shops, and any other open space. Through his invention, Mahmoud aims to provide people with an alternative and cost efficient source of electricity in Jordan and eventually throughout the Arab world. Mahmoud’s experience and passion for science has won him several awards including the Silver Award in the Emirates Energy Awards 2013, the ‘CleanTECH Open Award’ and the ‘DAI CleanTech Award.’ He also took part of the ‘Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship Competition’ and won second runner-up prize in the Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Competition in Istanbul.

Transcript of CEO & Founder of Taqetna; Mahmoud shattel

  • @MahmoudShattel Founder & CEO of Taqetna TAQETNA An Entrepreneur Top 10 Rules
  • Rule # 1: Prototyping
  • Moving To New Sector New Tech Energy, Water & Transportation Rule # 2: Validating the Market
  • The Idea converted into 1st running prototype Rule # 3: Validating the Product
  • Rule # 4: Validating the Business Model
  • Rule # 5: Start Small
  • Vertical Wind Turbine
  • Rule # 6: Engaging Early Adopters!
  • Rule # 7: Adapting Quickly!
  • Rule # 8: Enhance Your Credibility
  • Awards
  • Also, Taqetna won the third best clean technology award in the CleanTECH Open competition. Also, DAI CleanTech Award. Awards
  • Awards Internationally; the second runner- up place in The Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Competition. Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Honors
  • Rule # 9: Start A Business NOT A Startup
  • Taqetna Solar Energy PV Solar Water Heater Wind Power &Engineering Customized Wind Energy Projects Training Professionals Students ABOUT TAQETNA
  • Our Wind Turbine Reyah pro 2nd Patent Technical Specifications of Shattel-Mill: Rotor Material: Composite material Rated Power: up to 1.3KW Starting wind speed: 2 m/s System Type: Off-Grid, 24V and 48V (DC) Rotor height: 2.65m Rotor Diameter: 2 meters Pole height: 3 12m (depending on the site)
  • Solar Energy
  • ! Rule # 10: Learn, share & Enjoy
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