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Lesson 1 Unit 1 Face to face

It is very important to know how to communicate with people, and make the first positive impression on them whom deal with in business.Here are some useful expressions how to introduce yourself and greet people.

Introducing and Greeting People

Greeting PeopleHello. / Hi.Good morning.Good morning. (bus 12 hr) / Good afternoon.Good eveningIntroducing PeopleWhat's your name?My name isI amHaven't we met (before)?Yes, I think we have.No, I don't think we have.I think we've already met.I don't think we've met (before).This isMeetHave you met?Yes, I have.No, I haven't.Yes, I think I have.No, I don't think I have.Hello, (name)Nice to meet you. (informal)Pleased to meet you.How do you do? (formal)Nice to see you.

1. Read the conversation Where are you from? and answer the questions.

A : Dave: Hello, Im Dave Garza. Im a new club member. th : Hi .My name is Elizabeth Silvia, please call me Beth Dave: OK. Where are you from, Beth? th : Brazil. How about you? Dave: Im from Mexico. th : Oh, I love Mexico! Its really beautiful. Dave: Thanks. So is Brazil

B: th : Oh, good. Sun Hee is here. Dave: Whos Sun Hee? th : Shes my classmate. Were in the same math class. Dave: South Korea. Lets go and say hello. Beth: Sorry, whats your last name again? Carcia? Dave: Actually, its Garza. Beth: How do you spell that Dave: G-A-R-Z-A

Answer the questions Who is Dave?Where is Elizabeth from?Who is Sun Hee?Who are Sun Hee and th?Where is Sun Hee from?

At the first meeting what can you talk about? Can you ask these questions? Check ( ) the right box. What other questions can you ask?

OK Not OK Possible How old are you?Are you married?Do you have any children?Where do you?Do you live in a house or an apartment?How tall are you?How much do you earn?Do you dye your hair?Do you like your job?

Lesson 2 Unit 1 Face to face Saying hello and good bye Say Goodbye(It was) nice meeting you.Good bye.Bye. / See you.See you later.See you soon.See you tomorrow. See you next week.Good night.HealthHow are you?How are you today?Fine, thank you/thanks.Not too bad.Very well.I'm okay / all right.Not too well, actually.What's wrong with you?What's the matter with you?Are you all right?I'm tired I'm exhausted I've got a cold.

Exercise 4. Read the dialogue.

A. Excuse me Mr. Baker. What company do you work for?B. I work for Philips. What about you?A. I work for Coca-Cola. What do you do?B. Im an engineer. A. I see. I work in the finance department.B. Where are you from, Mr. Jones?A. Originally, Im from Melbourne, but now I live in New-York. And you?B. Im from New-York.Exercise 5. Practice the dialogue with a partner using the words given below. An engineer, an executive, an accountant, a manager Ask other students;A: Excuse me, MrWhat company ?B: I work forA: What do.?B: Im . I work in A: Where..?B: Im ..

Exercise 7. Hello and Good bye .Do you know these expressions? Which ones are hellos and which ones are good -byes? . Complete the chart. Add expressions of your own.

Bye HeyGood morning HiGood night How are youGood bye Hows it going Have a nice day See you laterHello See you tomorrow Good bye

Their homework is Exercise 6 /p 8/Lesson -3 Unit 2 Numbers Numbers Cardinal numbers; one, two, four, and twelve. ( 1, 2 , 4, 12)Ordinal numbers: first (1st ) second (2nd ) fifth (5th ).Fractional numbers: Common Decimal 1.5 Cardinal numbers oh/zero/ nought 11 Eleven 31 thirty oneone 12 Twelve 42-forty twotwo 13 Thirteen 53-fifty threethree 14. Fourteen 164- a/one hundred and sixty- fourfourfive 15. Fifteen 475- four hundred and seventy-fiveSix 16. Sixteen 100- a/one hundredSeven 17 Seventeen 800-eight hundredEight 18 Eighteen 697-six hundred and ninety-sevenNine 19 Nineteen 986-nine hundred and eighty -sixTen 20 Twenty

1.000-a/one thousand 10.000-ten thousand 100.000-a/one hundred thousand 1.000.000- a/one million 276.984-two hundred seventy six thousand, nine hundred eighty four . Exercise1. Write down the following numbers.555627456788972453044598Exercise2. Write the following words in numbers1. A hundred ninety eight2. Eighty seven 3. Five million six hundred eighty nine thousand and forty -five 4. three hundred and sixty five

Ordinal numbers :Ordinal numbers are made by adding th to the cardinal numbers unless they end in 1,2,or 3( first, second, third )

One -1st first 11. Eleven -11th -eleventhTwo- 2nd -second 12-twelve -12th -twelfthThree-3rd-third 13-thirteen-13th thirteenth Four- 4th fourth 20- twenty -20th -twentiethFive-5th-fifth 25-twenty five-25th-twenty-fifth Six-6th sixth 100- a/one hundred -100th a/one hundredth

Seven-7th-seventh 104- a hundred and four -104th a/one hundred and fourth Eight-8th-eighthNine-9th-ninth Ten-10th-tenth

Exercise3. Write the ordinal numbers

1. 3rd 6. 32nd 2. 56th 7. 69th 3. 140th 8. 12th 4. 645th 5. 700th

Years and centuries1996 a. Nineteen ninety six b. Thats the twentieth century Dates 26/10 (a) British-English :The twenty sixth of October (b). American-English :October twenty sixth

Exercise4. In pairs talk about these years and centuries like this: 1666 199317451206201056 BC18 A.DExercise5. Write these dates as you would say them if you were (a) British (b) American12/6 d.1/63/8 e. 8/310/7 f.9/11

Sums of money /Calculations:

Notice the following points: 62.573 22 $ 25.02 38p The pound ) or dollar ($) signs go before the numbers. A decimal point (full stop) separates pounds from pence and dollars from cents. 23.70 twenty three point seventy pounds $21.50 twenty one point fifty dollarsWe only write p or after sums of money when cents or pence are written alone without pounds or dollars, e.g: 6 (but $ 0.6)3m = three million pounds $ 6.2m= six point two million dollars or six million, two hundred thousand dollars

Exercise 6. Write and say the following sums of money.245.68 8450.86$58.65$452.95$ 85 85.24$ 65.72 651.85 110.85$ 68.75$ 48


2+4=6 Two plus/and/added to four equals/is/makes six

9-7 Nine minus/take away ..5x3 Five multiplied by/times ..20 4 Twenty divided by four ..

Exercise7. In pairs say and work out these calculations Like this:5x4 Five multiplied by four is twenty or five times four equals twentya. 6X2 e. 12+5 b. 8+9 f. 23-2 c.30-6 g. 205 d. 7x3 h. 40+11