Broadband- A tool for civic engagement and sustainability?

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High speed internet access can be a powerful tool for communities. During this webinar we will explore some of the practical and potential uses of broadband in addressing issues of civic engagement,sustainability and economic growth. Any discussion of this topic must, however, look at ways to bridge the “digital divide”. In light of that fact, we’ll also look at Issues of access and digital literacy How creative can we be in creating inclusive engaging opportunities that make use of the potential of broadband technology?

Transcript of Broadband- A tool for civic engagement and sustainability?

  • 1. Broadband- A tool for civic engagement and sustainability? March 24, 2009 Webinar Paul Treadwell Cornell Cooperative Extension Distance Learning Consultant
  • 2. What is Broadband High speed data transmission Always on connection Encompasses a variety of technologies: DSL Cable modem WiFi Broadband satellite
  • 3. Why Broadband Matters High speed internet access can: Improve government efficiency and communication Provide access to educational opportunities Engage citizens Facilitate better medical care Narrow the digital divide Expand employment opportunities Foster Innovation
  • 4. Broadband and rural communities 38% rural homes have broadband 57% urban 60% suburban Other factors affecting access: Income Ease/prevalence of public access Digital literacy
  • 5. The Digital Divide the gap between people with effective access to digital and information technology and those with very limited or no access at all. Is a kind of capability deprivation As the world moves online, those who arent are excluded. Access to the benefits of an online world are removed /denied
  • 6. Why now Renewed interest and funding: National Presidents broadband stimulus funding $7+ Billion for broadband development New York State
  • 7. The internet
  • 8. The Civic Net
  • 9. More than bandwidth or access The fuss about broadband, then, extends beyond access to information to active participation in the online commons Broadband: Whats All the Fuss About? Pew Internet and American Life Project
  • 10. Marketplace and/or Commons 2 ways of viewing the internet Marketplace Access to goods Buying and selling Commons Access to ideas Interaction and exchange
  • 11. How do you see broadband? What role can it play?
  • 12. Broadband Enabled Services E-government Providing access to government information Providing space for engagement E-commerce Access to the global marketplace Technology training / digital literacy/ civic literacy
  • 13. Case study Ontario county Ontario County e-government Access to governmental information Online survey for community input
  • 14. Case study Blue Smoke E-Commerce Blue Smoke Salsa Case Study (pdf)
  • 15. Case Study Engaged Youth Civic learning Engaged Youth
  • 16. Case Study Squeaky Wheel Digital/Media Literacy Squeaky Wheel
  • 17. Barriers to adoption Availability Cost Exclusion Literacy Security
  • 18. Sustainable communities Broadband should be a component of a platform for sustainability Connecting rural communities to the world Tele-work E-Commerce Flow of ideas Sustaining locality Online interactions focused on local issues Local government access
  • 19. Civic participation Bringing it back home Tools for online engagement National Coalition for Dialog and Deliberation National project connecting local participants
  • 20. Education Broadband opens up a channel to media rich educational opportunities MIT OpenCourseware ScienceVideos Youtube Teachertube
  • 21. Opportunities Resurgence of funding opportunities creates a space for innovative programming Current Extension programming National e-Commerce Extension Initiative Connecting rural communities Others?
  • 22. Innovating Digital literacy For community For educators Skills for an online world Community brainstorming Games to spark planning around technology Useful Games
  • 23. Appropriate Technology Defining appropriate relative to ICT Impacts on community The introduction of new technology and tools is a debatable topic. How do we deliberate about technology? Mostly, we dont Technology happens Is this the best approach?
  • 24. The value of open networks Strangely enough, digital technologies are forcing us to recognize the power of the collective and social - David Bollier The Commons as a New Sector of Value-Creation 13 Open standards-Open source-Open networks
  • 25. Resources Documents, sites and case studies referenced in this presentation are available online at: nar
  • 26. Contact Paul Treadwell Distance Learning Consultant Cornell Cooperative Extension 356 Roberts Hall Cornell University Ithaca, NY 14853