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OHECC Structured Data Presentation

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  • 1. Brad Rice Web Graphic Designer The University of Akron

2. What is Structured Data? 3. What it is 4. What its not 5. Not Structured Data 6. Not Structured Data 7. Unstructured look 8. Definition of Structured Data

  • Data that is consistent and can easily be reused

9. Structured Data 10. Structured Data 11. Structured Data 12. Structured Data 13. Structured Data 14. Listed Research Tools 15. Detail of Research Tool 16. Structured Data formats

  • Database data
  • SQL
  • XML
    • RSS, ATOM Standard, RDF, RPC, Open Office XML, etc.
  • CSV (comma separated values)
  • Any ordered and indexed type of data

17. SQL 18. Enlarged view of SQL 19. XML from mysql 20. Enlarged view of XML 21. Organization of Data


22. Using DotCMS to build a structure 23. Course listing from the data 24. Course Detail 25. Field entries 26. Adding a field 27. Adding a Course Date field 28. Newly added field in structure 29. Backend search for content 30. Adding the course date to Business 31. Clicking the Business Course 32. Detail with newly added date 33. Some other Structured data 34. Some other Structured data 35. Some other Structured data 36. Some other Structured data 37. Some other Structured data 38. Some other Structured data 39. Summary

  • Web content should be organized
  • Think about breaking your content into logical chunks of data
  • Think about making your data portable
  • Think about best practices for sharing your data