Brad Farris of Anchor Advisors talks about Content Marketing

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Brad Farris of Anchor Advisors talks about how developing content for your website, email newsletter and social media sites can generate traffic, leads and business. Originally presented at the SBA Small Business Week Event in Chicago, IL June 30, 2011

Transcript of Brad Farris of Anchor Advisors talks about Content Marketing

  • 1. Using Content Marketing to Turn Cold Leads into Hard Cash

2. Introduction
Spent the last 10 years with Anchor Advisors helping Chicago area business owners to grow their business.
Wrote an eBook about effective small business leadership
On Twitter @blfarris
3. The Problem
4. Converting Cold Leads
These people are:
In my target market
Have problems we can solve
Need help and advice
Are interested in the kind of solutions we provide
Its just not the right time
5. How can I
Let them get to know us better
Build our credibility
Provide value
Keep the relationship fresh
Without a lot of cost, time, or investment?
6. Create an e-Newsletter
Identify a Conversationor Topic that youve used frequently
Write a Lousy First Draft
Send it to a Writer
Research Key Phrases
Add it to Our Website
Send it out!
7. Use Your Content to Make More Content
8. And Even More Content
9. Other Examples
Interior Design Firm broadcasts their media mentions. (@MaryCookAssoc)
Branding/Design firm posts completed jobs to their FB photo gallery. (@eWebSmart)
Tax Consulting firm posts changes to laws & key cases. (@YCSTax)
Web Design Firm uses Twitter to talk about industry trends, FB to talk to prospective employees! (@Orbiteers)
10. The Result
Better search engine rankings and more traffic to your website
People get to know more about you, your services and your results.
When the time is right prospects call ready-to-go
Get Referrals that are On Target
11. Find Out More
Brad Farris773.282.7677
Find these Slides at