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    Made By: Joey Yao

    IT Grade 9.2

    Wednesday, November 2, 11


    Wednesday, November 2, 11


    Client: Turtleneck Sweater is a new band that needs to promote advertisements through the internet.

    Time Allowed: 1 Quarter 8 Weeks

    Unit Question: How does band Advertising manipulate our actions?

    Specifications & Limitations:Laptop/Computer

    Internet Softwares: Photoshop CS5

    Cant access in a place where there is no internet

    Documented evidence:Your documented evidence is like a diary. You start it

    when you first start making your design and it doesn't end till you have finished making your product. Takes lots of photos, make notes on any modification and

    add sketches and diagrams

    AOI: Human Ingenuity

    Wednesday, November 2, 11


    My client, Turtleneck Sweater is a new released band and they consists of 3 members: Chain, Link & Boss. Their problem is that they need to promote their advertisements throughout the whole world. Therefore, I need to decide which advertising method is the best and the most efficient way of promoting a band by using the internet, radio, magazines, etc.

    Wednesday, November 2, 11


    This project relates to Human Ingenuity because designing and creating a advertisement which meets the clients

    requirements. I will be interviewing my clients, creating websites and make my own research and knowledge by using

    the design cycle steps, Investigate, Design, Plan, Create & Evaluation, which shows my own creativity and ideas. My own

    skills and knowledge will be also needed for creating the perfect product for the client, therefore Human Ingenuity is

    the most suitable from all 5 of them.

    Wednesday, November 2, 11


    1. What kind of advertisement do you want to use?We would like to attract more fans from Asia and Europe, so I guess we have to use internet for promoting our band. We could use Facebook or Twitter fan page and direct them to our own very website.

    2. If you have decided to use website(internet), what template would you like to have in your website?

    We would like to put informations about what do we do for living and what kind of music we play in our band. We could also put some sample musics on the website, video interview & some pictures.

    3. What kind of information would you want to show to everybody?

    We would like to have something unique with interesting designs so that our customers could enjoy themselves when visiting the website. We also need to cooperate with other companies so that they could also advertise us on their websites or blogs.

    Wednesday, November 2, 11

  • 4. Do you have a logo yet? If you want a logo, what kind of logo do you want me to create about your band?No, not yet. We would like to have a logo that could describe us. A simple but meaningful logo and design that could be used for several years. We want the logo to be interesting, attractive, and does not get bored over time.

    6. Do you have any other requests to make?We would also like to create another website for our fans, like a discussion board, entertaining blogs & media advertising. We will contact you and talk again about this sooner or later.

    Alright, thank you for the time and have a nice weekend.

    5. How much are you willing to pay for creating the website and logo?We dont want it to be so expensive but I would like to have something really good rather than having a good one that will not really attract our fans. So I would like to pay for between $3000 - $4000 with the logo included. Thank you

    Wednesday, November 2, 11

  • INTERVIEW SUMMARY From the interview, I can see that my client wants to advertise

    by using websites and to attract more fans from Europe & Asia. They wanted to create a website which is unique and different from others that will not get easily boring when looking at it. They also want to make their customers enjoy themselves by having lots of pictures and videos that they could see in the website. They would also like to share some of their sample musics so they could know what the genre is. They need a logo for their band which is simple but meaningful logo. They want their logo to be attractive and can be used for a long time. They also request that they would like to create another website for discussion boards and other activities but they will talk again with me sooner or later.

    Wednesday, November 2, 11


    The website must be suitable for all ages

    I must use the correct softwares for making the


    Website must be attractive

    Including logo and CD cover Relevant pictures and


    A unique theme

    Wednesday, November 2, 11


    Case 1

    Customer Teenagers - Adult and all for those who love their musics

    Form Website

    Aesthetics Blue & Pink Neon Lights with black background & Flash or Animation

    Cost N/A

    Function To promote their band, updated infos and new music albums and pictures & videos about the bandEase of Creation It is hard to make a website this good because it contains flash animation and the color, arrangement is all very related and cool

    Wednesday, November 2, 11

  • Case 2

    Customer Teen - adult and those who like dance musicsForm Advertisement on other band pages

    Aesthetics A picture of Dev & some writings under a music video. Cost N/A

    Function To promote Dev using the method of advertising on other peoples page makes it effective in youtubeEase of Creation Its easy to make, just need to design the layout and its done.



    Wednesday, November 2, 11

  • Case 3

    Customer Children - Teenager and those who love rock & popForm Poster

    Aesthetics Band members with a designed framed and the band name located in the middleCost N/A

    Function To promote the band songs and movie. It can also be stuck to walls at your houseEase of Creation Design the poster, took a picture of the band and print it.


    Wednesday, November 2, 11



    When researching 3 different method of advertising a band or artist, I found out that the 3 advertising methods is all very effective but I need to find advertising which can be accessed

    by the whole world easily and contain information about them which is the website: advertising. I still need to list out

    all the pros & cons to compare fairly which one is more efficient way of advertising.

    Wednesday, November 2, 11


    Wix is a free flash website builder that is used for many purposes such as: Business, Photography, Personal portfolios, etc.

    They have interactive flash animation and lots of themes to choose and


    Weebly is a free webite builder mostly for business and education. It could be used as a classroom blog and theres also a lot of themes and it is easy to

    access so it doesnt require skills to create the


    Moonfruit is a free website that allows you

    to create your own website. It is mostly used

    for online selling shop and trading. It is very

    simple to use and doesnt require any skills for

    making them.

    Wednesday, November 2, 11


    After interviewed with my client asking about what kind of advertisement they want, I have followed and researched what

    they required at this moment. I have researched several websites that is suitable for the band and I also start to find pictures that is relevant to the band. I have found a website and a template and will further research more on how to

    create a good website band.

    Wednesday, November 2, 11


    Im making a website for advertising and if I can think of one thing that could impact the environment is, wasting electricity and power. Because you need internet and electricity either seeing it off from your laptop, tablet or phone.

    Website advertising is impacting the society by using sharing to your friends. When one person saw the website, he could share it on Facebook or twitter and 3 more people will share it and 9 more people will share it. This is the cycle for internet browsing and it will go on so information can be easily be accessed and shared to your friends.

    Wednesday, November 2, 11


    I will create a website that is required by my client to advertise their new band throughout the world. I will follow the Design Cycle steps: Investigation, Design, Plan, Create,

    Evaluation in order to create a good band website. We are going to start off with designing 2 newsletter/poster, 2

    website, & 2 movie using story boards.

    Wednesday, November 2, 11

  • SPECIFICATIONTitle Specification/Why Testing

    Software: Im going to use Photoshop CS5 for creating the logo and album cover I created the logo and design already

    Time: 8 weeks i should use my time wisely. Focus on the work so that I can finish it on time.

    Costs: FREE Website builder is free

    Target Audience: My target audience is to teenagers and band lovers I should ask teenager whether they will like these kind of musics or not

    Aesthetic: Design something simple but attractive. Something different from the others. I should research how can I make the website good and choosing the right template in website builders