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  • Commercial AviationApplications Suite

  • Our vision

    The Arconics vision is of a seamless, end-to-end aviation experience; from ground to sky to satellite and everywhere in between. Together with our partner airlines, we foresee an inherently profitable aviation sector with ever-increasing ancillary revenues, maximum safety and operational efficiency, and the ultimate passenger experience. This future will be powered by the flexible, future-proof Arconics Aircraft Software Platform.

    Our mission

    In realising the Arconics vision, our mission is to provide best-in-class software solutions in electronic flight bag, safety and compliance document management, cabin management and wireless in-flight entertainment. We will streamline the handling of data on and off the aircraft, enhance the passenger experience and drive ancillary revenues for airlines.

    Our values

    Arconics adopts a set of values that are critical to our success and to the success of our customers. We will constantly innovate, lead our industry and exceed expectations. Our culture supports our employees, so that they can deliver an exceptional experience to our customers. Most importantly, we will align our values with our clients values. Thats when the magic happens.

    Arconics connects everyone onboard

  • Arconics is the Aircraft Software Company

    At Arconics, we live and breathe mobile technology and we are passionate about aviation. We see the possibilities of both and we unite them to benefit our customers. Our team has focused exclusively on frontline aviation technologies and we know how to design and deliver systems that create immediate and enduring competitive advantage for aircraft operators.

    We specialise in aircraft mobile applications for pilots, cabin crew and passengers. Our apps make flying safer and more efficient, while entertaining passengers and opening new service and revenue opportunities for airlines.

    Arconics delivers IFE, EFB, document and cabin management systems on a unified open software architecture that works across all mobile and avionic platforms.

    We give our customers real-time insight and control and the agility to quickly implement new crew applications, passenger services and commercial partnerships. World class airlines depend on Arconics software to improve efficiency, deliver new revenue streams and simplify regulatory compliance.

    In an industry characterised by large, inflexible vendors, Arconics brings a speed and flexibility to the delivery process that delights our customers and delivers benefits sooner.

    Arconics is now a ViaSat company, having been acquired in November 2016. This event positions Arconics software at the front end of the connected aircraft revolution, with a full stack offering from satellites to servers and the software that delivers the benefits of connectivity.

    We use our technology expertise, practical knowledge of airline operations and passion for collaborative design on every project we deliver

  • Irelands national flag carrieroperating European andtransatlantic services on an all-Airbus fleet of 47 aircraft.

    Qatars national flag-carrier, with 190 aircraft in the skies today - including the Boeing 787-8 and the Airbus A380-800 - reaching 146 destinations.

    Global aviation pioneer, operating 146 wide body aircraft including Airbus A350 and Boeing 777-300ER.

    Flag carrier of the Philippines,operating over 50 A321-200,A330-300 and A320-200 andB777 aircraft.

    Tigerair Australia is owned by Virgin Australia and operates a fleet of 15 aircraft to 17 domestic and international destinations.

    Worlds largest operator ofinternational flights and low-cost leader, with 360 B737-800s in its fleet.


    Serving the worlds best-loved, most efficient and profitable airlines

    Fast-growing Indian carrier, with 42 aircraft - mainly Boeing 737-800s - in its fleet. SpiceJets route network includes 41 Indian and international destinations

  • It was clear to us that Arconics had the right vision, experience and technical abilities to deliver an

    excellent product that meets our needs and those of our customers. We plan to expand our relationship with Arconics in the future to outfit our domestic fleet with wireless IFE as well. Peter Edwards, Manager Ancillary and Product, Tigerair Australia

    Cathay Pacific selected Arconics because they are able to deliver a tailored solution in a timely manner.

    The pilot feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We have chosen AeroDocs as part of the solution for our A350 our first paperless cockpit. Mark Hoey, General Manager Operations, Cathay Pacific

    Rapid expansion requires rigorous precision in how we manage that growth and, with the investment in enterprise technologies such as Arconics, we are

    addressing multiple needs of the business in one single point. This highly-customised tool we have invested in supports our day-to-day operations, and further reinforces Qatar Airways commitment to deploying the leading technologies in its business both on the ground and in the air.His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, Chief Executive, Qatar Airways Group

    Arconics software is designed perfectly for an airline that needs to implement new ideas quickly, stay ahead of the market and control costs. Arconics has proven to be extremely reliable and flexible, helping us drive our competitive advantage.Choorah Singh, Deputy Director of Ops Control, Ryanair

    We have worked with Arconics to deploy Crew Portal, Technical Publications and Electronic Flight Bag solutions for over 5 years. They have always delivered reliable, elegant applications that delight crew, administrators and management and provided outstanding service and support.Paul Stanley, EFB Project Manager, Aer Lingus

  • The Arconics Aircraft Software Platform

    Mobile commerce is growing exponentially every year. Soon, the vast majority of transactions and time online will be from mobile devices. This presents extraordinary opportunities for airlines. Few other industries have the customer insight, loyalty and trust that airlines have earned. No other industry has comparable uninterrupted time with their customers while delivering service.

    The smartest airlines understand that mobile apps will extend engagement with customers far beyond the in-flight experience. Passengers will install airline mobile apps to access entertainment and information services onboard. When thoughtfully designed, passengers will use those mobile apps as a trusted source of travel-related products and services after the flight and on future journeys.

    Relevant offers presented at the right time are a valuable service for the passenger, and an opportunity for the airline to capture a portion of all

    spend over the entire trip, opening repeat revenue streams and deeper brand engagement.

    Mobile technologies can also help airlines reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase safety and compliance. Crew, flight ops, engineering and ground ops make smarter, safer decisions by having the right information at their fingertips on mobile devices. In the cockpit, EFB brings huge savings by reducing fuel consumption and turnaround times, and improving operational efficiency.

    In the cabin and on the ground, connected apps increase operational efficiency by replacing slow and error-prone paper-based processes. Connecting staff across the airlines improves passenger experience by helping to recover service issues before they escalate.

    As passenger expectations increase, mobile devices are evolving too fast for traditional aviation technology to keep pace. The airlines that win will

    The Arconics Platform is an open software platform that runs on multiple avionic systems, providing end-to-end communications, control, data management, tracking and analytics capabilities

  • be those that can develop the technical, operational, and commercial flexibility to seize these new opportunities.

    The Arconics Aircraft Software Platform is designed for the connected aircraft. The Platform hosts onboard applications for cockpit and cabin. It provides a comprehensive set of APIs to facilitate: Data transfer on/off the aircraft. Data channel management, routing data via

    satcom, 4G and physical media. Application deployment across the fleet. ARINC 717 and 429 databus access. Integration adaptors for popular airline systems.

    The Platform also allows mobile apps to exchange data securely. This is available for both iOS and Windows tablet devices. The Platform runs on all popular aircraft servers.

    The Arconics Aircraft Software Platform helps airlines to develop and deploy mobile apps for passengers and crew in weeks instead of years. It allows the airline to quickly deliver service differentiation, operational efficiencies, better use of data, and new ancillary revenue opportunities.

    Arconics believes that an integrated mobile strategy will separate the best from the rest over the coming five years. We are determined to give our customers the unified, open enterprise platform for mobile apps that they will need to succeed

  • EFBModular electronic flight bag

    for every fleet size, any aircraft mix

    When pilots have the right information at the right time, they make smarter and safer decisions. When flight ops, engineering and ground ops know whats happening to the aircraft in real-time, they can respond quickly and reduce operational costs.

    EFB applications have evolved rapidly in recent years. Low-cost tablets have made EFB technology accessible to all airlines, but current EFB solutions typically require multiple standalone applications which must be managed and updated separately. Because standalone apps cann