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First ICT Committee meeting

Transcript of Amcham It Committee Presentation

  • 1. Enterprise 2.0 Convergence of Business and Social Networking By Glenn Tjon, AMCHAM ICT Committee Chairman
  • 2. Introduction Speaker Introduction IT Committee Objectives Enable Communicate and Collaborate Contribute IT Committee Topics AMCHAM 2.0 ICT Awareness Program National ICT Strategic Plan 2008 - 2018
  • 3. Objectives Introduction of Enterprise 2.0 the convergence of business and social networking
  • 4. Expectations Get additional self motivated committee members Create more awareness and understanding the basics of social networking Create interest and support for AMCHAM 2.0
  • 5. Reasons to get involved with Enterprise 2.0
  • 6. Outbound Marketing (Interruption)
  • 7. Inbound Marketing (Permission)
  • 8. Web 2.0 Web 2.0: An evolving collection of trends and technologies that fosters: User generated content User interactivity Collaboration Information Sharing Blogs Forums Micro blogging Social Networking Crowd sourcing Wikis Mashup RSS Podcast Folksonomies Social Tagging
  • 9. How important is Web 2.0 for your business in 2008?
  • 10. Top pressures Causing Organization to focus on External Facing Web 2.0
  • 11. Enterprise 2.0 How businesses are using Web 2.0 Marketing Customer Service Collaboration for new products Recruitment and Talent Management Project Management Quality Management Sales
  • 12. Expert and Expertise Discussion Forums Ask an Expert! Blogs The expert writes! Podcasting The expert speaks! Wikis Experts share and collaborate Social Networking Locate and Expert Social Bookmarking Expert share resources
  • 13. Twitter Allows you to communicate Send a short message to a bunch of people publicly Send a short message to a specific person publicly Send a short message to a specific person privately
  • 14. Twitter
  • 15. Twitter Business Benefit of Twitter Develop and promote your brand Interact with your customer base Track what people are saying about your company and brand Create buzz around upcoming events Use to promote new products and services Establish yourself as a thought leader
  • 16. Facebook A social utility that connect you with the people around you Why care? 140 million active users Adding 250,000 users each day 4th most trafficked website Most trafficked social site Top social search engine Fastest growing demographics 25 and older
  • 17. Facebook Recommendations Create an engaging business page Leverage News Feeds Draw on your network Optimize for Search Advertise on Facebook
  • 18. LinkedIn Business oriented social network used for professional networking Why care? 40 million members and growing rapidly Recommendations for using LinkedIn Establish your professional profile Stay in touch Find experts and ideas Explore opportunities
  • 19. AMCHAM 2.0 A new and more effective way to communicate, collaborate and share amongst all AMCHAM members. Currently 112 American Chamber of Commerce on LinkedIn Largest is AMCHAM Singapore with 443 members We currently have 18 members
  • 20. AMCHAM 2.0: Overview
  • 21. AMCHAM 2.0: Discussions
  • 22. AMCHAM 2.0: News
  • 23. AMCHAM 2.0: Subgroups
  • 24. AMCHAM 2.0 Create your personal profile Create your subgroup profile Get your subgroups members on LinkedIn Build your network Start sharing and collaborating Exchange ideas
  • 25. Recommendations for Enterprise 2.0 Think about what you are trying to accomplish. Lead by Example Build policy around job performance Encourage responsible use Grant equal access Provide training Begin from a position of trust
  • 26. The Last Judgement
  • 27. Next Events Agenda for ICT Committee Awareness Sessions Business and IT Alignment Trends and Technology Methods and Techniques Case Studies Work with AMCHAM to continue to implement and deploy AMCHAM 2.0 Preliminary conversation with CAPATEC to support National ICT Strategic Plan 2008 - 2018