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Presentation made on February 27, 2008 at the SMX West "Ad Vendor Panel" in Santa Clara, CA.

Transcript of adCenter @ SMX West

  • 1. Paid Search Roundtable SMX: Search Marketing Expo WEST 08 Quality Simplicity Natala Menezes Product Manager February 27, 2007 Transparency adCenter Updates
  • 2. Hello.
  • 3. Lets Talk Focus What weve learned Where we are focused Product Preview What weve heard Recent Releases Product Roadmap New Stuff adExcellence Vertical Insights ACE + Add-In
  • 4. Key learnings
  • 5. Good Clicks. 5
  • 6. Need more of them. 6
  • 7. Make adCenter easier to use. 7
  • 8. adCenter Focus
  • 9. Quality By: kb35 on Flickr. 9
  • 10. Transparency 10
  • 11. Efficiency 11
  • 12. Where we are focused: Quality The right ads, at the right time, to the right audience. Transparency Access to real, actionable data. Insights into policies, processes. Efficiency Easy to use tools that reduce the friction (costs) to adopt. 12
  • 13. Some of what weve heard Offline Campaign My Client Center (Agency Management Tools) Management Tools Easily Delete or A/B Testing The ability to Add Keywords Pause Ads Ad Preview Tools Better ad relevancy Bulk Where is my ad showing? Totals Management Immediate Ad on grids More Go Live Robust Ad Diagnostic Tools Geo-Targeting Why was my ad rejected? More actionable Editorial Rejection Report Search
  • 14. Fall 07 Release Highlights Instant editorial feedback. Inline notification on your ads and keywords during the creation process. Receive one editorial e-mail per account per day for your newly disapproved ads or keywords with consolidated e-mail notifications. Improved speed means your campaign updates can go live faster. Intuitive reporting functionalities allow you to easily analyze and optimize your reports with interactive filtering, sorting, and graphs. Daily Budget. Now you can set a daily budget target with a maximum spend per month. Substitute default dynamic text to be used if your inserted keyword or placeholders cause the ad to exceed the maximum character limit. Enhanced import capability for 3rd party campaigns. Supports the Google AdWords Editor and Yahoo import file formats import your Google campaign without making any file changes. 14
  • 15. Spring 08 Release Preview Totals on Grids. Improved reporting experience Negative Keywords at the ad group level Better keyword prediction Historic data will be associated with the specific keyword Editorial Enhancements Quicker Go Live
  • 16. Upcoming Product Priorities Eliminate Editorial as a pain-point Time to Live improvements, Backlogs reduction, Inline Editorial & tools Move Relevance Verification from editorial to online ranking Campaign Budget Notifications & Real-time controls Reduce Friction Ease of use doing business with adCenter (no costs) Improve ad Quality Relevance improvements
  • 17. Key Updates
  • 18. Update: Content Ads = More Quality Clicks Technology: Place targeted ads on relevant web pages. Strategy: Advertiser Satisfaction Scaled, quality expansion Build an Ecosystem Results to Date (Launched in Aug07): Comparable ROI between Search and Content Some brand-name advertisers spending more on Content than Search Quality remains #1 focus in expansion efforts 18
  • 19. Better Together adCenter + Excel 2007 Search Marketers work in Excel. Keyword Research shouldnt involve so much cut & paste Excel 2007 Unlimited rows Advanced add-in platform (easier to build tools) You dont need to be an expert in Excel to these tools! Data is tuned for adCenter but can be applied to any campaign on any engine. 19
  • 20. adCenter Add-in with Ad Intelligence Expansion, Traffic, Monetization (CPC, CTR, Clicks, Imp) 20
  • 21. Register for upcoming Pilots & Betas Interested in testing cool new adCenter products or tools before theyre on the market? Beta Testers get: Early access to future adCenter tools. In the past customers have received access to tools and services such as Content Ads and the adCenter Add-In for Excel 2007 A chance to shape the future of adCenter. Be part of how adCenter develops as it goes through its pilot phase and know your feedback could change it for the better. Register at the booth or online: 21
  • 22. Thank You. Sign-up for adCenter: Regular Updates & Information #1 Source: adCenter Blog > Contact us: Online support: > Phone support: > (800) 518-5698 / TTY (800) 877-9580 Forums: > Microsoft World! Unvarnished feedback can be sent to: > Page 22
  • 23. 23 Happiness.
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