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1. BUSSINESS PLAN An innovative approch of the young drinkers for the elders and ladies 2. CALLING HEAVEN 3. Company introduction 4. MISSION STATEMENT To facilitate the liquor lovers with service of free liquor home delivery, right at there door steps so as to make the lifestyle comfortable and make there events memorable and enjoyable 5. USP OF THE CONCEPT PRODUCTS ARE NOT UNIQUE BUT OUR SERVICES ARE UNIQUE OF ITS KIND BECAUSE NO COMPANY PROVIDES AS SUCH UNIQUE SERVICE RIGHT AT THE DOORSTEP. GOOD FOR OLD AGE PEOPLE AND LADIES AS THEY AVOID TO GO TO PURCHASE LIQUOR FROM MARKET. SERVICES ARE PROVIDED ABOVE Rs. 1000 AT FREE OF COST. THIS SERVICES CAN ALSO BE USED AS A GIFT OPTION. 6. STATISTICS 1.5 crore sales per day in Delhi 3.5 lakh cases are sold per day 300DTTDC outlets in new Delhi 30 private outlets Delhi government earn 900 crore through liquor Growth of liquor industry is 35-40% 21dry days in Delhi 7. Legal Obligations Need to get registered under Delhi shops and established act Need to get registered under partnership act 1932 Logo registration 500 sq feet space area for each outlet Need to follow the dry days close Bound to sell under l-53 Time to book order from 10 am to 10 pm 8. MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE CORPORATE OFFICE VIKRAM SINGH AVINASH CHOURE SUNIL BISHNOI (Inventory , Accounts, Tele calling) SARITA VIHAR OUTLET 2 DELIVERY BOYS SUJEET, SHOBHIT 1 OFFICE STAFF Dr.KADHAYAN CP MARKET OUTLET 2 DELIVERY BOYS KALWAAR, MANGAL 1 OFFICE STAFF MANVENDRA WARE HOUSE 1 SECURITY UDIT 1 DRIVER DEEP 9. PRODUCT & SERVICES 10. PRODUCTS LIQUOR (RUM,VODKA,GIN,WINE BEAR,WHISKY,CHAMPAGNE) SODA BOTTLES. WATER BOTTLES. SNACKS. COLD DRINKS. MOUTH FRESHNERS. 11. SERVICES HOME DELIVERY OF LIQUOR. RIGHT AT THE DOOR STEP. THROUGH TELEBOOKING. FREE HOME DELIVERY. WALKIN AND TAKEAWAY SERVICE. 12. Target market Older people Age group 35 &above Ladies Party lovers 13. Competitors DTTDC Liquor outlets(300) Private liquor shops Bars Pubs Unorganized liquor vendors 14. Marketing and sales Co branding with major liquor brands like- Bacardi Martine India LTD Gemini distillers Radico khaitan LTD 15. Marketing Tools Hoardings Glow sign boards SMS Direct mailing Pop ups Paper advertisements 16. Strategies Adopted Discount coupon on sale of more than Rs 2500 Gift vouchers in the festive seasons Membership cards Discount on local brands 17. Operations Company itself supply liquor to our warehouse As per the needs it will be further delivered to the concerned outlets Quick & Prompt services Can be purchased from other outlets if necessary Computerized receipt generation 18. Home Delivery Order taken on phones with full address Confirmed to the clients Computerized receipt generated Handed over to delivery boy with all particulars Delivery made within normal approaching time Acknowledgement received 19. Future Development Long term goals Planned to associate with Chadda group To come up with other outlets in Delhi and other parts the country Online service offering 20. FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS In the coming 10 years To establish our own distillery Along with to be in in the market as dominos and pizza hut are famous for their fast delivery same for the liquor field To come up with bars and pubs 21. FINANCIALS INVESTMENTS TOTAL MONEY TO BE INVESTED IS Rs. 50 LACS. EACH PARTNER GIVE US Rs.10 LACS. Rs.20 LACS LOAN TAKEN FROM BANK. 22. COST INCURRED RENT IN ADVANCE FOR TWO OUTLETS AND ONE GODOWN IS Rs.90,000. Rs. 20 LACS FOR INVENTARY (20/2 =10 LACS PER OUTLET) Rs. 2 LACS FOR LICENCE. Rs. 2 LACS FOR RENOVATION OF OUTLETS. Rs. 1 LAC FOR DOWNPAYMENT OF VEHICLES. RS. 80,000 FOR COMPUTERS. Rs 2 LACS FOR MARKETING. Rs.1 LACS FOR FREEZERS. Rs. 10 LACS FOR SECURITY DEPOSIT FOR GOVERNMENT. Rs. 1 LAC FOR SOFTWARE. Rs. 5 LAC IN BANK ACCOUNT. Rs. 430000 (Contingency fund) TOTAL COST =Rs.50,00,000. 23. Operational cost per day (in Rs) Salary of 4 delivery boys @1200 Salary of 2 employees at outlets @700 Salary of 2 employees in [email protected] 500 Salary of [email protected] 500 Salary of inventory managers @500 petrol of 4 vehicles @1600 Security person at warehouse @200 Other miscellaneous expenses @3000 Rent of 2 outlets & warehouse @3000 Expenses in corporate office @1200 Sum total =Rs.12200/- 24. Revenue generated per day Each outlet sales =Rs.75000/- per day Profit margin 15% Profit 22500 from 2 outlets(excluding taxes and operations cost) Total profit per month 675000 25. Profit Generated per month excluding taxes Gross profit=Rs.675000/- Total expenses incurred =Rs.366000/- PBT (675000 366000) PBT = Rs.309000/- After tax payments @12.5% profit generated is Rs.270375/- Repayment of loans Rs 40000/- per month @ 12 % at the bank Profit after repayment of loans Rs 230375/-