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Vintage Portrait Photos of 20 Beautiful European Girls from Miss Europe 1930

Miss Europe 1930 was the second annual Miss Europe competition. Miss Greece won and 19 girls from Europe competed in the pageant. Belgium, Czechoslovakia and Turkey participated for the first time and one candidacy, that of Switzerland, was withdrawn.

Miss Europe 1930: Aliki DiplarakouThe Greek brunetteAliki Diplarakou(1912-2002) was 18 when she won in Paris the 1930 Miss Europe beauty pageant. In 1929 she had already become Miss Hellas.

Miss Belgium : Jenny VanparaysJenny VanparaysakaJenny Van Paryswas the second Miss Belgium in 1929 - the first was Anne Koyaert in 1928 - so she joined the 1930 Miss Europe beauty pageant. It was the first year that Belgium joined the Miss Europe pageant.

Miss Austria : Ingeborg von GrienbergerIngeborg von Grinbergerwas Miss Austria 1930, so she also joined the Miss Europe contest.

Miss Czechoslovakia : Milada DostlovMilada Dostlovwas Miss Czechoslovakia in 1930.

Miss Bulgaria : Konika TchobanovaKonika Tchobanovawas Miss Bulgaria in 1930, so she was allowed to join the 1930 Miss Europe pageant in Paris.

Miss France: Yvette LabrousseYvonne Labrousse, later known asOm Habibeh, was born 15 February 1906 in Ste, France, and died 1 July 2000 in Le Cannet, near Cannes. She was the wife of l'Aga Khan III, after having been elected as the 7th Miss France in 1930.

Miss Denmark : Esther PetersenEsther Petersen akaPedersenwas Miss Denmark in 1930.During the pageant, the stage caught fire, but the fire was soon extinguished, while Miss Denmark was probably more shocked than seriously injured.

Miss Germany : Dorit NitykowskiDorit Nitykowski, born 1911 in Berlin, was crowned Miss Germany in 1930 at the Berlin Kaiserhof. She also participated in the 1930 Miss Universe contest in Rio de Janeiro.

Miss England : Marjorie RossIn December 1929, 'petite'Marjorie Ross, from Richmond, Surrey, became Miss England 1930. She joined the Miss Europe 1930 pageant in Paris.

Miss Ireland: Vera CurranVera Curran aka Curramwas Miss Ireland in 1930 and joined the 1930 Miss Europe beauty pageant in Paris.

Miss Holland: Rie Van Der RestIn 1930Rie van der Restbecame Miss Holland, when the winner of the contest Emmy Kuster was disqualified, because she had lied about her age and her marriage.

Miss Italy: Malfada MarriotinoMafalda MariottinoakaMorittinowas Miss Italy 1930.

Miss Hungary: Maria PabstMaria PapstakaMaria PopszakaMarie PopisjakaBbi Pahsz, was Miss Hungary in 1930.

Miss Romania: Zoica DonaZoica DonaakaZoca Donawas a 20 year old student from the university of Bucarest, when in February 1930 she won the Miss Romania pageant.

Miss Poland: Zofia BatyckaZofia Batycka(born August 22, 1907, Lemberg, Galicia, Austria-Hungary, now Lvov, Ukraine - July 9, 1989, Los Angeles) was a Polish model and actress.

Miss Spain: Elena Pl MompElena Pl Mompfrom Valencia - just like her predecessor Pepita Samper - was 18 when she won the pageant of Miss Espaa in February 1930.

Miss Russia: Irene WentzelIrene WentzelakaIrene WentzellakaIrina Veiselwas Miss Russia in Paris in 1930, elected by Russian immigrants.

Miss Yugoslavia: Stephanie DrobujakStephanie DrobujakakaDrobyakandDrobnjakbecame Miss Yugoslavia in 1930.

Miss Turkey: Mubedjel NamikIn 1930 the second Miss Turkey pageant was organized by the Istanbul journal Djoumhouriyet at the Russian restaurant La Turquoise. Winner wasMubedjel NamikakaMubedjel Mubed Hanim, the 17-year old daughter of a customs employee at Galata. With her chestnut eyes, black eyes and impressive mouth she conquered the jury.