Voronoi Diagrams

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In mathematics, a Voronoi diagram is a partitioning of a plane into regions based on 'closeness' to points in a specific subset of the plane. In this presentation you will seen definitions of Voronoi Diagrams and also computing Voronoi Diagrams ways. Proofs are explained in details and easiest way. Attention!: This presentation has animation effects to describe problems better and visually, so you should download it and then view it with Microsoft PowerPoint, or you can't see parts of some pages. Also this file has first two parts of subjects: "Definition and Basic Properties" &"Computing the Voronoi Diagram". Feel free to ask your questions.

Transcript of Voronoi Diagrams

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2. 2 3. http://lpetrich.org/Science/GeometryDemo/GeometryDemo_GMap.html 4. p1, p2, . . . , pnpi pi pjpj 5. pipipi 6. epi pjpk 7. pipi 8. mv me + mf =2 9. Mv-Me+Mf=2let call Mv as nv , (nv+1) ne+n = 2Me as ne ,(number of sites)Mf as n(sum of all degrees) 2ne, 2ne 3(nv+1), 2ne 3(2+ne-n)3(nv+1)2ne 6+3ne-3n ne 3n-6, n-2+(nv+1) 3n-6 nv 2n-5 10. Cp 11. Cppi pjCp pi pj 12. Cppi pj pkpi pjpkpi pjpkpipj pkpi pj pk 13. pi pjpi pjpi pj pkpi pjpipj 14. 26 15. T(n) = O(n log n)pipi pj 16. l+l+l+ 17. ` 18. pj 19. ly pj pj,x pj,ypi,y pj,y ly 20. pi pk 21. 55