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Presentation on the 'Future of Content and Entertainment' held by G. Leonhard in Strasbourg (May 2010).

Transcript of U1 13 networked media

1. Networked Media -The Future of Content and Entertainment www.mediafuturist.com twitter.com/gleonhard Futurist (Media & Communications) CEO The Futures Agency Author & Think-Tank Leader 2. Think cars not faster horses 3. Fast, cheap, mobile and social Connectivity changes everything. 4. TV Source: Slideshare Network Media, Content and Entertainment in the Cloud 5. TV Source: Slideshare Network Media, Content and Entertainment in the Cloud 6. A Broadcast World and a Networked World 7. Its not the End of the Old. Its the total Convergence of Old and New. 8. Print | Digital Web | TV The Cloud | Storage Selling Copies | Provide Access Content | Advertising Control | Trust Producers | Users 9. Un-Connected Hyper-Connected 10. Media as a Service (MaaS) 11. Increasing disembodiment of Content 12. A painful but very promising transition 13. Developing Countries First! Source: Comscore 2010 14. Data is the new Oil UGC, shared bookmarks, playlists, social markers, click-trails, opt-in information such as location, ratings, comments, tags, likes & other feedback 15. The TeleMedia Challenge 16. Forget most of what you know about Advertising 17. A huge shift in Getting Attention *most is mobile! 18. One of the Futures of Mobile Advertising 19. 30% + of all Advertising will be digital / interactive / mobile / social within 2-3 years, globally. 20. Sharing is the key driver in the Future of TeleMedia 21. Sharing generates Meta-Content: the Oil of the Web 22. Was: sell stuff 23. Distribution of copies as the main income stream... Source: Flickr/exfordy 24. Copies wont equal $$ anymore Source: kk.org 25. The Future: sell Access 26. The New Premium The new Normal 27. Control = Money 28. The Consequences of Total Control? 29. Because Scarcity created Friction which enforced Attention and ensured Payment 30. Connectivity qu ir es re creates Openness 31. Ubiquity not Scarcity 32. Right now: Transition Trauma *hat tip to Alan Moore 33. How to get paid for Digital Content Strong Values & Compelling Reasons Irresistible Price-Points & Fair Toll-Booth Placement Ease of Payment, Packaging & Interface 34. Again: 1.Value & Reason 2.Right Price / Right Time 3.Ease & Packaging 35. Not if but how when where....! 36. I pay, you pay, they pay *hat-tip to Shelly Palmer Advertisers Bundles Telecoms Subscriptions Device Makers Flat Rates Consumers Governments Social Payments Micro-Payments 37. New kinds of Advertising will fund a lot of free content 38. Not mere consumption... Access, Packaging... Service! 39. Curation is a real $ Value 40. Social Networks are the next Broadcasters 41. Its not either... or! versus 42. Personal, digital consumer Piracy is simply just Market Failure Source: CEA.org 43. A connected Audience pays because of Trust, Value, Peer Recommendation - not because they are forced to. 44. Content is first a Service & an Experience - and only then (maybe) a Product. 45. Attention - Based Revenues Was Is Soon Near Future Mid-term F 46. A Focus on the New Generatives Content Context Curation 5% Timeliness 20% Embodiment / Packaging 15% Relevance Others 15% 15% 10% 20% 100% Content / Copy 47. The Future of TV: Send and Receive 48. Connected TV Futures 49. TV & Online Video: the battle for Ad $ 50. The issue of Control 51. U.S.: Video is at the center of the growth 52. TV 2.0.... 53. We need to hurry up with next-generation Advertising 54. We must with-vertise not @vertise Source:Hugh Mc Leod 55. In the un-connected, pre-Internet world we made lots of $ with Friction, Domination & Control 56. Open Innovation Examples 57. Command & Control becomes Coordinate & Cultivate *Thomas Malone The Future of Work 58. Connected + Mobile + Social kills the idea of using Friction to ensure or enforce Payment. 59. The Internet kills the idea of Forcing - not the idea of Paying Source: Flickr.com/herby_fr 60. When we are really connected, Curation matters more than volume 61. Increasing Fragment