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Starting and growing a personal learning network takes time & patience. This session will provide tips & tricks to help. We’ll discuss the impact of social media & Web 2.0 on ideas about learning, teaching & best practices in connecting with your specific audience. Leave with the tools & resources to get started or improve your outreach!

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2. MARTIN RICARDO CISNEROS A C A D E M I C T E C H N O L O G Y C O N S U LTA N T!W: FB: TheTechProfe G+: 3. EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY Ed Tech Driven By Learning: Teaching & Professional Development inthe Common Core 4. L I N K T O P R E S E N TAT I O TECHNOLOGY Ed Tech Driven By Learning: Teaching & Professional Development inthe Common Core 5. A great VISIBLE student response 6. 7. H O W D O Y O U C O M M U N I C AT E W I T H Y O U R S T U D E N T S , PA R E N T S & C O M M U N I T Y ? 8. 9. 10. IT'S TIME TO STOP DOING SOCIAL BECAUSE IT'S COOL. IT'S TIME TO START DOING IT BECAUSE IT'S EFFECTIVE. 11. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE 12. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO COMMUNICATE? 13. WHEN? 14. BACKWARDS? 15. 4 STEP STRATEGY P O S T PeopleAssess your stakeholders social activities ObjectivesDecide what you want to accomplishStrategyPlan for how relationships with stakeholders will changeTechnologyDecide which social technologies to use 16. GET SUPPORT FROM SENIOR MANAGEMENT 17. DETERMINE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA OBJECTIVES 18. LISTENING Using social media as real time research and gaining insights from listening to students 19. TALKING Usingconversations with studentstopromote products or services 20. ENERGIZING building brand stewardship; and identifying enthusiastic stakeholders and usingthempersuade othersto 21. SUPPORTING Making it possible for stakeholders to help each other 22. EMBRACING T u r n i n g stakeholders into a resource innovationfor 23. RECRUIT THE RIGHT PEOPLE 24. CREATE A GOVERNANCE MODEL 25. DECIDE WHAT TOOLS TO INVEST IN AND USE 26. COMMUNICATE MORE EFFECTIVELY WITH ALL STUDENTS !Many learning platforms have built-in message systems that make it possible for teachers to communicate with individual students or groups of students easily. 27. LMS LEARNING MANAGEMENT 28. BEGIN 29. WAIT!!!WHAT ABOUT TOOLS? 30. VOICE 31. HANGOUTS 32. 33. OURTUBE YouTube for Instructional FeedbackYouTube EDU !YouTube Teachers !YouTube Editor !YouTube Create !Questions in BetaTEDEd - Flip Your Lessons w/YouTube YouTube Curriculum !Tips & Tricks: Turn Off the Lights/Quietube/ Popout Activity: Create a Playlist Extra Singing Christmas Hedgehogs 34. www.tubechop.comTUBECHOP TubeChop allows you to easily chop a funny or interesting section from any YouTube video and share it. 35. edpuzzle.comEDPUZZLE 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. WWW.SCREENCAST-O-MATIC.COM 41. 42. www.classdojo.comCLASS DOJO 43. POLLEVERYWHERE 44. padlet.comPA D L E 45. todaysmeet.comT O D AY S M E E T