Tre Mercati Fitting Instructions.

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Tre Mercati twin shower valve fitting instructions. Tre Mercati now at Tap4Less.

Transcript of Tre Mercati Fitting Instructions.

  • 1.Fitting InstructionsThermostatic Valve

2. Please dont remove thispart from the valve unlessyou want to change thepre-set temperature.The use of check valvesinside the inlets of theshower valve is to stop thedrawback of used or dirtywater into the cold watersystems.1234567891011121314Optional handle assemblyCap2Regulator handleHot & ColdhandleAHot & ColdhandleRegulator handleCap2BRegulator handle2CapHot & ColdhandleCCap2Regulator handleHot & Cold handleD 3. NO. Descriptions Qty1 Lever 22 Handle Screw 23 Hot/Cold Handle 14 Regulator Handle 15 Flange A 16 Washer A 17 Flange B 18 Washer B 19 Wall Plate 110 Thermostatic Valve 111 Wall Screw 212 Wall Plug 213 Copper Ring 314 Fixing Nut 3Parts Supplied 4. SpecificationOperating SpecificationHot Water Supply - Max 70CRecommended 60-65CMaximum temperature pre-set to 43COperating PressuresMin 0.1 bar - Max 5.0 barAlways maintain a 10C difference between hot system temperature and maximum hotsetting of valve.Hot and Cold Maximum pressure differential should be no more than 2 bar. If this limit isexceeded, fit a pressure reducing valve (not supplied).Operating pressures on hot and cold lines should be kept as even as possible in order toensure the maximum effciency of the mixer.When water pressure is higher than 5 bar a pressure reducing valve (not supplied) must befitted before the mixer.Flow restrictors(not supplied) can be fitted into the wall unions to reduce water consumptionon high pressure system.Bar 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 1 1.5 2 3 4 5L/min 6.0 7.04 9.7 11.8 13.38 20.4 24.96 27.0 32.7 35.7 37.7Flow Rates 5. IMPORTANT:This product is not suitable for instantaneous electrical or gas heater.Rinse the pipework carefully prior to installation of mixer, to remove any debris in the system.Turn off water supply prior to installation1. Prepare the recess in the wall for the mixer body and pipework. See Fig 1 & Fig 2.(see dimension drawing for cavity depth).2. Arrange the pipework so that the hot water is connected from the left and to the inlet marked"H" on the valve body, ensure sufficient pipe length, so that the pipe end insert into the valvea minimum of 10mm. See Fig 1.3. Connect the valve loosely to the pipework, do not tighten.4. Hold the valve in the position inside the cavity and mark the screw holes, disconnect the valvedrill the holes and insert wall plugs(12).5. Connect the Thermostatic Valve(10) to the pipework, but do not tighten.6. Tighten Wall screws(11) until secure.7. Tighten connection of valve to the pipework until watertight.8. Turn on the water supply and check for leaks.9. If watertight, remove the handle assembly as below installation.a. Remove the Lever(1) and unscrew the Handle Screw(2).Note: Select A-D models, need to remove the cap first, then unscrew the handlescrew(2).b. Remove the Hot & Cold Handle (3) and Regulator handle(4).c. Remove the Flange A(5) and Flange B(7).Note: please dont remove the black stop ring from the Valve Body.10. Push Wall plate(9) over valve body, being sure two holes on the centre of the valve.Refer to Fig 3.11. Screw the Flange A(5) and Flange B(7) to the valve. Make sure that the WasherA(6) andWasher B(8) has been fitted to the Flange A(5) and Flange B(7). Do not over tigthen.12. Re-fit handle assembly as below installation. See Fig 4.a. Refit Hot & Cold Handle(3) to the valve, being sure that the handle stops at the factorypre-set temperature.b. Fit the Regulator Handle(4) to the valve.c. Fit Handle Screw(2) to the handle and tigthen with Allen key.d. Fit Lever(1) to the Handle and tigthen by hand.Note: Select A-D models, need to fit Cap to the handles.Your valve is now ready for use.Installation 6. Dimensions drawing (in mm)Fig 1Thermostatic valve shown is for illustration purpose only.Fig 2 Fig 3Fig 4HotColdMixer 7. AFTER CARETo maintain the appearance of this fitting, ensure it is cleaned using only a clean soft dampcloth.A solution of warm water and mild liquid detergent may be used where necessary and thenrinsed thoroughly. Abrasive cleaners or acidic cleaners MUST NOT BE USED under anycircumstances. Avoid contact with solvents.Please retain these instructions for future reference.This mixer has been set in the factory under balanced pressures and hot water supply at 65C.When your operating conditions vary significantly from the above, the temperature of themixed water may vary from the setting.In this case, you can set the temperature of the mixer to suit your requirements.The Valve is set to a maximum 43C. This can be checked if required using a thermometer. Ifthis temperature is incorrect, you can reset it as the following:1. Turn the handle to 43C position.2. Remove Iever (1), then the Handle Screw(2), then the Hot/Cold Handle(3).3. Without removing the black stop ring and Flange A (5), turn the spindle until the desiredtemperature is reached.4. When the temperature is reached, re-fit the components so that the Hot/Cold Handle(3) stopsat your new set temperature.5. See below Fig 5 for reference.Temperature setting (To be done only when necessary)Fig 51ThermostaticCartridge23Balck stop ring 8. 5 Year guaranteeTre Mercati [email protected]: 0161 620 1212TM FI T.V2 REV.1.0