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  • 1. Trailer Analysis Orphan The trailer begins conventionally with a green screen and logos of film companies such as Warner Bros and Dark Castle. The scene is set from the starts as it is revealed to the audience that the couple, Kate and John are ready to adopt, after having trouble trying to conceive a third child. They want to adopt an older child and this is when Esther is first introduced. In a medium close up of Esther, she looks like a happy, innocent and loving child, however her costume suggests different. She is wearing a black collar around are neck and a white blouse under a grey pinafore; this is an odd costume for a child of her age to wear as it is the type of costume an older woman would wear. The Nun at the orphanage tells John and Kate that Esther is an extraordinary little girl who is very mature for her age despite this, John and Kate adopt her as they have quite a connection with Esther. However, straight away the audience know that she is different and all of Esthers characteristics and style show that she actually has a rare conditioned where she is an older woman in a young body. Obviously the audience do not know this so they are intrigued by Esther and carry on watching. (See still below) Following shots show Esther moving into the family home and being introduced to her new brother and sister, in a medium close up, Esther shakes her brother, Daniels hand and tells him its a pleasure to meet him,

2. however he doesnt take a liking to her. Esther is welcomed into a new school where class mates make fun of her outfit and refer to her as Little Bow Peep. At this point, the non-diegetic sound changes from calm, happy music to a deep stab of non-diegetic sound and the shot cuts to Esther kicking and screaming in a toilet cubicle, the kick is intensified by the non-diegetic stab. This is when the audience establish Esther is definitely different. Shots carry on showing John and Kate at what seems to be a counselling session and the shot cross cuts back to Esther frantic in the cubicle. Then there is a close up of Esthers face screaming and she looks crazy and untamed. Her eyes look wild and unnatural, as they are such a deep black, she is frowning and her mouth is wide open. Her scream fades away and the non-diegetic sound is intense and raises tension for the audience. This is the turning point of the trailer as the following strap reveals that there is something wrong with Esther while the words are echoed by the Nun in the background. (See stills below) 3. The nun reveals that the couple need to know what theyre dealing with as trouble has a way of finding Esther. She says this against a conundrum of fade to blacks. Then there is a close up of swings and the diegetic sound of them swinging and creaking, this creeps out the audience and forces them to carry on watching to find out more about Esther. The following shots show Esther pushing the girl who made fun of her, off of the climbing frame, and there is a low angle shot of Esther at the top of the climbing frame, this shot gives her power and shows she is evil and in control. (See stills below) The following strap is youll never guess her secret this intrigues the audience as they are desperate to find out what the secret is. There is then a screech of non-diegetic sound and a worms eye view of bright hospital lights which suggests Esther needs professional care. Following shots show Kate on the phone to a doctor who says they have no record of Esther ever being at the institute. As she is on the phone, the camera pulls out into a birds eye view of Kate; this shot suggests that Kate is small, and that Esther is going to take over her and her family. After this, the cuts become quicker and the non diegetic sound speeds up and sounds like sharp ticks, this increases the audiences anticipation and fear. There is then a medium close up of Esther, standing over her sister, Maxs bed in the night and the non-diegetic sound continues until lighting strikes. After this, shots show Esther walking around the family car, and there is a sound overlap of her saying I dont think mummy likes me then the family car begins to roll down the hill, with Max in it. Kate chases the car and then the shot cuts to a medium close up of Esther saying it must be 4. hard to love an adopted child as much as your own whilst she is painting, once again an unlikely thing for a child to do the way she does. Esther is taking over the family and is out to kill them. (See still below) There is then a stab of sound and the action cuts to a birds eye view of the tree house on fire and Daniel shouts mum! as he is actually in the tree house. There is then a high angle shot of Esther who is smiling up at the tree house, the audience can only assume she caused the fire, in this shot she looks menacing and evil because of her malicious smile. (See still below) 5. There is then a stab of sound and the conventional montage of shots begin. It includes shots of Kate on the phone finding out why Esther has been in hospital, Daniel running away, police cars and Esther trying to seduce her father. She has a lot of makeup on in this scene and literally pounces on him while telling him she loves him. This suggests to the audience that Esther is seriously twisted. As the montage gets faster, there is a medium long shot of Esther telling Kate she has a surprise for her, the following shot is an extreme close up of Daniel with a graze on his face and the next shot is Kate tied up on a bed; her costume seems to be some kind of hospital gown. Another shot is a medium close up of Max looking scared and a shot of Kate shouting what did you do. At this point the non-diegetic sound is pounding rapidly to heighten the audiences terror and expectation. As the montage of shots end, it shows Esther pushing Max in front of the car Kate is driving, Esther is completely taking over the family and doing everything she can to brutally ruin them. After, the action fades to black and there is a sound over lay of Esther singing thats the story of, thats the glory of love and then conventionally a strap reveals the title of the film. After this the action cuts to John calling Esther and then she jumps up and there is a loud stab, this is the sting to signal the end of the trailer and completely terrify the audience. The following strap says coming soon and has the films website for keen fans to find out more, this is once again a common convention.