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  • 1.An Introduction toBrands on Pinterest

2. INTRODUCTIONWhat is Pinterest? Pinterest is a social media website that lets you organize and share all thethings you find on the web through pinboards. Pinboards are very visual and look similar tocollages. You can browse others pinboards to discover new things and get inspiration frompeople who share your interests.What do people make pinboards about? Popular pinboard topics include weddings, fashion,crafts, beauty, home dcor and recipes.Who uses Pinterest? Anyone can. Many bloggers, designers and small retailers are joiningPinterest to reach new audiences and drive site traffic.How does it work from a brands perspective? Currently brands are expected to behave asthe individual participants of Pinterest do. Pinterest is about individual expression and sharing,not about selling or broadcasting. Pinterests Etiquette Guide stresses that self-promotion isfrowned upon.Brands doing Pinterest well: Whole Foods, Today Show, Shape Magazine, In Style, LuckyMagazine, Real Simple, Gap, Anthropologie, Kate Spade, Nordstrom, Tarte Cosmetics.2 3. PINTEREST STATISTICS7 Facts to Know:1.Pinterest hit 10 million unique users faster than any independent site in history2.Pinterest is generating more referral traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIncombined3.In the US, 97% of users are female4.The biggest demographic on Pinterest: Women ages 25-345.Women Trust Pinterest more than Facebook or Twitter for product purchases6.Only five of Interbrands Top 50 Global Brands are using Pinterest: Coca-Cola, GeneralElectric, American Express, Accenture and Volkswagen7.The most-followed brand is The Perfect Palette, a wedding blog focused on colorpalettes3 4. Brand Case Studies 5. TARTE COSMETICSTarte Cosmetics Pinterest is playful, fun and personal. The brand posts get the look makeup pinboards, but alsotakes creative liberties with boards inspired by colors, inspirational quotes, travel and other themes not directly relatedto their cosmetic products. The Tarte Pinterest emphasizes brand personality, with boards including meet the tarteteam, and Maureens favorite things a pinboard of the CEOs favorite products, TV shows, foods, etc. In December2011 Tarte held a sweepstakes challenging users to create pinboards of their New Years Style while incorporating5 Tarte products. 6. REAL SIMPLEReal Simples Pinterest is an interactive and visual extension of the magazine and its website. All of thecontent is taken from, which helps drive traffic to the brands website. The brand recentlyannounced that Pinterest has become a major traffic referrer recently surpassing the brands Facebookpage for referrals.6 Real Simples pinboards focus on food, home, beauty and are useful and relevant to their target audience. 7. BIRCHBOXBirchbox is a subscription service that delivers beauty product samples to users on a monthly basis.The Birchbox Pinterest covers a diversity of topics, including events, celebrities, beauty tutorials and cross-promotionalproduct highlights. Branded pinboards such as Un-boxing Videos show photo and video content from actual Birchboxsubscribers.7 The brand stays on-trend with pinboards about relevant current events, such as New York Fashion Week. 8. NEXT STEPSFor more information on how Pinterest can benefit yourbrand, contact Sloane Berrent atsberrent@lippetaylor.com8