To Conquer or Not To Conquer

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Isolationism. vs. Imperialism. To Conquer or Not To Conquer. Isolationism. Belief that the United States needs to focus on issues inside her borders George Washington started this policy in 1796 Allows US to grow and mature. Imperialism. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of To Conquer or Not To Conquer

  • To Conquer or Not To Conquer

  • IsolationismBelief that the United States needs to focus on issues inside her bordersGeorge Washington started this policy in 1796Allows US to grow and mature

  • ImperialismBuilding an empire by starting colonies or conquering other nationsBritain, France building empires in Africa and Southeast AsiaMany Americans say US needs to create an empire to truly become a world power

  • ImperialismAllows a nation to acquire four things:Natural resourcesProtected trade routesNew markets for goodsInternational Influence (power)

  • U.S. Tries ImperialismUS wanted more land to expand Manifest DestinyWillam Seward buys Alaska from Russia in 1867 for $7.2 millionAmerica laughs at him, calling the purchase Sewards FollyWe find fur, gold, silver, timber, and oil there -Seward has last laughBecomes 49th state in 1959

  • HawaiiWanted by many countriesFertile soil, tropical climate1/2 way between North America and Asia - could serve as a stopping point for ships

  • Hawaii (The Catch)Hawaiians lived there, but US sugar companies moved in to raise sugar cane by 1840US begins to take power from King1893 - US sends marines to take over Hawaii when Queen Liliuokalani suggests that she be allowed to rule her country without US interferenceAnnexed by US in 1898, 50th state in 1959

  • 48 Star Flag

  • Japan - Anybody Home?Japan had a policy of isolationism (banned leaders from traveling outside of country)US races Europe to Japan 1853 - Commodore Perry takes four warships into Tokyo Harbor to convince them to trade

  • JapanPerry returns with 7 warships in 1854Japan is rapidly modernized and a world power in only 50 years

  • ChinaChina weak after a war with Japan in 1895Europeans race there and create Spheres of Influence - ports where only one country can tradeChina not in control of own country

  • ChinaUS has no ports, so it declares an Open Door Policy - all countries welcome to trade in China (China had no say)Boxer Rebellion - Chinese nationalists who kill 200 foreigners. Chinese govt. does nothingUS sent in Marines to stop the Boxers, and China has to pay $333 million, $25 million to US