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This report was my first report of my life in the course of 'Business Communication'. I tried to make some basic ideas about the wonders of the world. And this was a crazy topic to report. And I think I did it well, because I had the best report from my batch.

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[THEWONDERSOFTHE WORLD]The7WondersoftheWorldtheancientwondersandthenewwonders

The Wonders of the WorldThe 7 Wonders of the World the ancient wonders and the new wonders

Prepared forS. M. Towhidur Rahman Assistant Professor Business Administration Discipline Khulna University

Prepared byMd. Nazmul Huda 1st Year, 2nd Term BBA Program ID 070323

Date of Submission: February 04, 2008

Business Administration Discipline Khulna University

Letter of Transmittal

February 04, 2008

Mr. S. M. Towhidur Rahman Assistant Professor Business Administration Discipline Khulna University

Dear Sir,

Here is the report on The Wonders of the World. This is for you asked to make a report on any topic on January 06. As you will see, the topics of the report will guide through the foundation and campaign of the new 7 wonders and the short descriptions of the wonders. It will make you follow through the ancient wonders and the new wonders. It will also present you the campaign happening to select 7 natural wonders. As a student of BA discipline I enjoyed to prepare this report. I tried my best to give a complete pack of description of the 7 wonders. Therefore I hope that our report will fulfill your idea about the 7 wonders. Any short comings or mistakes are absolutely my fault and I will be always available at any time to interpret any portion of the report.

Sincerely yours,

Md. Nazmul Huda 1st Year, 2nd Term BBA Program ID 070323

AcknowledgementFirst I would like to thank the Almighty Allah for completing the report successfully. And it was also a great pleasure to me to make this report. I wish to express thank to all who helped me a lot during the making of the report. I would like to express my gratitude and regards to our honorable course teacher and instructor Mr. S. M. Towhidur Rahman, Assistant Professor, Business Administration Discipline, Khulna University. It is very difficult to make such kind of study without any external help. I have my special regards to N7W team for helping me by sending newsletters and classroom tools to direct me in making the report. I am also grateful to Russell Vai (4th Year, 1st Term) for guiding me through making the report. I am also grateful to my cousin Shaon for serving internet service and my classmate Suvra for giving me company. Finally I would like to thank all of my friends and well wishers helped me to complete the job specially my parents, Shuva, Decent, Sumon, Mashrul, Anzir and my uncle Mr. S. Hossain. Whenever I faced any kind of problem they always came forward to help me.

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Table of ContentsContentsLetter of Transmittal Acknowledgement Summary of the Report Part 1: Introduction Origin of the Report Purpose of the Report Scopes of the Report Limitations of making the Report Unorganized Source No Direct Source Time Limit & Exam Time Methodology Sources of collecting data Method of preparing the Report Part 2: The Wonders The Old 7 Wonders What are the old 7 World Wonders Who had determined the 7 World Wonders The New 7 Wonders What are the new 7 World Wonders Natural 7 World Wonders The New7Wonders Foundation & Campaign Part 3: Report Ending Conclusion Appendix

Page No.III IV 01 02-05 03 03 03 04 04 04 04 04 04 05 06-20 07 07 11 11 11 19 19 21-22 22

Summary of the ReportFrom the beginning of mankind human are doing such kind of things, sometimes it seems to be unbelievable. One created, one destroyed and kept their signs for their next generations. Sometimes we wonder how they could do these. Like these in 200 B. C. Philon of Byzantium also wondered about the creation of civilizations. He wanted to make the best creatures of mankind memorable for generation to generation. Those were the 7 wonders of the world. Now we are very advanced. Those wonders became ancient. From the feelings of this Bernard Weber founded the New7Wonders and started the path of discovering the new 7 wonders of the world. There were 21 finalists as the wonder nominee. In July 07, 2007 in Lisbon in U. S. A. the N7W Foundation published the voting result to select new 7 wonders. Now N7W has another project to discover the 7 natural wonders. Voting process is continuing and 3 areas of Bangladesh are holding top 3 positions now. Those are Coxs Bazar Beach, Sundarban Forest and Padma (Ganges) River. The N7W Foundation was established by Canadian filmmaker, author and adventurer Bernard Weber. The aim of this non-profit organization is to protect the man-built and natural heritage sites and foster respect for the cultural diversity of our planet. The list of new 7 wonders are sequentially 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Chichn Itz, Yucatn Peninsula, Mexico Christ Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Colosseum, Rome, Italy The Taj Mahal, Agra, India The Great Wall of China Petra, Jordan Machu Picchu, Peru

These places really make us think that how powerful man is and what incredible things can be done by man.

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Origin of the ReportMr. S. M. Towhidur Rahman, the honorable course instructor of Business Communication, assigned me to prepare a report on January 06, 2008 about any topic. I made a report on The Wonders of the World. The date of submission of this report is February 04, 2008.

Purpose of the ReportI am very much passionate to obtain educational background through practical work besides the theoretical studies. I do not want to study only with the classroom materials; I want to gather some practical knowledge so that it will help me in achieving my personal objectives. The purposes of my report are To make a clear concept through making a relationship between my report writing theoretical knowledge and my practices. To know more about the 7 wonders of the world than I know. To create a value in our mind about the world heritage sites which are now in danger and need protection.

Scopes of the ReportI have collected data from internet through various web sites. Online publications of national and international newspapers played a very important role to find out the data about the 7 wonders. Also I took notes from online encyclopedias. And the most helpful and suitable site for the report was (N7W web site). I got enrolled with their classroom program tools and got very many help from the N7W Foundation. Besides these Google Image Search also was a good service I got to find out data about the wonders of the world. I also got something about New7Wonders Foundation and Campaign.

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Limitations of making the ReportI am lucky that I have completed the report successfully within this short time but I had to face some problems in collecting the data and in making the report. I tried my best to overcome the difficulties; Allah knows how much I could do. There were basically 3problems.

Unorganized SourcesEvery source without the N7W web site was unorganized. I couldnt get sufficient data in one portion of any source. I had to search from every page from the sites and collected information. Those sites were so crowd with the necessary and unnecessary information in every page.

No Direct SourceI didnt get any direct source for collecting data. I had to depend upon on the secondary sources for the data about the wonders of the world.

Time Limit & Exam TimeIt needs more time to well prepare this kind of report; but I had to prepare it within a very short time. As it is an individual assignment it was better to have a long time to make this report. On the other hand now it took much time during preparatory leave for our term final examination. I was so busy with my study. In this busyness I had to give time for this report. This made me so confusing about the report.

Methodology Sources of collecting dataPrimary Sources No primary sources found. Secondary Sources I got all information from internet web pages. Web Directory: (Web Search and Image Search Service) Web Sites: (Encyclopedia Britannica)Page 4 of 22 (MSN Encyclopedia- Encarta) (New7Wonders Foundation) (New York Times) (The Daily Prothom Alo) (The Daily Star)

Method of preparing the reportTo do this report first I made some possible topics to mention in the report and then I started searched through internet about those topics. I choose some hits from there and downloaded it. After that I analyzed those data and information. Then I made the report and typed it and made a printed form of the report.

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Thewonders oftheworld


The Old 7 Wonders What are the old 7 World WondersHere come the old 7 World Wonders. 1. Temple of Artemis: The greatest temple of the ancient world, the Temple of Artemis (also known as the Temple to Diana) once stood as the most magnificent accomplishment of Greek civilization and Hellenic culture, built to honor Artemisthe Greek goddess of the hunt, mistress of Nature, protector of wild beasts and the sister of Apollo. The Temple of Artemis was located in Ephesus (in modern day Turkey), which was to become the richest seaport in Asia Minor. It once consisted of 127 marble columns, each standing 20 meters (60 feet) tall. The temple was a 120-year project started by Croesus of Lydia. First built in the 6th century B.C., the temple was destroyed by fire 200 years later and then rebuilt under the supervision of Alexander the Great. The great temple was eventually destroyed, bit by bit, by invading Gothic hordes, earthquakes and plunderers. Today, only a solitary column remains of this once-glorious structure. 2. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon A magnifice