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  • 1. Case Study on theTransmedia Social Initiative
  • 2. Say It Proud is an online community designed to empower individuals toshare the art that they create.Say it Proud seeks to promote established artists and their work and simultaneously inspirenewer artists to feel comfortable enough to share their own unique talents. Throughmulti-platform engagement on our designated social media spaces, Say It Proudencourages personal self expression and facilitates a safe and supportive communitythat allows for our members to "express their inner artist.From our Executive Director:Say it Proud showed me how many artists Iencounter in my daily life -- there is a lot oftalent out there just waiting for the inspirationto share and to be discovered Irina KuzinaMission Statement
  • 3. The Story of Say it ProudSay it Proud had humble beginnings.We agreed to help to promote a student film,Tina for President.Soon, the word spread that we were promoting student artand we gained an entire student art festival as our client.Tina
  • 4. The Story of Say it ProudAs we spent time with these student artists--members of the ArtistNetwork at USC--we realized that our project should have alarger theme and mission.There is a moment in every artists life where he or she takes thecourageous step to announce to friends and family:Im a creator. That is my identity
  • 5. The Story of Say it ProudWith this realization,The main goal of our project became:How can we encourage people to share thetalent that they might otherwise keephidden?
  • 6. An Example of ourInspirational ContentClick To View
  • 7. A Social Initiative andPromotional ProjectThe project is defined by its social initiative to encourage newartists and by its effort to build publicity for establishedartists.Personal stories make each of our established artists moreapproachable; their content becomes more compelling fornew fans. So sharing is a promotional act.On our community platforms, each artist also gains a newaudience with whom to share their material.
  • 8. Producing Say It ProudSTAGE 1: Launching Integrated PlatformsWe created digital homes for content and our soon-to-grow communitySTAGE 2: Promoting the Artist Network EventWe produced a short trailer to advertisetheir art and event.We also began ghost-authoring these artistsorigin stories; explaining what motivatedthem to share their work for the first time.
  • 9. STAGE 3: Live Launch at the Artist Network EventOur entire teamattended the USCArtist NetworkEvent. This was theofficial launch ofour campaignWe asked artists at the eventwho were of all stages in their careers, including those who rarely sharedtheir workwhat motivated them to share, or what held them back, and what did art mean to them?We set up an eventtable with our logoand with QR-codecards to ensure thatour visitors could linkback to our onlineplatforms.
  • 10. STAGE 4: The Content FloodWe posted the content we recorded at our live event table.
  • 11. STAGE 5: The Content AvalancheThe project began to work on its own. Artists began to feel inspired and more and more ofthem started to share. Facebook became the home of our project.
  • 12. Success MetricsFacebook proved to be our mostpopular platform and soon became thetrue home of our project.We earned more than 150 likes fromFacebook users in more than 22countries around the world. Our weeklytotal reach is over 2000 people and it iscontinuing to grow.We gained more than 30 uniquestories from fans. We had posts rangingfrom people who bake it proud, topeople who program it proud, topeople who joke it proud. We also hada lot of posts about more traditional art:dancers, poets, sculptors, and musicians.Every participant posted some personalart and the story of why they weremotivated to be a creator and to sharetheir work.
  • 13. VisionSay it Proud hopes to be adapted for use in schools.Our project teaches both self expression and digitalliteracy. Say It Proud aims to offer children a safe onlinecommunity to help develop their passion for creativity,even if their school does not have ample funding for arts.
  • 14. Future Growth New Technology Our team designed a mobile application to provide greater sharingand community building functions. The App allow users to share workand inspiration from wherever they are, and also provides a check-infeature so it is possible to locate other artists with similar interests intheir area. This could encourage great community collaboration. It alsoprovides capabilities for sharing and interaction in a safer, more privatecommunity sphere beyond Facebook, especially important if youngerstudents were to participate.
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  • 16. Future Growth Merchandise Our Say it Proud T-shirts will aide in further community developmentand continue artist promotion. The T-shirts display both our logo and apersonalized QR code, which links directly to the wearers own postedcontent. Thus, one becomes a literal walking promotion for ourcommunity, for artistic empowerment, and, crucially, for their own art.
  • 17. Creative TeamI r i n a K u z i n aAfter years of education and work experienceabroad, Irinas journey in the communication industry hasshifted to a focus in entertainment media. With extensiveknowledge of International Marketing, a double mastersdegree in Global Communication and her pastexperience in Sony Pictures Television, Irina lead the Sayit Proud team to great results.Executive Director
  • 18. Beginning as a communicator in the publishingindustry, Jackie has a respect for authors and writing.After spending time at InStyle and National GeographicBooks, she transitioned into the field of PR and workedfor Fleishman Hillard and Disney Interactive. Jackie is aninseparable asset to the storytelling process.Creative TeamJ a c k i e A t t w o o d - D u p o n tCommunicationsDirector
  • 19. Eric holds a master of communications degree, withan emphasis in entertainment, from the USC AnnenbergSchool for Communication and Journalism. His pastworking experience in Lionsgate and 20th Century Foxenriched the team with extensive insight and effectiveonline engagement strategies.Creative TeamE r i c L a v i sMarketing and OutreachDirector
  • 20. As an undergraduate at Northwestern UniversityCharles co-founded an entertainment startup, Central CityTower, where his self published and produced comicbooks and cartoons have received national recognition.For Say It Proud, Charles acted as liaison with the ArtistNetwork, film editor and graphic designer.Creative TeamC h a r l e s A g b a j eCreative Director
  • 21. Young started his career as an analyst in financialinstitutions, with experience in media venture. Through thevarious projects he participated, he discovered thecompetitiveness of information technology in thestorytelling process and developed the skills to managewebsite design using multiple languages and iOSapplication development.Creative TeamH a i y a n g Z h a n gTechnology Director