The Quality of Life of Typhoon Sendong Survivors

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The Quality of Life of Typhoon Sendong Survivors: Their General Well-being, Impact of Event, and Life Effectiveness By: Dr. Alma Gujilde-Maranda, Mae Lourdes Lindayao,Katherine Xyra Quitos,Margaret Rose Maambong 4TH ASEAN REGIONAL UNION OF PSYCHOLOGISTS (ARUPS) AND THE 50TH ANNUAL CONVENTION OF THE PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILIPPINES(PAP) MIRIAM COLLEGE,QUEZON CITY OCT 23-26,2013
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Transcript of The Quality of Life of Typhoon Sendong Survivors

  1. 1. By: Dr. Alma Gujilde-Maranda,
  2. 2. Life Effectiveness QUALITY OF LIFETime Management Social CompetenceImpact of EventAchievement Motivation Intellectual FlexibilityGeneral Well-Being Psychological DistressAvoidanceIntrusionTask Leadership Emotional ControlActive Initiative Psychological Well-beingHyperarousalSelf Confidence
  3. 3. Source of VariationSum of SquaresdfBetween A (Developmental Stage) Between B (Extent of Material Damage) AxB (Developmental Stage x Extent of Material Damage)0.02Within Groups A. General Well Being B. Impact of Life Events C. Life Effectiveness1Mean of Squares 0.02F(c)F(t)0.08 3.840.0310.030.09 3.841.3011.304.23 3.84Interpretation Not Significant Not Significant Significant