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    The Paulding Vine A Publication of the Paulding County Master

    Gardener Association

    24th Annual Paulding County Master Gardener Plant Sale

    April 23rd

    The theme for the Plant Sale is Help Replenish Monarch Butterfly Habitat Plant A Wildflower. This is a print article used to condition our customer. Hopefully the reader will feel an itch and conclude that attending our plant sale is the only way to scratch it. The Monarch Butterfly and Milkweed are like peas in a pod. Where you find one you likely find the other. First, the Asclepias tuberosa, is a Georgia native perennial wildflower commonly referred to as milkweed. Their name is derived from its milky alkaline sap. It grows 1-3 feet tall with a showy display of orange flowers lasting from early summer to late fall. It is the only plant a Monarch will lay its eggs and the only source of food for their caterpillars. Monarchs lay their nearly microscopic eggs and the caterpillars munch the leaves growing to full size within 10-14 days. At full size they stop eating to find a safe place to shelter from wind, rain and predators. In another 10-14 days they emerge from their chrysalis transformed into beautiful creature with gossamer wings of yellow and orange, outline in black strips and white dots. The Monarchs round trip from winter to summer home is as much as a staggering 2,500 miles, which is the longest migration for any insect. In March they flutter out of the Mountains northwest of the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula. Riding favorable winds over the Gulf of Mexico and across the Gulf states they head for points south of the Canadian border, to reproduce.

    Spring 2016 Volume 10, Issue 2

    Inside this Issue: Temporary Move for Our Blueberries 2 Vegetable Garden Contest 2 2015 Annual Report 3,4 24th Annual PCMG Plant Sale 5 Aphids and Cows 6 2016 Master Gardeners of the Month 6 Master Gardener Appreciation Day 7,8 Stop Crepe Murder in our Neighborhoods 8,9 Spring Forward Ask a MG 9 To Prune or Not to Prune 10 2016 MG Ext Volunteer Class 11 Calendar of Events 12 Spring Flowers 12

    Alas, they have been in for a rude awaking. Over the last 20 years their population has dropped by more than 90% primarily due to habitat loss. The loss of habitat does not have to hit a crisis point. The Paulding County Master Gardeners have joined with other likeminded conservationist and urge the planting of native milkweed and wildflowers in and around our homes to help replenish their lost habitat. Native milkweed and other perennial native wildflowers, as well as, heirloom tomatoes, trees, shrubs, garden art and recycled windows will be sold at the Paulding County Master Gardener Plant Sale. This rain or shine happening is held on, Saturday April 23rd, 8am-1pm, at 530 West Memorial Drive, Dallas, GA 30132. For more information, contact the UGA Cooperative Extension Office at 770-443-7616, or visit Submitted by Robbie Cheathman, Plant Sale Chairman


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    Temporary Move for Our Blueberries

    Anticipating the new road that will be coming through the Extension Office property and displacing our current vegetable garden, the decision was made to move the blueberry bushes. True to form, the Master Gardeners built an informational class around this activity. Resident Move that Bush expert, Mickey Gazaway, led the event on Friday, February 19th.

    Phil Williams, Robbie Cheatham, Marcia Riley, Marsha Rauscher, Sybil Voss, Donna Phillips, Betty & Earl Cosgrove, John & Nanci Shipley, and Lisa Mason (new intern) were ready with large barrels, shovels, and branch loppers. First step was to cut the holes deep and wide to remove the bush with little damage. Mickey explained the need to cut back both the branches and the roots. Loppers were used to cut the branches back by about of the growth. With less plant to support, the bush will refocus on root growth. The roots were also trimmed to allow new growth. Several plants were placed in large garden tubs and two others were placed in a sheet root bundle. All were planted with added compost, and rooting medium. Plant identifiers were placed with the correct bush to aid in identification when the decision to re-plant them is made.

    Some of the cut branches have been set aside to see if we can root some bushes to add to the garden later. We learned that willow water, a solution made from willow branches is a good medium to encourage healthy roots. The recipe can be found on line- Home Made Plant Rooting Hormone Willow Water | The blueberry shrubs will be kept watered, and those in the sheets will be heavily mulched to help retain moisture. Submitted, Nanci Shipley

    VEGGIE GARDEN CONTEST Paulding County's 3rd Annual Best Home Vegetable Garden Contest is shaping up nicely. The Committee has made significant changes in the way we do business for the Contest and added much needed educationally component as guidelines for the Contestants. The cost to enter is still free. Now for the advertisement phase to take effect. We are asking our members to publicize the Contest with friends and neighbors. MGEVs, UGA Extension staff, and their families are not eligible to enter. We look forward to a very successful contest. Submitted by Earl Cosgrove

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    2015 ANNUAL REPORT Bringing the research-based information, education, and resources from the UGA College of Agriculture &

    Environmental Sciences to the citizens of Paulding County

    530 West Memorial Drive, Dallas, GA 30132 770-443-7616 -


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    2015 ANNUAL REPORT Agriculture & Natural Resources

    Conducted 65 Programs/Events/Exhibits relating to Horticulture, Farming, Gardening and Water Conservation: 3,500 Contacts. Conducted training and outreach providing Continuing Education Units to Pesticide Applicators in coordination with the Georgia

    Department of Agriculture. Paulding County Master Gardener Extension Volunteers donated 2609 hours of volunteer service, conducting classes targeted at

    improving soil and water quality in home landscapes. This volunteer time is valued at more than $60,000. In cooperation with Parks and Recreation, Master Gardeners installed a Native Tree Trail at White Oak Park. Received ANREP National Team Award for the Video production of The Blair Twig Project in coordination with County Media

    Coordinator. Conducted 40 Gallon Challenge promotion, resulting in Paulding citizens pledging to conserve more than 79,000 gallons of

    water daily. Conducted Rivers Alive Cleanup in cooperation with 4-H, Master Gardeners, Paulding County Water, City of Dallas and Keep

    Paulding Beautiful-Awarded Georgia EPDs 4-H Rivers Alive Award. Coordinated Spring Forward Paulding in collaboration with the Paulding County Water System to help residents learn water

    conservation practices-279 attendees. Conducted Cleanscapes Septic Tank Maintenance outreach at Community events, reaching more than 400 people.

    4-H Youth Development Program Four 4-Hers represented Paulding County 4-H at State 4-H Congress. Established Paulding County 4-H First Lego League Competition Team -STEM State winners of the Georgia 4-H LifeSmarts competition. Paulding County 4-H represented Georgia in the National LifeSmarts

    competition in Seattle, WA. 1stt place Senior Consumer Judging team at District Competition. Competed at the state competition. 1stt place Junior and Senior Poultry Judging teams at the District competition. Seniors competed at the state competition in Athens,

    Georgia. 1st place Senior and 3rd place Junior Forestry Judging Teams in District. Seniors went on to state competition to place 3rd in all of

    Georgia. Outstanding participation at Cloverleaf District Project Achievement Public Speaking Competition with 53 5th and 6th grade

    competitors. Paulding County 4-H Air Pistol team represented Georgia at the Junior National Olympics in Colorado. Team member earned the gold


    Family & Consumer Sciences Conducted 3 programs in the area of Food Preservation and Food Safety. Assisted Paulding County clients with technical advice on household testing questions related to mold, radon and food safety and

    preservation practices.

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    24nd Annual Paulding Master Gardener Plant Sale

    Mark your calendar for Sat. April 23, from 8 am to 1 pm, 530 West Memorial Drive, Dallas, Georgia 30132

    It will be fun and you will have an opportunity to ask questions about soil testing, the plants you are purchasing, reading your soil test results and anything thing else garden related. We are passionate about planting plants and encouraging practices that improve our soil and conserve our water.

    We provide good quality plants at a good value and educate the community about the care of the vegetables, annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees that are offered for sale. Our plants include vegetables, herbs, annual, peren