Talent Insights Pitch - Startup Weekend Chennai - 11th to 13th July 2014

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Talent Insights Data-powered Insights for companies to hire Quality Talents.

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Talent Insights provides Data-powered Insights for companies to hire Quality Talents! Presented at Startup Weekend Chennai on 13th July 2013.

Transcript of Talent Insights Pitch - Startup Weekend Chennai - 11th to 13th July 2014

  • Talent Insights Data-powered Insights for companies to hire Quality Talents.
  • 01 Hiring. One of the toughest inevitable thing to do. Period. - Issac John Wesley, Co-founder StickyStamp 1. Resumes are becoming irrelevant as they dont provide information beyond a persons (work history and education background. The contents are often exaggerated. ! ! 2. The wrong candidate will contribute little to the business and will likely move on quickly, leaving the company to start the costly process of recruitment over again.! ! 3. Companies don't want to let an excellent candidate slip through the net and equally you don't want to waste their time on someone who doesn't meet your requirements. Learnings through Contextual Inquiry & Surveys from the Target-Customers: THE PROBLEM
  • 02 THE SOLUTION The best way to nd and hire potential talents is by gathering data-driven insights from relevant social networks. Talent Insights helps you do exactly that! Talent Insights can provides you data with contextual relevance by offering competitive intelligence and role-specic benchmark data. Algorithms + Analytics = Insights-Driven Data "Hire talents based on data and insights, not instinct." We don't provide you Big Data, but Actionable Data that will help you make decisions with condence."
  • 03 THE MARKET Human Resource Industry is pegged at around Rs. 22,800 crore with CAGR* 21% Indian Recruitment Sector is pitched at being worth Rs. 2,000 crore Start Local, Go Global! Solve the problem in unorganised industry of worlds biggest talent pool. 1900+ Consultancy Firm (ofine) in India Indias leading Job Database Portal; Naukri.com has a database of 38 million candidates. Their annual turnover is Rs. 350 crore & EBITDA* margin 50% CAGR - Compound Annual Growth Rate! EBITDA - Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization 0 0 0
  • 04 THE BUSINESS MODEL Insights as a Service (IaaS) Model 1: Provide IaaS via White Labelling (API) to companies (startups, SMEs, enterprises) & partners.! ! Model 2: Build an Ecosystem to provide Discovery of talents by sourcing, grouping, and validating publicly available data from relevant social networks (GithHub, Behance, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.,) Reach these potential customers and talents through highly targeted direct to demographic advertising through online and ofine media.
  • 05 THE TECH SIDE Technology Framework UI Frontend-End: Javascript, AngularJS + JQuery! Backend Service Design: Preference 1 : node.js & Preference 2 : Java EE! Server : node.js = Express & Java EE = Apache Tomcat! ! Scoring Data Channels: Ofcial APIs & Publicly Available APIs: LinkedIn, Google+, Dribble, Behance, Github, StackOverow and Ethical scraping of public data - DOM parsers like cheerio Data Stack ! ! Data Stack:! Scrapping results in unstructured data we use Hadoop to archive such data and MongoDB (node.js) / MySQL (Java) for structured data that comes from APIs.! ! Real Time Analysis (Future Roadmap):! We'll use Berkley Data Analytics Stack - Apache Spark and Storm for in-memory analysis of curated proles to prole real time scoring of proles
  • 06 THE COMPETITION Limited to High-Tech Talents & Non-Relevant Data The competitors focus on big data for high tech talents.! Aggregators dont give decisions, they provide only un-structured data.! Design and Growth Hackers (marketing, business & sales) are not provided importance. ! Most competitors are US based and their model, data doesnt work well in India. Analy&cs and Metrics-Based Hiring: This is a broad category but there are some really interes6ng companies that are working to correlate data with hiring in new and meaningful ways.
  • 07 THE MARKETING PLAN Market and launch with (Potential) Partners: Twenty19, HasJob, and Startup Incubators! ! Demographic Specic Digital Media Marketing Campaigns.! ! Direct Marketing with HR Agencies! ! Email & LinkedIn Marketing to Prospective Companies. Launch Partners & Digital Media Marketing
  • 08 Vinay C (UX & Digital Media)! ArunRaj B (Interaction Design)! Pankesh B (Technology API & DB)! Mohan V (Graphic Design)! Kamal Kanan (UI Design)! Sridharan D (Online & Print Advertising)! Malhar L (Business & Marketing)! THE TEAM + YOU! We need:! Data Scientists! Algorithm Designers! RoR Engineers
  • 09 THE MONEY The problem we are trying to solve exists with us!! We need experts in Data Science, Algorithm Design, Pattern Recognition & Human Cognition Hire Smart & Talented People! Invest in Cloud Infrastructure ! Online and Ofine Marketing We will use the investment for: Strategic Investment
  • 11 THE DEMO marvelapp.com/1d74eg
  • 12 ROADMAP Real Time Insights! Targeted Searches! Company Prole & Insights! Collaborative (Team) Hiring! Location Aware! Mobile Apps! Enhanced Screening! Improvised Algorithm (ML)! Analyse More Relevant Network Data v2.0* *Proposed launch of v2.0 in 12 months after being funded.
  • Thank You www.talentinsights.co [email protected] "Great ideas come with a spark; great teams and talent's don't!"