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More than 40,000 SUBWAY ® locations throughout the world

SUBWAY® is a registered trademark of Doctor’s Associates Inc.©2013 Doctor’s Associates Inc. Franchise may be offered by prospectus, through affiliatecompanies. Numbers subject to change. Please visit for the latest restaurantand country counts.

*SUBWAY® is the #1 restaurant chain in total restaurant count with more locations thananyone else in the Quick Service Restaurant industry.

Fred DeLuca and Dr.Peter Buck openedthe first SUBWAY® restaurant in the cityof Bridgeport,Connecticut, USA, inthe summer of 1965.

They later incorporated in the nameof Doctor’s Associates Inc. 

The SUBWAY® chain is the largestrestaurant chain in the world withmore locations than any otherrestaurant.

Each SUBWAY® location is focusedon making great sandwiches. In fact,it is so great, that many SUBWAY® customers have become franchiseowners simply because they believein the product.

Exceptional growth

Since its founding the SUBWAY® franchise system has experiencedphenomenal growth, and hasbecome the #1 Quick ServiceRestaurant chain in the world.In most years, about 70% of newfranchises are purchases by existingowners.

Fred DeLuca

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The franchisee is responsible

 Initial franchise fee Finding locations Leasehold improvements and

equipment Hiring employees and operating

restaurants Paying 8% royalty to the company

and a fee into the advertising fund

The company provides:

 Access to formulasand operational systems Store design and equipment

ordering guidance Training program Operations manual Representative on-site during openi Periodic evaluations and ongoing supp Informative publications

“You don't have to gounderground tocatch thisSubway.Doctor's

 Associatesoperates the

Subway chain of sandwich shops,the world’s largest restaurant chain,boasting more than 40,000 locationsin more than100 countries. AllSubway restaurants are franchised

and offer such fare as hot & cold subsandwiches, flatbread sandwiches, andsalads. Subways are located infreestanding buildings, as well as inairports, convenience stores, sportsfacilities, and other locations.Doctor's Associates is owned byco-founders Fred DeLuca and PeterBuck, who opened the first Subwayin 1965.”

The Top 100Global Franchiseshave been selectedfrom thousands offranchises that haveinvested in internationalexpansion strategiesand have been ranked using anobjective and measurable criteria.SUBWAY ®  ranked # 1.


Fast Food Category

Category: Most Popular

SUBWAY ® = Number 1

Category: Top Service

SUBWAY ® = Number 1

Category: Healthy Options

SUBWAY ® = Number 1

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Location performance

Generally, the most importantfactors for performance are thelocation of the franchise and howwell it is run. Because these keyfactors are unknown, Doctor’sAssociates Inc. cannot predict

your results.

In fact, to eliminate possiblemisunderstandings, the companyhas a policy that no employee oragent can provide you withprojections as to potential sales,earnings and profitability.

The best way to get thisinformation is to complete anapplication. After your applicationis received, you will receive adisclosure document and contactinformation of our franchisees.These franchisees will be able toanswer your specific questions.


Franchise World Headquarters,LLC is proud of the excellentsupport systems available toSUBWAY® franchisees. Ongoingsupport is provided before andafter you open your store. Assoon as you join the SUBWAY® team, you’ll have access to helpto get you started. Once open,systems are in place to help youoperate your location effectively.

QUESTIONS?Direct your questions to the

following appropriate regionalSUBWAY ® office:


+61 732 16 0665


+65 6227 2557


+82 279 75 036


+31 20 531 7300


+44 122 355 0820


+49 221 788 7460


+42 023 331 0135


+34 916 30 5908


+33 14 198 6003

Latin AmericaMiami

+1 305-883-3966


+1 41-3301-7257

Middle East

& South AfricaBeirut

+961 1 999 663

 www.subway.comUS & Canada


All other countries1.203.877.4281 

Before you open:

TrainingYou and your designee ormanager will take part in ourintensive two-week program.

Restaurant/Store designYou will be provided with floorplans for your specific location.

Site selectionYou will be assisted in evaluatingthe location for your business.

Equipment orderingYou will receive guidance onordering your equipmentpackage for timely delivery. 

After you open:

Operations manual


 restaurants’ in-depthmanual covers a full range oftopics important to runningyour business.

Field supportYour local representative willhelp you get started and provideongoing operational evaluations.

Franchisee servicesA Coordinator will serve as yourmain contact person, who is justa phone call or e-mail away.

R&DSUBWAY® franchise executivechef, baking specialists, staffnutritionist, and productdevelopment team continuallystrive to make our excellentfood even better.

Continuing educationRegular newsletters, e-mails andvoice-mails, DVDs and additionallearning tools are also available. 

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SUBWAY® Eat Fresh Live Green In the US, efforts undertaken by theSUBWAY® brand together withvendors have eliminated 718,698metric tons of greenhouse gas(GHG) emissions over the past year.Since August 2006, all new SUBWAY® restaurants and many remodelledlocations have installed low-flowsink aerators; saving over 214million gallons of water annually.Franchisees have the option to buildEco Restaurants designed to reduce

energy and water usage, waste andconserve resources. To date, thereare 14 Eco Restaurants open andmore are being planned.

To reduce the environmentalfootprint of the waste stream, theSUBWAY® brand strives toeliminate unnecessary packaging andto transition to more sustainablepackaging where possible.


 restaurants use napkins,gift cards, take-out menus, towels,tissues, sandwich wrap, paper hotcups, salad containers, catering traybeverage carriers, pizza boxes, andcatering trays that contain recycledcontent.

SUBWAY® restaurants offer a varietof “better for you” menu items. ThSUBWAY® brand is committed tocontinually improving the nutritionacontent of the food served. All

artificial trans fats have been eliminatefrom core products. The sodiumcontent has been reduced by 28% folow fat sandwiches and by 15% for alunch and dinner subs. In the US, thebread is fortified with calcium andvitamin D, and chicken and turkey aantibiotic and hormone-free.

The SUBWAY® brand is committedto making SUBWAY® restaurants andoperations as environmentally andsocially responsible as possible. Thebrand strives to conduct business ina way that creates profit for franchiseeswhile minimizing the impact thebusiness has on the environment andimproving the lives of SUBWAY® customers, employees, franchisees,

vendors and communities world-wide.

Did you know . . . The SUBWAY® organization workson sustainable initiatives world-widewith a focus on energy efficiency,water and resource conservation,and waste reduction, as well assustainable & ethical sourcing andsupply chain management.

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Franchise Capital Requirements

The SUBWAY® franchise has some of thelowest start-up costs in the industry. Yourcomplete investment will depend on yourlocation, size, and the extent of renovationsrequired. There are traditional and non-traditional locations for SUBWAY® franchises.

A traditional restaurant is one you see in ashopping center or on the street corner. Anon-traditional restaurant is a store located inan airport, hospital, truck stop, college, busterminal, or other sites associated withanother business. The non-traditionallocations are usually owned by existingfranchisees that have proven to be verysuccessful with the SUBWAY® system. If youown a location such as a convenience store, orany non-traditional site, you may have theopportunity to buy a franchise for that location.Capital requirements for your area can befound online at

The estimated costs to the right, represent awide range of possible locations throughoutthe world. Remember that costs will vary inrelation to the physical size of the restaurant.A lower cost restaurant is one that wouldrequire fewer leasehold improvements, lessseating and fewer equipment expenditures.Moderate and higher costs restaurants mayrequire extensive interior renovations,extensive seating and additional equipment.

If you are purchasing a franchise for a locationopportunity, such as a non-traditional, orschool lunch program location, the listed

capital requirements may vary and could besubstantially lower depending upon thenecessary equipment you must acquire orchanges in leasehold improvements you mustmake.


INITIAL FRANCHISE FEE$10,000 - $15,000 (Depending on country*) 

REAL PROPERTY$4,000 - $24,000



SECURITY DEPOSIT$41,800 - $90,800

SECURITY SYSTEM(Not including monitoring costs)

$1,200 - $7,000 

FREIGHT CHARGES(Varies by location)

OUTSIDE SIGNS$3,000 - $21,000

OPENING INVENTORY$3,800 - $7,500

INSURANCE$1,600 - $3,000

SUPPLIES$1,100 - $3,300

TRAINING EXPENSES(Including travel and lodging)

$3,500 - $7,000LEGAL & ACCOUNTING

$1,000 - $8,000


MISC. EXPENSES( Business licenses, utility deposits, small equip. & surplus capital )

$2,800 - $20,000ADDITIONAL FUNDS - 3 MONTHS

$6,000 - $43,000





*US and Canada Franchise Fee = $15,000

Worldwide Development Agent OpportunitiesA Development Agent works to build franchise sales by building on the SUBWAY ®  internationally recognized brand.

Several areas around the world need Development Agents and if you are 1.) willing to live in that country full time and2.) have franchisee experience, you may be the Development Agent that the SUBWAY ® system needs now. 

Qualities of a successful

SUBWAY® Development Agent:

· Excellent leadership capabilities

· Vision for the future of the SUBWAY® brandand restaurant development

· Passion for the SUBWAY® brand

· Local market knowledge

· Excellent communication skills

· Determination to lead a successful territory

· Excellent organizational skills

Company Values

Family: We build our business relationships

by serving each other, our customers and ourcommunities, much as we do within our ownfamilies.

Teamwork: We challenge ourselves andeach other to succeed through teamwork,against shared goals and to be accountable forour responsibilities.

Opportunity: We create an entrepreneurial,ever growing SUBWAY® community, increasingthe opportunity for everyone.

Company Vision Be the #1 Quick Service Restaurant chain in the world.

Company Mission Delight every customer so that they want totell their friends; with great value throughfresh, delicious made-to-order sandwiches andan exceptional experience. 

Development Agent’s Role A Development Agent is an independentcontractor who sees the “big picture”. Whenapproved, the DA develops a territory byhelping franchisees own and operate SUBWAY® restaurants in that territory.

To find out more about which countries are looking for Development Agents and to express interest in becominga Development Agent, contact Crystal Babcock E-mail: [email protected] Or telephone: 1.203.877.4281 x 1700 

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I´m a Chef by professionand have worked as such for over 20 years in

restaurants and hotels in Europe. We were so confident ofthe SUBWAY® restaurants franchise that we sold all our properties in

Iceland to open our first SUBWAY® store in July 1999 in Benidorm, Spain.I now have 7 stores open in my territory including one in Alicante Airport.Things are looking bright for SUBWAY® stores and franchisees in Comunidad


Helgi B. Helgason, DA Spain, owns 2 franchises

After working in the SUBWAY® system for seven years as an employee, first as a sandwich

artist and eventually as a store manager, all while in college - I had thechance to work as an Area Supervisor for a multi-unit owner. I witnessed firsthandhow the SUBWAY® franchise is such a great opportunity. When I was offered the chanceto buy five restaurants and become a multi-unit owner myself, it was a dream cometrue. Sixteen years later, I own 6 restaurants and am a member of the local SFAFTboard. The SUBWAY® system has been a very lucrative and exciting business to be parof. It has made all of my financial and personal goals a reality, while at the same

time, I enjoy a quality lifestyle.

Brad Harris, Franchisee, Denver, Colorado, 6 franchises

I grew up on SUBWAY® while living in the village of Manotick, Ontario,

and after working at the local store first as a sandwich artist

and then store manager, I soon realized that the concept and the branditself had great potential. After identifyi ng the UK & Ireland as an untappedmarket back in 1997, I decided to move to England to become a Franchisee and

Development Agent. The quality of the product and the level of customer service thatSUBWAY® provides was exactly what was needed in this marketplace, and SUBWAY® soonbecame one of the top food service providers on the High Street. With the assistance ofmy sister, Andrea Fleck, we are responsible for the development of the SUBWAY® chainwithin the Five Counties. Now totalling 63 stores, SUBWAY® is the largest QSR in the five

Counties, of which we are the proud owners of three stores. The SUBWAY® chainprovides the product, structure, and support that is required to assist their

Franchisees to reach their goals.

 James Fleck, DA United Kingdom, 63 franchises

As an American, I grew up on SUBWAY® food and I was always ahuge fan. I was looking for a business opportunity when I was living in Scotland

and SUBWAY® was a great fit for my husband and me. We opened 3 restaurants in

Scotland and we were very happy but we saw an opportunity to develop the Subwaybrand in France. Since my husband Eric is French, we decided to take it. We areresponsible for development in Normandy and the Center North of France and nowhave 20 restaurants in our region. We are scheduled to open 5 more this year

and we are proud to be part of the SUBWAY® family.Allison and Eric LeFebvre, DA’s France - 20 restaurants

Poland is the most dynamic and expanding marketfor QSR franchising in Eastern Europe and SUBWAY® is the fastest

growing brand of restaurants worldwide! Right now, I run 5 SUBWAY® restaurants in Warsaw, and considering other areas of Poland. That is constant growth,

so by end of 2012, I should have 7 restaurants. I predict that the number of SUBWAY® restaurants in Central Europe will explode, because our subs are fantastic, customers love thetaste, and how it is made like they like it, to their order, in front of their eyes. Recently

we introduced soups, coffee/breakfast and catering to Poland. So we have added newcategories, which is very exciting.

Michael Moritz , Franch isee, Warsaw, Poland - 5 restaurants

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SUBWAY® is a registered trademark of Doctor’s Associates Inc.©2013 Doctor’s Associates Inc.

Franchise World Headquarters, LLC325 Bic Drive, Milford CT 06461