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The Tickets . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

The Game . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

The Ride Home . . . . . . . . 14

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“Kevin! Andy!” called Mrs. Brown from the

living room.“Come in here, please.

“Uh-oh,” Kevin said. “What did you do this


“Me?” asked Andy. “You’re the one who’s

always getting in trouble, hanging out with

those losers on your team you call your friends.”

“Well,” Kevin answered calmly, “at least one

of us has  friends.”

“BOYS!” their mother called impatiently.

“Hurry up!”


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Kevin and Andy walked into the living room.Their parents both had big smiles on their faces.

“You’ll never guess what happened at work

today,” said Mrs. Brown. “Mr. McAuliffe was

sent out of town on an unexpected business

trip. Just before he left, he dropped an envelopeon my desk. I was so busy that I barely glanced

at it until later.”

“What was in the envelope?” asked Andy.

“Oh, nothing much,” Mrs. Brown answered

slyly. “Just four tickets to Game 2 of the WorldSeries.”

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7/29/2019 Subway Series 6/19

“Game 2!” said Kevin, who had longed to

go to a World Series game for years. “That’s


“Of course it’s tonight, dear,” Mrs. Brown

said. “We have to leave in an hour if we’re

going to make it to Yankee Stadium on time.”

“How are we going?” asked Andy.

“By subway, of course,” said Mr. Brown.

“That’s why they call it the Subway Series.”

“Only an hour?” asked Kevin, running to

the telephone. “Who am I going to invite, T.J.

or Bobby? I guess T.J. because. . . .” He picked

up the telephone receiver.

“Neither one,” Mrs. Brown interrupted. “We

only have four tickets. Remember?”


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7/29/2019 Subway Series 7/19

“Yeah,” Kevin said. “You, Dad, me, and T.J.

Or should I ask Bobby to go instead?”

“You’re not listening to your mother,” Mr.

Brown said. “The fourth ticket is for your 


“Andy doesn’t even like baseball!” protested

Kevin. “T.J. and Bobby are my teammates—I

have to invite one of them.”

“Forget it,” said Mrs. Brown. “It’s already

settled. Your brother is coming, and that’s


“But Mom!”

“But nothing, Kevin. Now, you’d better get a

move on. We’re leaving this apartment in no



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7/29/2019 Subway Series 8/19


Kevin couldn’t believe it. He was finally at

a World Series game, and he was stuck with

his nine-year-old brother. What had he done

to deserve this?

“Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please?” boomed the announcer.

“Please stand for our national anthem.”

The Browns, along with everyone else in

the crowded stadium, stood to sing “The

Star-Spangled Banner.”

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7/29/2019 Subway Series 9/19

“I can never remember when this song was

written,” Mr. Brown asked his wife.

“Francis Scott Key wrote it in 1812,” said Kevin.

“In 1812?” asked Mrs. Brown. “Are you sure

about that?”

“Sure, I’m sure,” Kevin told her. “It was written

during the War of 1812.”

“I’m pretty sure it was 1814, Mom,” said

Andy. “Key wrote the song during the Battle of 

Baltimore. That battle happened in 1814, but

it was part of the War of 1812.”

He’s right, Kevin thought to himself.

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7/29/2019 Subway Series 10/19


Kevin’s voice cracked as he tried to sing

“and the rockets’ red glare.” When the song

was over, he heard his mother gasp.

“What is that?” cried Mr. Brown, pointing to

a bird flying overhead.“I don’t know, honey,” whispered Mrs.

Brown. “It looks like some kind of eagle.”

“Wow!” shouted Kevin. “What’s an eagle

doing at the World Series?”

“It’s Challenger,” Andy told his brother and

his parents. “He’s an American bald eagle.”

Page 11: Subway Series

7/29/2019 Subway Series 11/19

“How do you know his name, sweetie?”

asked Mrs. Brown.

“He’s famous,” said Andy, as Challenger 

soared over the crowd. “He fell out of his nest

more than ten years ago. He was just a baby.

People took care of him for a long time. After 

that, he couldn’t live by himself in the wild.”

“What’s he doing here?” asked Kevin.

“He appears at different events,” Andy said.

“He’s here to show us that the bald eagle is no

longer endangered. Our national bird has

made a comeback.”


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7/29/2019 Subway Series 12/19


Kevin thought he was dreaming. He knew

more about everything than Andy did. That

had always been a comfort to him. Now his

little brother was suddenly an expert on the

national anthem and the bald eagle? What

was going on?

THWACK! The crack of the bat jerked Kevinout of his daydream. His beloved Yankees

were playing . . . against the Mets . . . in the

second game of the World Series!

The second game of the Subway Series!

Kevin thought to himself. And I’m here to

see it!

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The Yankees scored three runs in the first

two innings. Neither team scored during the

next few innings. Then, in the bottom of the

fifth inning, Kevin’s favorite Yankee, Paul

O’Neill, hit a single, allowing the Yankees to

score again. Kevin jumped up and down.

Even Andy was jumping. The excitement was


After every play, Andy spouted some new

fact. Kevin couldn’t believe how much Andy

knew about baseball. Maybe his little brother 

wasn’t so bad after all.

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7/29/2019 Subway Series 14/19

It was the bottom of the seventh inning.

Kevin’s favorite player was up at bat again.

Ball one. Then he hit a foul ball high up into

the stands. The ball was headed straight for 

Andy, who was ready to catch it.

At the last second, Kevin reached up and

snatched the ball with his mitt. A perfect

catch. People cheered, and several adults

sitting behind Kevin congratulated him. Andy

said nothing.

Just when it looked like the evening

couldn’t get any better, the Yankees scored

another run in the bottom of the eighth.


Page 15: Subway Series

7/29/2019 Subway Series 15/19


But the game was far from over. In the top

of the ninth inning, the Mets came back.They scored five runs! All of a sudden, the

Yankees were ahead by only one run!

Finally, Yankee pitcher Jeff Nelson struck

out Mets’ hitter Kurt Abbott to end the game.

The game had been more exciting than theboys could have ever hoped.

Page 16: Subway Series

7/29/2019 Subway Series 16/19

“Great game! Right, guys?” Mr. Brown said

on the way home.“How about thanking your 

mother for bringing us?”

“Thanks, Mom!” shouted Kevin. “That was

the best game in the history of baseball!”

“Yeah, thanks, Mom,” Andy added quietly.

“Hey, Andy,” Mr. Brown said. “If theYankees win this one, how many World Series

championships will they have won in a row?”


Page 17: Subway Series

7/29/2019 Subway Series 17/19

“I don’t know,” said Andy. “It doesn’t matter 

that much anyway.”

“Of course you know,” said Kevin. “You

know everything about the Yankees . . . and

the Mets . . . and baseball . . . and the

national anthem!”

“Well, if you really must know, this would

make three championships in a row,” Andy

said as he glanced at his brother out of the

corner of his eye. “And you forgot bald

eagles.” His whole family started laughing.


Page 18: Subway Series

7/29/2019 Subway Series 18/19

“Hey,” Kevin said to Andy as he handed

his little brother his prized foul ball. “I think

this belongs to you.”

“Really?” asked Andy. “Wow! Thanks!”

“I must need a new prescription for my

glasses,” Mrs. Brown whispered to Kevin. “I

thought I just saw you do something nice for 

your younger brother.”


Page 19: Subway Series

7/29/2019 Subway Series 19/19

1 What parts of the story do the three

chapters tell about?2 What prefix and suffix does the word

impatiently contain?3 What lesson about siblings does this story

teach?4 How do you know that Kevin cared for his

brother after all?5 How does Kevin’s attitude toward Andy

change as the story progresses?6 If you were Andy, how might you have felt

at the beginning of the story? How might

your feelings have changed at the end?

School-Home Connection Play a trivia game

to find out what each family member knows.

 Take turns making up questions for everyone

else to answer.

Report Work with a group to find out why bald

eagles were considered an endangered species

and how people helped to save them.

Think and Respond