Storyboarding and Peer Feedback

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My video has a narrative, which is Richard who plays Kendrick Lamar, Hes trying to get into the industry but people around him are holding him down, telling him about the negative things in the hood such as who died? Whos become a baby mama and so on so fourth? In the narrative hes trying to sell his music but gets turned down by people, whom argue with him, eventually he gets to work in a studio with a producer and beat maker. I have interpreted the lyrics by showing Richards is hungry to get into the industry, he needs people to speak with substance, which will get him money, or he will eventually cut them off.

My edits work with the song, I just personally think that my clips are sometimes too long which drags out my music video, I dragged it out due to my clips not being able to scene from scene edits (Continuity). My final storyboard follows some of the concepts I needed in the final piece, I added a lot of things to the song for example, I was really going to make my piece cut to the beat but now it cuts to the beat from the start of the song as Kendrick say Ugh Ugh Ugh, Ugh Ugh Ugh


My inspiration for the video was the song as we felt the song kept people in the right track; the song spoke about the hood and things, which went on around like sex, drugs, the basic fast life. I felt as if my edit worked as a movie, it had 3 stages which were Kendrick in the studio making his music, trying to then sell his music which back fired, taking his anger out on people as they didnt think about ho they would make it then someone accepting his music and him getting a chance to work in the studio with the professional people. The main video I was influenced was the actual video cut you off because I felt as if Kendrick was showing us who could bring you down if youre trying to achieve something but we then added our own little twist which was him having the opportunity to work with a beat maker and sound engineer.


I think my music video does work with my song created by Kendrick Lamar, Cut You Off. It has that typical old school R&B feel to the music video, I felt as if I could compare my music video to Kid Cudi music video for Just What I Am, the edits such as cuttings to the beat, Bad TV and 50s TV. When we reach 1:46 we see green screening at an eye level with a close up shot of Kid Cudi, Chroma Key is also used at this point. We see and bad TV effect again while Kid Cudi rotates around the camera.

My chosen song Cut You Off works perfectly as the song has a clear motive within it, my chosen song was used to show the growth within Kendricks music, the lyrical content tells use how he would like to leave the hood of crime, young mothers and drug dealing, he would like to make it into the music industry or make substances of his life as he grows up trying to make a name for himself.

Peer Feedback The feedback I received from my peers was very good as they thought that my choice of effects really worked with my piece such as the Bad TV, Flash, Vignette and black and white. These are the main effects, which bought my music video to life; show casing it as a movie. The things, which lacked in my music video, which were mentioned in the comments, were, the lip-syncing wasnt in time and the green screening was slightly unrealistic because the characters, Ryan and David were bigger than the houses. They also thought that some of my scenes were dragged out too long but on a whole, the music video was good with different edits and cuts to he beat.


While I was editing my music video I found the green screening very difficult as the image I found, which I wanted to use was very difficult as my characters (Bradley, Dayo, Richard) were too big which made the green screen look unrealistic because my characters were larger than the houses I wanted to use in the picture. I also found it difficult keying out the green from the shot from (3:07:15 3:33:09). I dont think I achieved what I wanted to achieve on this part of green screening, as my keying out of the green was poor and my characters were too large. Lip-syncing the words together was also difficult because Richard who played Kendrick Lamar was out of when he was rapping out the lyrics. He also didnt know the lyrics, which made the lyrical content look more out of line. I started cutting and chopping my music video together I found that very easy putting it together as I had different options of scenes I could use for all parts of the video which made it easier for me because I could mix and match as I was going through the footage. Key elements I used on Final cut Pro.

File Formats

The majority of the file formats which were used once all the footage was shot for my Cut you Off music video was MOV. MOV is a multimedia format, which is often used to save movies and other video files, which is, uses just the right amount of compression, which was developed by Apple Computer. I used this specific format because it saves memory by compressing the footage you may want to use to create a film or music video with the same good quality. The audio formats I used and MP3 format for the song which is also compressed song, a small file which is transferrable.

Time Management