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2. Layout 1 3. Feedback 1 What do you like about the design? I like the layout of this design because it is very typical of a tabloid newspaper and it is easy to follow and understand. I like the way that the title of the newspaper is slightly different to that of other tabloids, because there is one word bigger than the other and this could draw the eye in different ways, especially with the white on red background. The headline is eye-catching with the change in colour on 50th, and the image takes up all of the space for the article which makes the article look more interesting. The 2 for 1 advert looks very authentic as well. What areas of the idea could be developed? Maybe the idea of resizing and moving the text in some areas so that it wasnt so close to other information could be developed. 4. Layout 2 5. Feedback 2 What do you like about the design? I really like the overall look of this broadsheet, as it looks professional and informative. The fonts used throughout the page are formal and makes the information on the page look like it would appeal to an older audience. I like how the main story takes up the majority of the page, but there is still room for one smaller article and an effective pull quote as well. The image used is relevant and although it looks to be old, it also seems to be of good quality. What areas of the idea could be developed? Different fonts may have suited the newspaper better however I still like the effect they already have. Possibly 2 stories down the side could have looked more effective. 6. Layout 3 7. Feedback 3 What do you like about the design? I like the overall aesthetic a lot. The use of a wooden floorboard as the background is an utterly ingenious idea. It helps promote the overall idea of the hippie sub-culture, and works well in tandem with the polaroids, as you could be led to believe they are stuck on the floorboards. The black rectangle used behind/around the body copy helps solve a problem that could have been a detriment to your work. If you didnt have this rectangle, black would have been to dark a font, and white too light. This, therefore, helps eliminate this problem. What areas of the idea could be developed? The two main issues are the stroke around the titles. The yellow on the cover is perhaps too bright, and the black on the inside cover doesnt enable it to stand out from the background, like a title should. 8. Summary of Feedback What do you agree with from your feedback? I agree with that my fanzine titles are different and the strokes should be the same colour. I also agree with that the 50 in my tabloid is effective. I agree with my broadsheet could have used different fonts to make it more effective. What do you disagree with from your feedback? I disagree with moving the text in my tabloid paper as I tried it and where it is it looks best.