Stasiland by Anna Funder

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How To Write on Stasiland

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How to write about Stasiland by Anna Funder

Transcript of Stasiland by Anna Funder

  • How To Write on Stasiland
  • This is an account of a true story
  • GDR = German Democratic Republic - 1949- 1990
  • This is an account of a true story
  • Your task is to write about how Anna Funder has written this non fiction text
  • This society, it was built on lies ... Why does Funder find it so difficult to uncover the truth?
  • In writing Stasiland Funder seeks to... As she speaks to...she discovers... As she speaks to...she discovers...
  • What Funder is writing about Who Funder is writing about How Funder structures her text What techniques she uses What conclusions she comes to
  • What Funder is writing about Text Ideas and experiences Actions The people Account Investigation Version Reflection Exploration The reality of life in the/under the former GDR The experiences the former GDR The past Stories Portrays Depicts Writes Investigates Explores Shows Represents Collects The people who... Witnesses Ordinary people Victims of the Stasi Former Stasi members
  • In Anna Funders Stasiland - an account (text) of daily life in the former GDR (experiences) - she writes (action) about both the...and the (who)
  • In writing about non- fiction, there needs to be more focus on what the author is doing.
  • In Ransom, the characters are...
  • In writing Stasiland, Funder seeks to...
  • Who Funder is writing about Victims of The Stasi Unsympathetic Former Stasi Sympathetic Former Stasi Julia Miriam Frau Paul Klaus Renft Herr Von Schnitzler Herr Bock Herr Winz Herr Koch Herr Christian Herr Bohnsack
  • In constructing Stasiland, Funder doesnt fill her book with just dates and facts but order to...
  • Funder makes her opinion of the people in her book clear by...
  • On Mielke: His eyes are set close together, his cheeks puffy. He has the face and the lisp of a pugilist. p. 57 Showing us what she thinks
  • OnVon Schnitzler: This is so mad that I cant think of a question immediately. p. 134 Telling us what she thinks
  • P. 14-15 - Miriam *What she looks like How she fits into the *space around her How she fits into the *space around her How she fits into the
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  • How Funder has structured the text P Miriam Miriam Miriam P P P P Julia Julia Julia P Schni Julia Christ- ian Koch Koch Koch Klaus Bock Paul Paul Paul Bohn- sack P P P Miriam
  • Funder interweaves reflections on present day Germany with...
  • What techniques does Funder use Funder shows us how she feels in many ways... Characterisation Colour imagery Tense
  • In northern Germany I inhabit the grey end of the spectrum: grey buildings, grey earth, grey trees. Outside the city and then the country spool past in black and white. p. 3 From here toValidivostok this was Communisms gift to the built environment - linoleum and grey cement, asbestos and prefabricated concrete...p. 124
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  • Present tense Now I am cold and sober and scared of what I am about to hear. p. 141
  • Its not in the past - its in the present Immediacy Connection Closeness Direct
  • What conclusions does Funder arrive at To remember or forget - which is healthier? p. 52 Read Charlies poem on p. 281-2
  • Thank you...