Startup Pitch Decks that Work: Creating a Winning Pitch Deck

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This presentation walks you through a slide-by-slide approach to developing your pitch deck, drawn from real-life winning pitch decks. Takeaways include: crafting your positioning line, analyzing market size, pulling together your financials, and more. Content from Marc Phillips, Managing Partner of Arafura Ventures, and author of “Inside Silicon Valley: How the deals get done;” sponsored by Jim Fulton, partner in Emerging Companies practice group at Cooley, LLP; and Sirk Roh, COO for Early Growth Financial Services.

Transcript of Startup Pitch Decks that Work: Creating a Winning Pitch Deck

  • 1. Startup Pitch Decks that Work:Creating a Winning Pitch Deck

2. Your Webinar Co-Hosts 3. Introduction Serial Entrepreneur. 5 exits, 2 failed. Lived in Silicon Valley 14 years Run a micro $15 million fund Check size = Up to $500k + $500k into Series AAuthor of.. 4. Recent InvestmentsCommercial property energy analytics and billforecasting software platform.Baggage tag and tracking software platform.Localization & Translation software platformAll-in-one cloud contact center and telephonysolution.Next generation online brand management and IPprotection software platform. 5. Recent InvestmentsSession performance management software forapplications.EDM app and reservation platform for live venues.Retargeting advertising platform. 6. Investment Pitch Deck Essentials Slide 1: Logo/Mission/Positioning Line. Founders. Slide 2: The Problem We Solve Slide 3: The Solution Slide 4: The Market Size Slide 5: The Product/Technology Architecture Slide 6: IP/Defensibility/Scalability Chart Slide 7: Go To Market/Distribution Slide 8: Competitor Matrix Slide 9: Revenue Projections Slide 10: The Advisors Slide 11: Use of Funds Slide 12: Exit StrategySV Speak: The Deck 7. Slide 1: Logo/Mission/Positioning LineSV Speak: Elevator Pitch 8. Slide 1: Logo/Mission/Positioning LineSV Speak: Investment Ready 9. If you dont know the investors......SV Speak: Wheelhouse 10. Slide 2: The Problem We SolveSV Speak: The aha moment 11. Slide 2: The Problem We Solve 12. Slide 3: The SolutionSV Speak: Shiny New Thing 13. Slide 3: The Solution 14. Slide 4: The Market Size 15. Slide 4: The Market SizeSV Speak: Hitting itout of the park 16. Slide 5: Product/Technology Architecture 17. Slide 5: Product/Technology Architecture 18. Slide 5: Product/Technology ArchitectureSV Speak: The userperspective 19. Slide 6: IP/Defensibility/Scalability ChartSV Wheres the IP? 20. Slide 6: IP/Defensibility/Scalability Chart 21. Pitch Tips Select investors that can re-up on their investment Short sentences, non technical speak Investors watch body language Dont hesitate, maintain eye contact Defer to co-founder/CTO Keep consistent momentum/pace in presentation Control emotion, be prepared for conflict Be aware of your emotional timeline Connect with analogies and anecdotes Reiterate Team, Market Size and Product Fit 22. Slide 7: Go To Market /DistributionSV Speak: Block and Tackling 23. Slide 8: Competitor Matrix 24. Slide 8: Competitor Matrix 25. Slide 9: Revenue ProjectionsSV Speak: Hitting the Numbers 26. Slide 9: Revenue ProjectionsSV Speak: Get Behind theNumbers 27. Slide 9: Revenue ProjectionsSV Speak: Financial Runaway 28. Slide 10: The AdvisorsSV Speak: Friend of the Firm 29. Slide 11: Use of FundsSV Speak: overcooked valuation 30. Slide 12: Exit Strategy 31. Thank You and Q&Ahttp://www.arafuraventures.comMarc PhillipsArafura [email protected] RohEarly Growth Financial [email protected] FultonCooley212.479.6000