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Southwest Pudu. By: Stephenie. Habitat and Color. The place where the Southern P udu lives is in South America. The color of the P udu is brown, black, and gray. Weight and Size. The weight of it is 14-30 pounds. The size is 14-18 inches. Diet and Young. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Southwest Pudu

Southwest PuduBy: Stephenie

1The place where the Southern Pudu lives is in South America.Habitat and ColorThe color of the Pudu is brown, black, and gray.

The weight of it is 14-30 pounds.Weight and SizeThe size is 14-18 inches.

The Pudu eats bamboo, leaves, bark, twigs, buds, blossoms, fruit and berries in the wild. In the zoo they eat Alfalfa, leaf eater biscuits, herbivore pellets, some fruits, and vegetables.Diet and YoungThis is the young of the Pudu. The females in 1st year, males in the 2nd year, gestation is 210 days.

The only predator of the Pudu is humans.Predators and Estimated RemainingExperts believe its less than 10,00 left.

Reasons it is endangeredTheir numbers have declined because the temperate rainforest habitat was destroyed and cleared for cattle ranching and other human developments.

Conservation MeasuresPeople are setting up at Bristol Zoo Gardens and they are catching them for the breeding program.

Other Interesting FactsThese are some interesting facts about the Southern Pudu. The pudu is the worlds 2nd smallest deer. Like other deer, male pudus lose their antlers and grow them again every year. The females give birth to tiny fawns that are usually less than 6 inches tall, but grow very quickly. They have 4 rows of light spots on their backs from their shoulders to their tails. Other spots on their sides help hide them. The pudu lives in small herds. However in the winter when snow covers the ground, its tracks can be found near places where people live.

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