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Social Media Intelligence in digital marketing September 2013

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More and more frequently I need to explain to people the concept of Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT). This is a simple slidedeck to introduce people the new concept and its value in digital marketing and strategy and what is the power behind it.

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  • 1. Social Media Intelligence in digital marketing September 2013

2. Intro The purpose of this deck is to give a first touch and basic understanding about the topic of Social Media Intelligence. 3. Personal note Since more and more our world becomes digitally hyperconnected, brands are investing more in digital communication. SOCMINT is the marketings answer to big data usage on being more efficient in corporate communication through innovation. In short, SOCMINT is the evolution of traditional digital analytics which is the primal method of research online. 4. gathering analysis strategy cases 5. SocMInt welcome PRISMs little brother 6. 2012 The end of the world The birth of the term 7. In one sentence? Data mine social networks for analysis usage. 8. Social media have APIs to connect their users with other digital services. It all began when... 9. These APIs give open data. They are free & publicly accessible. 10. You can collect those data fast and efficiently. Which means that... 11. How an API looks like? what you ask: is what you get: { "id": "1525458766", "name": "Dionysis Lorentzos", "first_name": "Dionysis", "last_name": "Lorentzos", "link": "", "username": "DioLor", "location": { "id": "111777152182368", "name": "Amsterdam, Netherlands" }, "gender": "male", "timezone": 2, "locale": "en_US", "verified": true, "updated_time": "2013-09-06T16:57:14+0000" } 12. Most social media have limitations in their APIs but combined you can get a better picture. 13. All you need is a good crawler love. Crawler is a script that loops through the API and get back the data. An example for a language you can create a crawler is Python. 14. Upon gathering... You end up with a database. 15. There is no pattern in the analysis process. It all depends of your questions. However... 16. From my experience the path a data analyst should always follow. - Have the question - Determine your ideal path & gather data - Analyze - Pivot and improve - Suggest 17. So you will always have to start with a strategic question One can easily get lost in numbers... 18. SOCMINT is not a leading company discipline. Its a supportive answering tool. 19. Data analysis in most cases is made based on ready tools (build-in insights or other SaaS). This usually leads on a rat race with small freedom. In digital marketing... 20. In strategic research (in whichever area) you had to collect user samples (surveys) painfully, and usually inaccurately. Doing more. Faster... 21. SOCMINT takes the traditional digital analysis and boosts it with more information knowledge and confidence. If you dont have a data strategy plan for marketing it would be like having a business and dont know your profits. 22. and because examples are the best way to learn strategic cases 23. The possibilities are yet to be explored. Its the beginning. From finding digital leads to your product to more complicated analyses. 24. Question: How can we engage more people in our fashion fanpage? In fashion industry seasonality in digital engagement is experienced just before the new collections. In November and before summer. The demand of the fashion content in internet is higher during these periods. Brands analyzed: Big retail brands including H&M, C&A, Zara, Mango and others 25. Question: What are Starbucks digital hub stores? The top 10 digitally hub stores 5 in USA, 2 in Japan and from one in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Vietnam. If we dive into our network we also identify the hub stores of each country and peoples preferences by country. 26. Question: What are Starbucks digital hub stores? Displayed: Starbucks stores worldwide and their relationships. Color: the subnetworks they create. 27. Question: Where people go apart from Santorini Island? Santorini island in Greece has near sister destinations, Mykonos, Athens, Izmir and Istanbul. 28. Question: Where people go apart from Santorini Island? Displayed: Instagram photos in Europe area of people visited Santorini between 1st -7th August 2013 29. When combing SOCMINT with the overall strategic plan it helps identify new blue oceans. 30. Thank you. 31. About Dionysis Lorentzos works in digital marketing. He loves strategy, numbers and finding innovative ways to solve questions. 32. Attributions Network by Bruno Castro Notebook by Brendan Lynch SecurityCameraby iconoci API by Chess&Pickaxe byLuke Anthony Firth Briefcase by Nicholas Menghini Facebook by Hedie Assadi Joulaee Python by Freepik Database by Ilsur Aptukov Chaos by Stephen Copinger Question by Greg Pabst Signpost by Edward Boatman Navigate by Icons Pusher Game plan by Atelier Iceberg Hamster wheel by Olivier Guin Compass by Ben Rellick Shopping bag by Agus Purwanto Coffee by Ainsley Wagoner Beach by Garrett Nelson Shark attack by inverse media Icons The amazing developing team of Gephi