Social media and impact on marketing

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Social media, and its impact on today's marketing world.

Transcript of Social media and impact on marketing

  • Social Media and its Impact on Strategic Marketing Michelle Pickett
  • The Rise of Social Media Emergence of social media has made it possible for one individual to communicate with hundreds of thousands of people with one simple click. What does this do for the marketing world Does it completely re-design marketing efforts of businesses and corporations? OR, does social media contain useless, misconstrued information/ personal opinions?
  • How is Social Media Effective? Provides a deeper understanding of conversations taking place. Helps shape questions to ask and meet needs and concerns of customer Provides real-time insight into the mind of the customer. Provides more detailed audience analysis. Predicts opinions and behaviors. Social media enables a business/corporation to directly reach out to its customers and address their concerns in a format thats suitable to them.
  • Two-way Street Social media is a two-way street. Thus, allowing businesses to give a voice to their company. Businesses may post questions to their Facebook page, then analyze the responses they receive.
  • Understanding Market A business and/or corporation must thoroughly analyze its audience, thus, concluding which social media platforms are most suitable for its specific audience/target Older individuals arent as likely to use Instagram/Twitter, as opposed to Facebook. Do the devised social media platforms allowance/capabilities match the needs of the company?
  • Marketing/Social Research The social media world may sometimes seem like its not living up to all the talk, however, we must recognize that social media is finally, just now portraying results of research which requires time. Over time, we will be able to test our campaigns and efforts and see results and insights far more powerful than before.