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Boost Your Online Visibility Through Social Media

Transcript of Smart Social

  • Smart Social: Boost Your Online Visibility Through Social Media Presented By Tanya Phathanathong @misstrendchaser
  • Is Social Media a Fad?
  • Are you social?
  • Social Media Literacy Social media literacy is having the proficiency to communicate appropriately, responsibly & to evaluate conversions critically within the realm of socially- based technologies. Source:
  • Social Media Ecosystems continue to transform how we interact & consume content
  • How To Boost Your Online Visibility Through Social Media Four Approaches To Consider
  • Impression Management Establish different social media accounts or blogs to manage different personas and topics & share them respectively with your targeted audience
  • Reputation Management Monitor through search or other tools, manage or maintain your online personal or business brand to reflect the set of values that you believe
  • Social Media Management Select the platforms that are best suited to your objectives & then commit
  • Information Management Establish your social routines as well as adopt tools to help manage the flood of content streams encountered on a daily basis
  • -Richard Edelman #2014AcademicSummit Marketing Communications has it backwards. Communications Marketing stresses relevant story telling, stakeholder engagement, trust and above all, shared value.
  • Q & A