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  • 1. Rx: Lawyer Meeting the Challenges of Health Care Reform Presented to the SIU School of Medicine Carolyn A. Pointer, JD April 14, 2014

2. Financial Disclosure Neither my husband nor I have a personal or professional financial relationship or interest in any proprietary entity producing healthcare goods or services. 3. PPACA Goals Increase quality and affordability of health insurance Lower the uninsured rate Reduce health costs for individuals and the government Improve healthcare outcomes Shift healthcare system to quality over quantity 4. Insurance Coverage 342,000 Illinoisans newly eligible for health insurance through Medicaid expansion Illinoisans who earn up to 138% of the federal poverty line $15,860 for an individual or $32,500 for a family of four 957,000 residents will be eligible for subsidized health insurance in the form of a federal tax credit via Illinois Health Insurance Marketplace 5. Medical Malpractice Demonstration grants for alternatives to current tort litigations. Consultation with relevant stakeholders Enhance patient safety by reducing medical errors and adverse events Likely to improve access to liability insurance. 6. Reimbursement Changes Accountable Care Organizations Shared Savings Plans Global Payment Plan 7. Medicare as a model Allow providers organized as accountable care organizations (ACOs) that voluntarily meet quality thresholds to share in the cost savings they achieve for the Medicare program. ACOs must agree to be accountable for the overall care of their Medicare beneficiaries, have adequate participation of primary care physicians, define processes to promote evidence-based medicine, report on quality and costs, and coordinate care. 8. ACO management strategy Goals: Improve population health Lower individual health care expenses Methods: Prevention Super-utilizers Medical Home ? 9. Super-utilizers Health care spending in the United States is unevenly distributed, with the sickest 5%of patients causing more than 60% of health care costs. - RWJF 10. Rx: Super-utilizer Savings? The Camden Coalition Camden, New Jersey 36 super-utilizers averaged 62 hospital and E.R. visits per month before joining the program and 37 visits after Their hospital bills averaged $1.2 million per month before and just over $0.5million after Does not take into account personnel costs, or the costs of the medications the patients are now taking as prescribed. 11. Medical Homes Patients have long-term partnerships with clinicians, not a series of sporadic, hurried visits. Clinician-led teams coordinate care, especially for prevention and chronic conditions. Medical homes coordinate other clinicians care and community supports, as needed. Medical homes offer enhanced access through expanded hours and online communication. They promote shared decisions, so patients make informed choices and get better results. Medical homes coordinate care and improve quality but do not deny care. 12. Rx: Medical Homes? Not the answer PACCI Utilization did not significantly differ between pilot and comparison sites. Total costs also did not significantly differ between the groups. Part of the answer PACCI based on outdated NCQA PCMH standards Contradicts several other studies that have shown improvement in cost, quality, access and patient experience. 13. Family Worry Budgets 14. Social determinants of health The circumstances in which people are born, grow up, live, work, play, and age, as well as the systems designed to improve health and treat illness have a significant impact on the health and well-being of individuals and communities. 15. WHY DO I NEED A LAWYER? This sounds like social work to me 16. What is a MLP? A medical-legal partnership addresses the multiple needs of low-income patients Make individual and systemic changes to switch legal and medical care to a preventive model 17. The MLP Mission To build a better healthcare team that can identify, address and prevent health-harming legal needs for patients, clinics and populations. 18. Legal Aid in IL 1 legal aid lawyer for every 4,752 legal problems faced by low-income Illinoisans in 2006 2,080 work hours in a year Legal aid attorneys are facing the same resource issues as medical providers. 19. JDs and MDs share goals Prevention and early intervention maximize benefits Improve systems for clients/patients Provide direct services as efficiently as possible 20. UTILITIES SHUT-OFFS A Case Study In MLP Advocacy at UVA Medical Center 21. NICU Multi-disciplinary rounds John is a former 26 week preemie, and is ready to be released after a 14 week stay in the NICU His temperature stability is improving, and he will be going home with an apnea monitor Johns parents have been out of work while staying at the Ronald McDonald House The electricity will be disconnected for lack of payment 22. Options considered Local charities Referral for LIHEAP Keeping John in the NICU to watch for apnea improvement Ask utility company for payment plan 23. Public Utilities Access States regulate public utilities The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federally-funded program that helps low- income households pay their home heating and cooling bills. Most states protect consumers from utilities shut-off seasonally and for at- risk individuals Utilities access impacts ability to regulate medicines, temperature 24. Virginia MLP Meeting PCPs did see lack of utilities shut off as a problem Goal: Utilities Shut-Off law 25. Building the dream team Statewide effort Law and Medical Students Physicians and Attorneys Lobbyists 26. Student Roles Law Students Research other state laws Learn who in Virginia regulates utilities Draft potential new law Medical Students Gather compelling real-life stories Survey patients in waiting rooms about utilities problems 27. Selling the Idea Met with the statewide poverty law lobbyists Learned we had only needed a few key legislators on board Told consumer advocates had failed to get these protections for years. 28. Where does the buck stop? Legislature Committee Chairs State Corporation Commission Stakeholders Power Company 29. Virginias shutoff policy An electric utility, or public utility providing water service shall, upon request from a residential customer who has a Serious Medical Condition Certification Form filed with the utility, delay termination of service for a minimum of 30 calendar days beyond the expiration of the disconnect notice. Service termination will be delayed for 10 calendar days pending receipt of the Serious Medical Condition Certification Form. Permits two delays in a 12-month period. The 30- calendar day delays may be consecutive. 30. Next steps Adding shut-off protections based on seasonal dates Standardize seasonal shut-off protections across the state Advocacy coming from not the usual suspects 31. BREASTFEEDING Changing the Culture 32. Initiatives Business Case for Breastfeeding Baby-friendly hospital designation in one Virginia hospital Donor Banked Milk for Preemies 33. Barriers Pump cost Time to pump on the job Cost of donor milk The Golden Hour for NICU moms Lactation support 34. Pump availability options Hospital grade Added hospital grade pumps to rental equipment when entering a new preferred rental contract Pumps available via charity care Increase # of WIC pumps Home Use Change Medicaid/WIC rules to distribute pumps 35. Time to pump at work Stick PPACA amended FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) Requires employers to provide reasonable time and place to pump. Carrot Business Case for Breastfeeding 36. Golden Hour Educating L&D nurses on importance of the Golden Hour for future milk supply Getting NICU moms pumping within that hour to boost milk supply 37. Lactation Support Breastfeeding Medicine Department created Lactation consultants visit with every new mother after delivery. NICU provides support to families on a variety of breastfeeding issues unique to NICU babies. Follow-up phone calls to all breastfeeding moms for ongoing support. Services are offered seven days a week. 38. Next steps EPSDT argument for donor milk Finding the best test case Will private insurance pay? 39. SSI AND EMR Breaking the Red Tape Barrier 40. SSI & Medicaid Better Housing Health Insurance Prescription Drugs Better Food Transportation to MD visits SSI and Patient Compliance 41. Frustrations Average 18 month wait for SSI Multiple requests for documents from SSA to physicians Patients often give up Time consuming cases for legal aid- limited capacity to accept appeal cases 42. Medical school, internship, residency, fellowship Ive been a pediatrician for 15 years. I know what a disabled child looks like. 43. Solutions Pediatric Grand Rounds on SSI Rules Translate SSA regulations Create form letters to show providers what SSA is looking for them to provide Harness power of new EMR system by adding form letters 44. A medically determinable physical or mental impairment or combination of impairments that causes marked and severe functional limitations, and that can be expected to cause death or that has lasted or can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 12 months. SSA defines Childhood Disability 45. On date, Name had a FEV1 of ____ (must be equal to or less than the value specified in Table I). Names height (without shoes) was xx centimeters on that date. On 9/26/2010, Jose had a FEV1 of .65. Joses height (without shoes) was 128 centimeters on that date. Asthma Option A 46. Cognition/communication: Ability to retain and recall information. _mild or no limit _moderately limited _seriously limited _extremely limited Ability to solve problems through intuition, perception, verbal or nonv