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SEMA is back! This time we bring you a whole new theme, ‘communication’ one of the most important things in life. Through our pages, learn about the importance of communication to build good relationships with your parents or guardians and how to connect with them. In ‘Through the Ages’, learn how communication has developed through the ages. See how other children feel about communication and its importance in a family.

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  • COVER STORYBe Inspired:

    Through the Ages: Mwanzo wa Mawasiliano

    School ProfileLittlewood Schools

    Tanzanias Magazine on Child Development and Protection

    C om mu n i c at e &

    C on n e c t w i t h You r Pare nt s

    DYK?How Ants Communicate

    issue #002 | | April 2013

  • 4 Word from the Editor

    5 Seeds of Change: Roots & Shoots 8 Be Inspired: Communicate & Connect with Your Parents

    13 UNCRC: Childrens rights 14 Through the Ages: Mwanzo wa Mawasiliano

    16 Try it Out: Make a Phone

    18 School Profile: Littlewood schools 20 Nyota Yangu: who is my Hero? 22 DYK? How ants communicate 24 Parental Thoughts: mind your language! Natumiaje Lugha yangu!

    26 How do they do it? Braille & sign language

    28 Our voice: importance of communication in a family

    29 Homework Helper: Rahisisha masomo

    Managing Editor Itanisa Mbise

    GraphicsInnocent Mpatwa

    Consulting EditorKiiya, J. K Writers/JournalistsAbdukarim Kirua Heddi Glory EwaldItanisa MbiseKiiya, J. KLucas MatembaMaria Malale


  • a word from the EDITOR

    SEMA is back! This time we bring you a whole new theme, communication one of the most important things in life. Through our pages, learn about the importance of communication to build good relationships with your parents or guardians and how to connect with them. In Through the Ages, learn how communication has developed through the ages. See how other children feel about communication and its importance in a family.

    Write to us! SEMA is about your voices being heard and we would like to hear from you. What topics do you want to read about in SEMA? What is important to you and what have you learnt from SEMA?Lastly, a special thank you to each and everyone who contributed in any way to make this issue a success.Start walking through the pages......ENJOY!

    SEMA tumerudi tena!

    Katika toleo letu la pili tunawaletea mada muhimu sana ya mawasiliano na mahusiano mazuri. Kupitia kurasa za SEMA, jifunze umuhimu wa mawasiliano mazuri kati ya watoto na wazazi/walezi pamoja na namna nzuri ya kuwasiliana na watu mbalimbali. Pia, jionee mwanzo wa mawasiliano ulikuaje hadi hapa tulipofikia.

    SEMA nasi!SEMA ipo ili sauti zenu zisikike Tanzania. Tuandikie na kutuambia ungetaka kuona mada gani, ni vitu gani unaona vya muhimu kwako na umejifunza nini kupitia SEMA?

    Ningependa kutoa shukrani nyingi sana kwa kila mtu aliyechangia kwa namna yoyote ili kufanikisha toleo hili la SEMA.Tembelea kurasa na mfurahie!

    Itanisa MbiseManaging EditorSEMA Magazine


  • Roots & ShootsSeeds of Change:


    SPREADING THE WORD....LINKING PEOPLE ACROSS BOUNDARIES Lasttime,weintroducedyoutotheJaneGoodallsRoots&Shootsprogramme.Inthisissue,webring youthedifferentwaysinwhichRoots&Shootsconnectsitsmembersandcommunicateswiththem.

    Roots&Shootsusesthemediaindifferentwayssothatmemberscaninteractwitheachotherandget helpfulknowledgeonhowtoruntheirprojectsandmakethemasuccess.Mainlyusingtheinternet,it hasawebsite,aFacebookpage,aYouTubechannel,blogsandusesTwitter.

    WEBSITE: TheRoots&Shootswebsiteisoneofitsmostimportanttools.Withover130countries,theRootsand Shootswebsitehelpstokeepthememberstogether.Itisclearlyarrangedforeasyuse;

  • The Roots & Shoots website has its own blog where staff

    members write and share their experiences working withdifferentpeopleandwith theenvironment.Theyareable to

    share how their experiences changed them and what they

    learnt.Othermembers canreadthesestoriesandcommentonthem.

    See foryourselfbygoing to News/Eventson thewebsiteandclick on 'blog' to see posts and comments...and if you haveregisteredyoucanevenpostyourowncomments.







    If your heart is telling you to help the world and youre ready to take action, Roots & Shoots can help you organize your thoughts, develop a plan and make it happen! R&S


  • 8 be inspired... communicate and connect with your parents

    by Itanisa Mbise

    One evening, a father returned home from a long day at work. At dinner, his young son asked him the strangest question; Dad, how much do you make in an hour?. The father, surprised, answered that he made ten thousand shillings every hour. The boy then asked, May I have five thousand shillings?. The father refused because he could not understand why his son wanted the money. Later, he changed his mind and went to give his son the five thousand shillings. To his surprise, his son took out another five thousand and gave them both back to his father saying, Here is ten thousand shillings, please spend an hour of your time with me.

    Talk to Them The little boy in the story actu-ally told his father how he felt, that he needed just an hour of his fathers time. I am not saying you should try to pay your par-ents for their time. But you have the right to tell them how you feel. Sometimes a simple request like, Dad, may you please help me check my homework? could help. Even when doing homework, that time counts. And slowly, you could spend more and more time with them.

    Remember, your parents work hard so that you can get a good education, food, clothes, a home and whatever other needs they can provide. Some of their jobs are very hard and they do get very tired. You can help them by being obedient. If you want to spend time with them, dont make them play on such days, you could simply sit with

    them when they are watching the news or sports. If mom is in the kitchen, you could join her and help with the simple work. Just make sure you do not get hurt. It is important that they share your interests, but it is also good to do what they love.

    A friend of mine told me this story and I thought it was really touching how much that little boy wanted to spend just a little time with his father.

    Have you ever felt like this little boy? Have you ever wanted to spend a little more time with your parents?

  • be inspired... communicate and connect with your parents

    They are your example, follow their lead and listen to them when they tell you to do something.

    Strong bonds are formed from the little things. When we do what our parents tell us to do, they become happy. Even when they think of spending time with us, it is easy for them because they will not get a

    headache shouting at us for being naughty all the time.

    Most important, you should know that time spent with parents does not always have to be play time.

    When I was younger, my parents were very busy. They hardly had time to play with us although we really wanted them to. But every evening we spent time with them. After work, our father used to water the flowers and trees. This was our chance! We used to go out and play around him and we tried to help him. One day he helped each of us plant a tree and flowers and so every time he watered his garden, we watered ours. This was one of the best parts of my day. We did not play every day, but we spent time with him and we learnt and we laughed and we shared something we all loved.


    I was able to talk two different families and here is what they had to say.

    Louis parents have two sons; Louis, who is nine and Laris, who is one year and four months old. Like most parents, they have to work on weekdays so Louis and his little brother stay with Dada. They spend weekends together doing different things like reading story books and storytelling and taking Louis to his swimming classes.

  • 10

  • Elizabeth:Do you regret not having more time to spend with your children?

    Yes I do, but since I am studying it is hard. When I go back to work, I will be able to spend more time with him. Now I just spend evenings with him. I help him with his homework and we eat together. On weekends that Im free I play with him.

    Do you feel he is open with you?

    Yes. He talks to me a lot and always tells me everything that has happened to him that day.

    Does he meet his father?

    Only once, his father visited him at school.

    Although these stories are very different, in both cases you can see that parents make an effort to be with you even when they are tired from work. Some parents are ha