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HP Photosmart C7100 series quickstart guide for new users

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  • 1. Quick Start guide hp Photosmart c7100 seriesOpen lid, place magazine etc face down, close lid.Scanning items can be so much fun. A scanner can be used to scan almost anything imaginable. You can create all different images with wonderful textures and patterns.When scanning large and weird items cover with a cloth to stop light coming in and blurring out the scan.

2. Add/Delete certain sectionsAdvanced Features Include:CropLighten/DarkenGreyscale ( Grayscale )Rotate/FlipResize OutputAdjust ColourBlack and White 3. Use Photoshop to Import Scans Step 1: Open Photoshop, Click File and scroll down to Import then Select WIA SupportStep 2 : Select Browse to save to destination folder. Click Start Step 3 : Select Printer then Click OKStep 4 : Click Preview or Start *You can also adjust the quality of the scanned picture. Step 5 : Choose from : Colour Picture Greyscale Picture Black and White Picture or Text *You can also adjust the resolution of the image. (Higher or Lower) *72 dots per inch for web images. *300 dpi or above for Print/Prepress. Click ScanDONE! The image is now in photoshop where you can crop, resize and save as JPEG etc...