Scaling Digital Health

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Overview of the HealthXL story to transform healthcare

Transcript of Scaling Digital Health

  • The HealthXL Mission Change the rate of innovation in healthcare Accelerating access to innovators and leaders Building supportive ecosystems around the world by and
  • We bring together the biggest players in the industry Big Data Remote Monitoring Behavior Change organized around specific focus areas
  • Whove put their decision makers forward to find solutions to global healthcare challenges
  • We work with our partners to identify areas of common interest Stage: - Series A - Scale - Growth Key Themes: - Big Data - Remote monitoring - Adherence support - Genomics - Patient engagement - EHR V2.0 Market Map: - North America - Europe - Emerging Markets Therapeutic Areas: - COPD - Heart Failure - Obesity - Oncology - NCDs - Mental Health Innovative new products and solutions New partnership models Strategic investment and M&A opportunities
  • Where great minds come together Startups + Corps Global Medicine + Tech
  • To create new forms of collaboration
  • Through entrepreneurial driven commercial projects
  • Focused on agreed challenges
  • How HealthXL is different from accelerators and incubators VS Ideas Startup Stage Local Corporate Sponsors Team Focused 3 Month Program Learn from Silicon Valley Physical Funding Demo Day Companies Growth Stage Global Corporate Partners Industry Focused 2 Year Program Learn from the world Virtual + events Customers Quarterly Milestones Accelerator/Incubator HealthXL
  • Scaling high growth companies Early Post Seed Later Stage Global Regional Focus Country Focus with a global outlook
  • Identifying the right partners globally Kenya Ghana SA Nigeria 186 digital health firms each raised $2m+ in 2013 in USA 350+ mobile health products across Africa to form commercial partnerships
  • Driving tangible outcomes IDENTIFY Aligning partners' problems DEFINE Desired objectives and outcomes PILOT Real world testing MEASURE Progress against goals SCALE Improve, iterate, rollout Aligning Interests Managing the Conversation Driving Outcomes
  • With a clear set of engagement rules 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Peer networking of cross functional partners Clearly defined objectives Monthly working group reviews Online collaboration platform Multi-year international program Quarterly face to face meetings Global outlook Action focused, driving real impact Scalable Projects
  • Why do entrepreneurs apply? Our Program: leverages key decision makers from the biggest healthcare firms. Our Mentors: include the most active investors in digital health globally. Our Model: is structured to support great entrepreneurs: no equity / no costs.
  • Why do our partners get involved? 1 2 3 4 5 Set the digital health agenda Find ground breaking innovation globally Promote entrepreneurship internally Network with key thought leaders Gain insights into dynamic markets from peers Leverage benefits of venture capital insights, access to networks and due diligence without management fees
  • Apply Now!
  • Appendices
  • Big Data Moonshot (Global)
  • Remote Monitoring Moonshot (Global)
  • Behavior Change Moonshot (Global)
  • Moonshot Projects
  • Strategic Partner Value